1What:           /sys/bus/usb/devices/<busnum>-<devnum>:<config num>.<interface num>/<hid-bus>:<vendor-id>:<product-id>.<num>/arvo/roccatarvo<minor>/actual_profile
   2Date:           Januar 2011
   3Contact:        Stefan Achatz <>
   4Description:    The integer value of this attribute ranges from 1-5.
   5                When read, this attribute returns the number of the actual
   6                profile which is also the profile that's active on device startup.
   7                When written this attribute activates the selected profile
   8                immediately.
  11What:           /sys/bus/usb/devices/<busnum>-<devnum>:<config num>.<interface num>/<hid-bus>:<vendor-id>:<product-id>.<num>/arvo/roccatarvo<minor>/button
  12Date:           Januar 2011
  13Contact:        Stefan Achatz <>
  14Description:    The keyboard can store short macros with consist of 1 button with
  15                several modifier keys internally.
  16                When written, this file lets one set the sequence for a specific
  17                button for a specific profile. Button and profile numbers are
  18                included in written data. The data has to be 24 bytes long.
  19                This file is writeonly.
  22What:           /sys/bus/usb/devices/<busnum>-<devnum>:<config num>.<interface num>/<hid-bus>:<vendor-id>:<product-id>.<num>/arvo/roccatarvo<minor>/info
  23Date:           Januar 2011
  24Contact:        Stefan Achatz <>
  25Description:    When read, this file returns some info about the device like the
  26                installed firmware version.
  27                The size of the data is 8 bytes in size.
  28                This file is readonly.
  31What:           /sys/bus/usb/devices/<busnum>-<devnum>:<config num>.<interface num>/<hid-bus>:<vendor-id>:<product-id>.<num>/arvo/roccatarvo<minor>/key_mask
  32Date:           Januar 2011
  33Contact:        Stefan Achatz <>
  34Description:    The keyboard lets the user deactivate 5 certain keys like the
  35                windows and application keys, to protect the user from the outcome
  36                of accidentally pressing them.
  37                The integer value of this attribute has bits 0-4 set depending
  38                on the state of the corresponding key.
  39                When read, this file returns the current state of the buttons.
  40                When written, the given buttons are activated/deactivated
  41                immediately.
  44What:           /sys/bus/usb/devices/<busnum>-<devnum>:<config num>.<interface num>/<hid-bus>:<vendor-id>:<product-id>.<num>/arvo/roccatarvo<minor>/mode_key
  45Date:           Januar 2011
  46Contact:        Stefan Achatz <>
  47Description:    The keyboard has a condensed layout without num-lock key.
  48                Instead it uses a mode-key which activates a gaming mode where
  49                the assignment of the number block changes.
  50                The integer value of this attribute ranges from 0 (OFF) to 1 (ON).
  51                When read, this file returns the actual state of the key.
  52                When written, the key is activated/deactivated immediately.