1/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
   2/* Copyright(c) 2013 - 2021 Intel Corporation. */
   4#ifndef _I40E_PROTOTYPE_H_
   5#define _I40E_PROTOTYPE_H_
   7#include "i40e_type.h"
   8#include "i40e_alloc.h"
   9#include <linux/avf/virtchnl.h>
  11/* Prototypes for shared code functions that are not in
  12 * the standard function pointer structures.  These are
  13 * mostly because they are needed even before the init
  14 * has happened and will assist in the early SW and FW
  15 * setup.
  16 */
  18/* adminq functions */
  19i40e_status i40e_init_adminq(struct i40e_hw *hw);
  20void i40e_shutdown_adminq(struct i40e_hw *hw);
  21void i40e_adminq_init_ring_data(struct i40e_hw *hw);
  22i40e_status i40e_clean_arq_element(struct i40e_hw *hw,
  23                                             struct i40e_arq_event_info *e,
  24                                             u16 *events_pending);
  25i40e_status i40e_asq_send_command(struct i40e_hw *hw,
  26                                struct i40e_aq_desc *desc,
  27                                void *buff, /* can be NULL */
  28                                u16  buff_size,
  29                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
  31/* debug function for adminq */
  32void i40e_debug_aq(struct i40e_hw *hw, enum i40e_debug_mask mask,
  33                   void *desc, void *buffer, u16 buf_len);
  35void i40e_idle_aq(struct i40e_hw *hw);
  36bool i40e_check_asq_alive(struct i40e_hw *hw);
  37i40e_status i40e_aq_queue_shutdown(struct i40e_hw *hw, bool unloading);
  38const char *i40e_aq_str(struct i40e_hw *hw, enum i40e_admin_queue_err aq_err);
  39const char *i40e_stat_str(struct i40e_hw *hw, i40e_status stat_err);
  41i40e_status i40e_aq_get_rss_lut(struct i40e_hw *hw, u16 seid,
  42                                bool pf_lut, u8 *lut, u16 lut_size);
  43i40e_status i40e_aq_set_rss_lut(struct i40e_hw *hw, u16 seid,
  44                                bool pf_lut, u8 *lut, u16 lut_size);
  45i40e_status i40e_aq_get_rss_key(struct i40e_hw *hw,
  46                                u16 seid,
  47                                struct i40e_aqc_get_set_rss_key_data *key);
  48i40e_status i40e_aq_set_rss_key(struct i40e_hw *hw,
  49                                u16 seid,
  50                                struct i40e_aqc_get_set_rss_key_data *key);
  52u32 i40e_led_get(struct i40e_hw *hw);
  53void i40e_led_set(struct i40e_hw *hw, u32 mode, bool blink);
  54i40e_status i40e_led_set_phy(struct i40e_hw *hw, bool on,
  55                             u16 led_addr, u32 mode);
  56i40e_status i40e_led_get_phy(struct i40e_hw *hw, u16 *led_addr,
  57                             u16 *val);
  58i40e_status i40e_blink_phy_link_led(struct i40e_hw *hw,
  59                                    u32 time, u32 interval);
  61/* admin send queue commands */
  63i40e_status i40e_aq_get_firmware_version(struct i40e_hw *hw,
  64                                u16 *fw_major_version, u16 *fw_minor_version,
  65                                u32 *fw_build,
  66                                u16 *api_major_version, u16 *api_minor_version,
  67                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
  68i40e_status i40e_aq_debug_write_register(struct i40e_hw *hw,
  69                                        u32 reg_addr, u64 reg_val,
  70                                        struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
  71i40e_status i40e_aq_debug_read_register(struct i40e_hw *hw,
  72                                u32  reg_addr, u64 *reg_val,
  73                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
  74i40e_status i40e_aq_set_phy_debug(struct i40e_hw *hw, u8 cmd_flags,
  75                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
  76i40e_status i40e_aq_set_default_vsi(struct i40e_hw *hw, u16 vsi_id,
  77                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
  78i40e_status i40e_aq_clear_default_vsi(struct i40e_hw *hw, u16 vsi_id,
  79                                      struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
  80enum i40e_status_code i40e_aq_get_phy_capabilities(struct i40e_hw *hw,
  81                        bool qualified_modules, bool report_init,
  82                        struct i40e_aq_get_phy_abilities_resp *abilities,
  83                        struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
  84enum i40e_status_code i40e_aq_set_phy_config(struct i40e_hw *hw,
  85                                struct i40e_aq_set_phy_config *config,
  86                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
  87enum i40e_status_code i40e_set_fc(struct i40e_hw *hw, u8 *aq_failures,
  88                                  bool atomic_reset);
  89i40e_status i40e_aq_set_phy_int_mask(struct i40e_hw *hw, u16 mask,
  90                                     struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
  91i40e_status i40e_aq_clear_pxe_mode(struct i40e_hw *hw,
  92                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
  93i40e_status i40e_aq_set_link_restart_an(struct i40e_hw *hw,
  94                                        bool enable_link,
