1# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
   3# Unicode table for IBM Codepage 437.  Note that there are many more
   4# substitutions that could be conceived (for example, thick-line
   5# graphs probably should be replaced with double-line ones, accented
   6# Latin characters should replaced with their nonaccented versions,
   7# and some upper case Greek characters could be replaced by Latin), however,
   8# I have limited myself to the Unicodes used by the kernel ISO 8859-1,
   9# DEC VT, and IBM CP 437 tables.
  11# --------------------------------
  13# Basic IBM dingbats, some of which will never have a purpose clear
  14# to mankind
  160x00    U+0000
  170x01    U+263a
  180x02    U+263b
  190x03    U+2665
  200x04    U+2666 U+25c6
  210x05    U+2663
  220x06    U+2660
  230x07    U+2022
  240x08    U+25d8
  250x09    U+25cb
  260x0a    U+25d9
  270x0b    U+2642
  280x0c    U+2640
  290x0d    U+266a
  300x0e    U+266b
  310x0f    U+263c U+00a4
  320x10    U+25b6 U+25ba
  330x11    U+25c0 U+25c4
  340x12    U+2195
  350x13    U+203c
  360x14    U+00b6
  370x15    U+00a7
  380x16    U+25ac
  390x17    U+21a8
  400x18    U+2191
  410x19    U+2193
  420x1a    U+2192
  430x1b    U+2190
  440x1c    U+221f
  450x1d    U+2194
  460x1e    U+25b2
  470x1f    U+25bc
  49# The ASCII range is identity-mapped, but some of the characters also
  50# have to act as substitutes, especially the upper-case characters.
  520x20    U+0020
  530x21    U+0021
  540x22    U+0022 U+00a8
  550x23    U+0023
  560x24    U+0024
  570x25    U+0025
  580x26    U+0026
  590x27    U+0027 U+00b4
  600x28    U+0028
  610x29    U+0029
  620x2a    U+002a
  630x2b    U+002b
  640x2c    U+002c U+00b8
  650x2d    U+002d U+00ad
  660x2e    U+002e
  670x2f    U+002f
  680x30    U+0030
  690x31    U+0031
  700x32    U+0032
  710x33    U+0033
  720x34    U+0034
  730x35    U+0035
  740x36    U+0036
  750x37    U+0037
  760x38    U+0038
  770x39    U+0039
  780x3a    U+003a
  790x3b    U+003b
  800x3c    U+003c
  810x3d    U+003d
  820x3e    U+003e
  830x3f    U+003f
  840x40    U+0040
  850x41    U+0041 U+00c0 U+00c1 U+00c2 U+00c3
  860x42    U+0042
  870x43    U+0043 U+00a9
  880x44    U+0044 U+00d0
  890x45    U+0045 U+00c8 U+00ca U+00cb
  900x46    U+0046
  910x47    U+0047
  920x48    U+0048
  930x49    U+0049 U+00cc U+00cd U+00ce U+00cf
  940x4a    U+004a
  950x4b    U+004b U+212a
  960x4c    U+004c
  970x4d    U+004d
  980x4e    U+004e
  990x4f    U+004f U+00d2 U+00d3 U+00d4 U+00d5
 1000x50    U+0050
 1010x51    U+0051
 1020x52    U+0052 U+00ae
 1030x53    U+0053
 1040x54    U+0054
 1050x55    U+0055 U+00d9 U+00da U+00db
 1060x56    U+0056
 1070x57    U+0057
 1080x58    U+0058
 1090x59    U+0059 U+00dd
 1100x5a    U+005a
 1110x5b    U+005b
 1120x5c    U+005c
 1130x5d    U+005d
 1140x5e    U+005e
 1150x5f    U+005f U+23bd U+f804
 1160x60    U+0060
 1170x61    U+0061 U+00e3
 1180x62    U+0062
 1190x63    U+0063
 1200x64    U+0064
 1210x65    U+0065
 1220x66    U+0066
 1230x67    U+0067
 1240x68    U+0068
 1250x69    U+0069
 1260x6a    U+006a
 1270x6b    U+006b
 1280x6c    U+006c
 1290x6d    U+006d
 1300x6e    U+006e
 1310x6f    U+006f U+00f5
 1320x70    U+0070
 1330x71    U+0071
 1340x72    U+0072
 1350x73    U+0073
 1360x74    U+0074
 1370x75    U+0075
 1380x76    U+0076
 1390x77    U+0077
 1400x78    U+0078 U+00d7
 1410x79    U+0079 U+00fd
 1420x7a    U+007a
 1430x7b    U+007b
 1440x7c    U+007c U+00a6
 1450x7d    U+007d
 1460x7e    U+007e
 148# Okay, what on Earth is this one supposed to be used for?
