1# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
   3# USB Imaging devices configuration
   5comment "USB Imaging devices"
   7config USB_MDC800
   8        tristate "USB Mustek MDC800 Digital Camera support"
   9        help
  10          Say Y here if you want to connect this type of still camera to
  11          your computer's USB port. This driver can be used with gphoto 0.4.3
  12          and higher (look at <>).
  13          To use it create a device node with "mknod /dev/mustek c 180 32" and
  14          configure it in your software.
  16          To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the
  17          module will be called mdc800.
  19config USB_MICROTEK
  20        tristate "Microtek X6USB scanner support"
  21        depends on SCSI
  22        help
  23          Say Y here if you want support for the Microtek X6USB and
  24          possibly the Phantom 336CX, Phantom C6 and ScanMaker V6U(S)L.
  25          Support for anything but the X6 is experimental.
  26          Please report failures and successes.
  27          The scanner will appear as a scsi generic device to the rest
  28          of the system. Scsi support is required.
  29          This driver can be compiled as a module, called microtek.