  95                                        struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
  96i40e_status i40e_aq_get_link_info(struct i40e_hw *hw,
  97                                bool enable_lse, struct i40e_link_status *link,
  98                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
  99i40e_status i40e_aq_set_local_advt_reg(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 100                                u64 advt_reg,
 101                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 102i40e_status i40e_aq_send_driver_version(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 103                                struct i40e_driver_version *dv,
 104                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 105i40e_status i40e_aq_add_vsi(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 106                                struct i40e_vsi_context *vsi_ctx,
 107                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 108i40e_status i40e_aq_set_vsi_broadcast(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 109                                u16 vsi_id, bool set_filter,
 110                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 111i40e_status i40e_aq_set_vsi_unicast_promiscuous(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 112                u16 vsi_id, bool set, struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details,
 113                bool rx_only_promisc);
 114i40e_status i40e_aq_set_vsi_multicast_promiscuous(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 115                u16 vsi_id, bool set, struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 116enum i40e_status_code i40e_aq_set_vsi_mc_promisc_on_vlan(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 117                                                         u16 seid, bool enable,
 118                                                         u16 vid,
 119                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 120enum i40e_status_code i40e_aq_set_vsi_uc_promisc_on_vlan(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 121                                                         u16 seid, bool enable,
 122                                                         u16 vid,
 123                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 124i40e_status i40e_aq_set_vsi_bc_promisc_on_vlan(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 125                                u16 seid, bool enable, u16 vid,
 126                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 127i40e_status i40e_aq_set_vsi_vlan_promisc(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 128                                u16 seid, bool enable,
 129                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 130i40e_status i40e_aq_get_vsi_params(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 131                                struct i40e_vsi_context *vsi_ctx,
 132                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 133i40e_status i40e_aq_update_vsi_params(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 134                                struct i40e_vsi_context *vsi_ctx,
 135                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 136i40e_status i40e_aq_add_veb(struct i40e_hw *hw, u16 uplink_seid,
 137                                u16 downlink_seid, u8 enabled_tc,
 138                                bool default_port, u16 *pveb_seid,
 139                                bool enable_stats,
 140                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 141i40e_status i40e_aq_get_veb_parameters(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 142                                u16 veb_seid, u16 *switch_id, bool *floating,
 143                                u16 *statistic_index, u16 *vebs_used,
 144                                u16 *vebs_free,
 145                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 146i40e_status i40e_aq_add_macvlan(struct i40e_hw *hw, u16 vsi_id,
 147                        struct i40e_aqc_add_macvlan_element_data *mv_list,
 148                        u16 count, struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 149i40e_status i40e_aq_remove_macvlan(struct i40e_hw *hw, u16 vsi_id,
 150                        struct i40e_aqc_remove_macvlan_element_data *mv_list,
 151                        u16 count, struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 152i40e_status i40e_aq_add_mirrorrule(struct i40e_hw *hw, u16 sw_seid,
 153                        u16 rule_type, u16 dest_vsi, u16 count, __le16 *mr_list,
 154                        struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details,
 155                        u16 *rule_id, u16 *rules_used, u16 *rules_free);
 156i40e_status i40e_aq_delete_mirrorrule(struct i40e_hw *hw, u16 sw_seid,
 157                        u16 rule_type, u16 rule_id, u16 count, __le16 *mr_list,
 158                        struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details,
 159                        u16 *rules_used, u16 *rules_free);
 161i40e_status i40e_aq_send_msg_to_vf(struct i40e_hw *hw, u16 vfid,