 1500x7f    U+2302
 152# Non-English characters, mostly lower case letters...
 1540x80    U+00c7
 1550x81    U+00fc
 1560x82    U+00e9
 1570x83    U+00e2
 1580x84    U+00e4
 1590x85    U+00e0
 1600x86    U+00e5
 1610x87    U+00e7
 1620x88    U+00ea
 1630x89    U+00eb
 1640x8a    U+00e8
 1650x8b    U+00ef
 1660x8c    U+00ee
 1670x8d    U+00ec
 1680x8e    U+00c4
 1690x8f    U+00c5 U+212b
 1700x90    U+00c9
 1710x91    U+00e6
 1720x92    U+00c6
 1730x93    U+00f4
 1740x94    U+00f6
 1750x95    U+00f2
 1760x96    U+00fb
 1770x97    U+00f9
 1780x98    U+00ff
 1790x99    U+00d6
 1800x9a    U+00dc
 1810x9b    U+00a2
 1820x9c    U+00a3
 1830x9d    U+00a5
 1840x9e    U+20a7
 1850x9f    U+0192
 1860xa0    U+00e1
 1870xa1    U+00ed
 1880xa2    U+00f3
 1890xa3    U+00fa
 1900xa4    U+00f1
 1910xa5    U+00d1
 1920xa6    U+00aa
 1930xa7    U+00ba
 1940xa8    U+00bf
 1950xa9    U+2310
 1960xaa    U+00ac
 1970xab    U+00bd
 1980xac    U+00bc
 1990xad    U+00a1
 2000xae    U+00ab
 2010xaf    U+00bb
 203# Block graphics
 2050xb0    U+2591
 2060xb1    U+2592
 2070xb2    U+2593
 2080xb3    U+2502
 2090xb4    U+2524
 2100xb5    U+2561
 2110xb6    U+2562
 2120xb7    U+2556
 2130xb8    U+2555
 2140xb9    U+2563
 2150xba    U+2551
 2160xbb    U+2557
 2170xbc    U+255d
 2180xbd    U+255c
 2190xbe    U+255b
 2200xbf    U+2510
 2210xc0    U+2514
 2220xc1    U+2534
 2230xc2    U+252c
 2240xc3    U+251c
 2250xc4    U+2500
 2260xc5    U+253c
 2270xc6    U+255e
 2280xc7    U+255f
 2290xc8    U+255a
 2300xc9    U+2554
 2310xca    U+2569
 2320xcb    U+2566
 2330xcc    U+2560
 2340xcd    U+2550
 2350xce    U+256c
 2360xcf    U+2567
 2370xd0    U+2568
 2380xd1    U+2564
 2390xd2    U+2565
 2400xd3    U+2559
 2410xd4    U+2558
 2420xd5    U+2552
 2430xd6    U+2553
 2440xd7    U+256b
 2450xd8    U+256a
 2460xd9    U+2518
 2470xda    U+250c
 2480xdb    U+2588
 2490xdc    U+2584
 2500xdd    U+258c
 2510xde    U+2590
 2520xdf    U+2580
 254# Greek letters and mathematical symbols
 2560xe0    U+03b1
 2570xe1    U+03b2 U+00df
 2580xe2    U+0393
 2590xe3    U+03c0
 2600xe4    U+03a3
 2610xe5    U+03c3
 2620xe6    U+00b5 U+03bc
 2630xe7    U+03c4
 2640xe8    U+03a6 U+00d8
 2650xe9    U+0398
 2660xea    U+03a9 U+2126
 2670xeb    U+03b4 U+00f0
 2680xec    U+221e
 2690xed    U+03c6 U+00f8
 2700xee    U+03b5 U+2208
 2710xef    U+2229
 2720xf0    U+2261
 2730xf1    U+00b1
 2740xf2    U+2265
 2750xf3    U+2264
 2760xf4    U+2320
 2770xf5    U+2321
 2780xf6    U+00f7
 2790xf7    U+2248
 2800xf8    U+00b0
 2810xf9    U+2219
 2820xfa    U+00b7
 2830xfb    U+221a
 2840xfc    U+207f
 2850xfd    U+00b2
 287# Square bullet, non-spacing blank
 288# Mapping U+fffd to the square bullet means it is the substitution
 289# character
 2910xfe    U+25a0 U+fffd
 2920xff    U+00a0