 162                                u32 v_opcode, u32 v_retval, u8 *msg, u16 msglen,
 163                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 164i40e_status i40e_aq_get_switch_config(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 165                                struct i40e_aqc_get_switch_config_resp *buf,
 166                                u16 buf_size, u16 *start_seid,
 167                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 168enum i40e_status_code i40e_aq_set_switch_config(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 169                                                u16 flags,
 170                                                u16 valid_flags, u8 mode,
 171                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 172i40e_status i40e_aq_request_resource(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 173                                enum i40e_aq_resources_ids resource,
 174                                enum i40e_aq_resource_access_type access,
 175                                u8 sdp_number, u64 *timeout,
 176                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 177i40e_status i40e_aq_release_resource(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 178                                enum i40e_aq_resources_ids resource,
 179                                u8 sdp_number,
 180                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 181i40e_status i40e_aq_read_nvm(struct i40e_hw *hw, u8 module_pointer,
 182                                u32 offset, u16 length, void *data,
 183                                bool last_command,
 184                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 185i40e_status i40e_aq_erase_nvm(struct i40e_hw *hw, u8 module_pointer,
 186                              u32 offset, u16 length, bool last_command,
 187                              struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 188i40e_status i40e_aq_discover_capabilities(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 189                                void *buff, u16 buff_size, u16 *data_size,
 190                                enum i40e_admin_queue_opc list_type_opc,
 191                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 192i40e_status i40e_aq_update_nvm(struct i40e_hw *hw, u8 module_pointer,
 193                                u32 offset, u16 length, void *data,
 194                                bool last_command, u8 preservation_flags,
 195                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 196i40e_status i40e_aq_rearrange_nvm(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 197                                  u8 rearrange_nvm,
 198                                  struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 199i40e_status i40e_aq_get_lldp_mib(struct i40e_hw *hw, u8 bridge_type,
 200                                u8 mib_type, void *buff, u16 buff_size,
 201                                u16 *local_len, u16 *remote_len,
 202                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 203enum i40e_status_code
 204i40e_aq_set_lldp_mib(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 205                     u8 mib_type, void *buff, u16 buff_size,
 206                     struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 207i40e_status i40e_aq_cfg_lldp_mib_change_event(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 208                                bool enable_update,
 209                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 210enum i40e_status_code
 211i40e_aq_restore_lldp(struct i40e_hw *hw, u8 *setting, bool restore,
 212                     struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 213i40e_status i40e_aq_stop_lldp(struct i40e_hw *hw, bool shutdown_agent,
 214                              bool persist,
 215                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 216i40e_status i40e_aq_set_dcb_parameters(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 217                                       bool dcb_enable,
 218                                       struct i40e_asq_cmd_details
 219                                       *cmd_details);
 220i40e_status i40e_aq_start_lldp(struct i40e_hw *hw, bool persist,
 221                               struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 222i40e_status i40e_aq_get_cee_dcb_config(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 223                                       void *buff, u16 buff_size,
 224                                       struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 225i40e_status i40e_aq_add_udp_tunnel(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 226                                u16 udp_port, u8 protocol_index,
 227                                u8 *filter_index,
 228                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 229i40e_status i40e_aq_del_udp_tunnel(struct i40e_hw *hw, u8 index,
 230                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 231i40e_status i40e_aq_delete_element(struct i40e_hw *hw, u16 seid,
 232                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 233i40e_status i40e_aq_mac_address_write(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 234                                    u16 flags, u8 *mac_addr,
 235                                    struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 236i40e_status i40e_aq_config_vsi_bw_limit(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 237                                u16 seid, u16 credit, u8 max_credit,
 238                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 239i40e_status i40e_aq_dcb_updated(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 240                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 241i40e_status i40e_aq_config_switch_comp_bw_limit(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 242                                u16 seid, u16 credit, u8 max_bw,
 243                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 244i40e_status i40e_aq_config_vsi_tc_bw(struct i40e_hw *hw, u16 seid,
 245                        struct i40e_aqc_configure_vsi_tc_bw_data *bw_data,
 246                        struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 247i40e_status i40e_aq_config_switch_comp_ets(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 248                u16 seid,
 249                struct i40e_aqc_configure_switching_comp_ets_data *ets_data,
 250                enum i40e_admin_queue_opc opcode,
 251                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 252i40e_status i40e_aq_config_switch_comp_bw_config(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 253        u16 seid,
 254        struct i40e_aqc_configure_switching_comp_bw_config_data *bw_data,
 255        struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 256i40e_status i40e_aq_query_vsi_bw_config(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 257                        u16 seid,
 258                        struct i40e_aqc_query_vsi_bw_config_resp *bw_data,
 259                        struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 260i40e_status i40e_aq_query_vsi_ets_sla_config(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 261                        u16 seid,
 262                        struct i40e_aqc_query_vsi_ets_sla_config_resp *bw_data,
 263                        struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 264i40e_status i40e_aq_query_switch_comp_ets_config(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 265                u16 seid,
 266                struct i40e_aqc_query_switching_comp_ets_config_resp *bw_data,
 267                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 268i40e_status i40e_aq_query_port_ets_config(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 269                u16 seid,
 270                struct i40e_aqc_query_port_ets_config_resp *bw_data,
 271                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 272i40e_status i40e_aq_query_switch_comp_bw_config(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 273                u16 seid,
 274                struct i40e_aqc_query_switching_comp_bw_config_resp *bw_data,
 275                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 276i40e_status i40e_aq_resume_port_tx(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 277                                   struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 278enum i40e_status_code
 279i40e_aq_add_cloud_filters_bb(struct i40e_hw *hw, u16 seid,
 280                             struct i40e_aqc_cloud_filters_element_bb *filters,
 281                             u8 filter_count);
 282enum i40e_status_code
 283i40e_aq_add_cloud_filters(struct i40e_hw *hw, u16 vsi,
 284                          struct i40e_aqc_cloud_filters_element_data *filters,
 285                          u8 filter_count);
 286enum i40e_status_code
 287i40e_aq_rem_cloud_filters(struct i40e_hw *hw, u16 vsi,
 288                          struct i40e_aqc_cloud_filters_element_data *filters,
 289                          u8 filter_count);
 290enum i40e_status_code
 291i40e_aq_rem_cloud_filters_bb(struct i40e_hw *hw, u16 seid,
 292                             struct i40e_aqc_cloud_filters_element_bb *filters,
 293                             u8 filter_count);
 294i40e_status i40e_read_lldp_cfg(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 295                               struct i40e_lldp_variables *lldp_cfg);
 296enum i40e_status_code
 297i40e_aq_suspend_port_tx(struct i40e_hw *hw, u16 seid,
 298                        struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 299/* i40e_common */
 300i40e_status i40e_init_shared_code(struct i40e_hw *hw);
 301i40e_status i40e_pf_reset(struct i40e_hw *hw);
 302void i40e_clear_hw(struct i40e_hw *hw);
 303void i40e_clear_pxe_mode(struct i40e_hw *hw);
 304i40e_status i40e_get_link_status(struct i40e_hw *hw, bool *link_up);
 305i40e_status i40e_update_link_info(struct i40e_hw *hw);
 306i40e_status i40e_get_mac_addr(struct i40e_hw *hw, u8 *mac_addr);
 307i40e_status i40e_read_bw_from_alt_ram(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 308                                      u32 *max_bw, u32 *min_bw, bool *min_valid,
 309                                      bool *max_valid);
 310i40e_status i40e_aq_configure_partition_bw(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 311                        struct i40e_aqc_configure_partition_bw_data *bw_data,
 312                        struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 313i40e_status i40e_get_port_mac_addr(struct i40e_hw *hw, u8 *mac_addr);
 314i40e_status i40e_read_pba_string(struct i40e_hw *hw, u8 *pba_num,
 315                                 u32 pba_num_size);
 316i40e_status i40e_validate_mac_addr(u8 *mac_addr);
 317void i40e_pre_tx_queue_cfg(struct i40e_hw *hw, u32 queue, bool enable);
 318/* prototype for functions used for NVM access */
 319i40e_status i40e_init_nvm(struct i40e_hw *hw);
 320i40e_status i40e_acquire_nvm(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 321                                      enum i40e_aq_resource_access_type access);
 322void i40e_release_nvm(struct i40e_hw *hw);
 323i40e_status i40e_read_nvm_word(struct i40e_hw *hw, u16 offset,
 324                                         u16 *data);
 325enum i40e_status_code i40e_read_nvm_module_data(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 326                                                u8 module_ptr,
 327                                                u16 module_offset,
 328                                                u16 data_offset,
 329                                                u16 words_data_size,
 330                                                u16 *data_ptr);
 331i40e_status i40e_read_nvm_buffer(struct i40e_hw *hw, u16 offset,
 332                                 u16 *words, u16 *data);
 333i40e_status i40e_update_nvm_checksum(struct i40e_hw *hw);
 334i40e_status i40e_validate_nvm_checksum(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 335                                                 u16 *checksum);
 336i40e_status i40e_nvmupd_command(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 337                                struct i40e_nvm_access *cmd,
 338                                u8 *bytes, int *);
 339void i40e_nvmupd_check_wait_event(struct i40e_hw *hw, u16 opcode,
 340                                  struct i40e_aq_desc *desc);
 341void i40e_nvmupd_clear_wait_state(struct i40e_hw *hw);
 342void i40e_set_pci_config_data(struct i40e_hw *hw, u16 link_status);
 344i40e_status i40e_set_mac_type(struct i40e_hw *hw);
 346extern struct i40e_rx_ptype_decoded i40e_ptype_lookup[];
 348static inline struct i40e_rx_ptype_decoded decode_rx_desc_ptype(u8 ptype)
 350        return i40e_ptype_lookup[ptype];
 354 * i40e_virtchnl_link_speed - Convert AdminQ link_speed to virtchnl definition
 355 * @link_speed: the speed to convert
 356 *
 357 * Returns the link_speed in terms of the virtchnl interface, for use in
 358 * converting link_speed as reported by the AdminQ into the format used for
 359 * talking to virtchnl devices. If we can't represent the link speed properly,
 360 * report LINK_SPEED_UNKNOWN.
 361 **/
 362static inline enum virtchnl_link_speed
 363i40e_virtchnl_link_speed(enum i40e_aq_link_speed link_speed)
 365        switch (link_speed) {
 366        case I40E_LINK_SPEED_100MB:
 367                return VIRTCHNL_LINK_SPEED_100MB;
 368        case I40E_LINK_SPEED_1GB:
 369                return VIRTCHNL_LINK_SPEED_1GB;
 370        case I40E_LINK_SPEED_2_5GB:
 371                return VIRTCHNL_LINK_SPEED_2_5GB;
 372        case I40E_LINK_SPEED_5GB:
 373                return VIRTCHNL_LINK_SPEED_5GB;
 374        case I40E_LINK_SPEED_10GB:
 375                return VIRTCHNL_LINK_SPEED_10GB;
 376        case I40E_LINK_SPEED_40GB:
 377                return VIRTCHNL_LINK_SPEED_40GB;
 378        case I40E_LINK_SPEED_20GB:
 379                return VIRTCHNL_LINK_SPEED_20GB;
 380        case I40E_LINK_SPEED_25GB:
 381                return VIRTCHNL_LINK_SPEED_25GB;
 382        case I40E_LINK_SPEED_UNKNOWN:
 383        default:
 384                return VIRTCHNL_LINK_SPEED_UNKNOWN;
 385        }
 388/* prototype for functions used for SW locks */
 390/* i40e_common for VF drivers*/
 391void i40e_vf_parse_hw_config(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 392                             struct virtchnl_vf_resource *msg);
 393i40e_status i40e_vf_reset(struct i40e_hw *hw);
 394i40e_status i40e_aq_send_msg_to_pf(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 395                                enum virtchnl_ops v_opcode,
 396                                i40e_status v_retval,
 397                                u8 *msg, u16 msglen,
 398                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 399i40e_status i40e_set_filter_control(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 400                                struct i40e_filter_control_settings *settings);
 401i40e_status i40e_aq_add_rem_control_packet_filter(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 402                                u8 *mac_addr, u16 ethtype, u16 flags,
 403                                u16 vsi_seid, u16 queue, bool is_add,
 404                                struct i40e_control_filter_stats *stats,
 405                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 406i40e_status i40e_aq_debug_dump(struct i40e_hw *hw, u8 cluster_id,
 407                               u8 table_id, u32 start_index, u16 buff_size,
 408                               void *buff, u16 *ret_buff_size,
 409                               u8 *ret_next_table, u32 *ret_next_index,
 410                               struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 411void i40e_add_filter_to_drop_tx_flow_control_frames(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 412                                                    u16 vsi_seid);
 413i40e_status i40e_aq_rx_ctl_read_register(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 414                                u32 reg_addr, u32 *reg_val,
 415                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 416u32 i40e_read_rx_ctl(struct i40e_hw *hw, u32 reg_addr);
 417i40e_status i40e_aq_rx_ctl_write_register(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 418                                u32 reg_addr, u32 reg_val,
 419                                struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 420void i40e_write_rx_ctl(struct i40e_hw *hw, u32 reg_addr, u32 reg_val);
 421enum i40e_status_code
 422i40e_aq_set_phy_register_ext(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 423                             u8 phy_select, u8 dev_addr, bool page_change,
 424                             bool set_mdio, u8 mdio_num,
 425                             u32 reg_addr, u32 reg_val,
 426                             struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 427enum i40e_status_code
 428i40e_aq_get_phy_register_ext(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 429                             u8 phy_select, u8 dev_addr, bool page_change,
 430                             bool set_mdio, u8 mdio_num,
 431                             u32 reg_addr, u32 *reg_val,
 432                             struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *cmd_details);
 434/* Convenience wrappers for most common use case */
 435#define i40e_aq_set_phy_register(hw, ps, da, pc, ra, rv, cd)            \
 436        i40e_aq_set_phy_register_ext(hw, ps, da, pc, false, 0, ra, rv, cd)
 437#define i40e_aq_get_phy_register(hw, ps, da, pc, ra, rv, cd)            \
 438        i40e_aq_get_phy_register_ext(hw, ps, da, pc, false, 0, ra, rv, cd)
 440i40e_status i40e_read_phy_register_clause22(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 441                                            u16 reg, u8 phy_addr, u16 *value);
 442i40e_status i40e_write_phy_register_clause22(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 443                                             u16 reg, u8 phy_addr, u16 value);
 444i40e_status i40e_read_phy_register_clause45(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 445                                u8 page, u16 reg, u8 phy_addr, u16 *value);
 446i40e_status i40e_write_phy_register_clause45(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 447                                u8 page, u16 reg, u8 phy_addr, u16 value);
 448i40e_status i40e_read_phy_register(struct i40e_hw *hw, u8 page, u16 reg,
 449                                   u8 phy_addr, u16 *value);
 450i40e_status i40e_write_phy_register(struct i40e_hw *hw, u8 page, u16 reg,
 451                                    u8 phy_addr, u16 value);
 452u8 i40e_get_phy_address(struct i40e_hw *hw, u8 dev_num);
 453i40e_status i40e_blink_phy_link_led(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 454                                    u32 time, u32 interval);
 455i40e_status i40e_aq_write_ddp(struct i40e_hw *hw, void *buff,
 456                              u16 buff_size, u32 track_id,
 457                              u32 *error_offset, u32 *error_info,
 458                              struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *
 459                              cmd_details);
 460i40e_status i40e_aq_get_ddp_list(struct i40e_hw *hw, void *buff,
 461                                 u16 buff_size, u8 flags,
 462                                 struct i40e_asq_cmd_details *
 463                                 cmd_details);
 464struct i40e_generic_seg_header *
 465i40e_find_segment_in_package(u32 segment_type,
 466                             struct i40e_package_header *pkg_header);
 467struct i40e_profile_section_header *
 468i40e_find_section_in_profile(u32 section_type,
 469                             struct i40e_profile_segment *profile);
 470enum i40e_status_code
 471i40e_write_profile(struct i40e_hw *hw, struct i40e_profile_segment *i40e_seg,
 472                   u32 track_id);
 473enum i40e_status_code
 474i40e_rollback_profile(struct i40e_hw *hw, struct i40e_profile_segment *i40e_seg,
 475                      u32 track_id);
 476enum i40e_status_code
 477i40e_add_pinfo_to_list(struct i40e_hw *hw,
 478                       struct i40e_profile_segment *profile,
 479                       u8 *profile_info_sec, u32 track_id);
 480#endif /* _I40E_PROTOTYPE_H_ */