1/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
   2/* Copyright (c) 2019, Intel Corporation. */
   4#ifndef _ICE_NVM_H_
   5#define _ICE_NVM_H_
   7struct ice_orom_civd_info {
   8        u8 signature[4];        /* Must match ASCII '$CIV' characters */
   9        u8 checksum;            /* Simple modulo 256 sum of all structure bytes must equal 0 */
  10        __le32 combo_ver;       /* Combo Image Version number */
  11        u8 combo_name_len;      /* Length of the unicode combo image version string, max of 32 */
  12        __le16 combo_name[32];  /* Unicode string representing the Combo Image version */
  13} __packed;
  15enum ice_status
  16ice_acquire_nvm(struct ice_hw *hw, enum ice_aq_res_access_type access);
  17void ice_release_nvm(struct ice_hw *hw);
  18enum ice_status
  19ice_read_flat_nvm(struct ice_hw *hw, u32 offset, u32 *length, u8 *data,
  20                  bool read_shadow_ram);
  21enum ice_status
  22ice_get_pfa_module_tlv(struct ice_hw *hw, u16 *module_tlv, u16 *module_tlv_len,
  23                       u16 module_type);
  24enum ice_status
  25ice_get_inactive_orom_ver(struct ice_hw *hw, struct ice_orom_info *orom);
  26enum ice_status
  27ice_get_inactive_nvm_ver(struct ice_hw *hw, struct ice_nvm_info *nvm);
  28enum ice_status
  29ice_get_inactive_netlist_ver(struct ice_hw *hw, struct ice_netlist_info *netlist);
  30enum ice_status
  31ice_read_pba_string(struct ice_hw *hw, u8 *pba_num, u32 pba_num_size);
  32enum ice_status ice_init_nvm(struct ice_hw *hw);
  33enum ice_status ice_read_sr_word(struct ice_hw *hw, u16 offset, u16 *data);
  34enum ice_status
  35ice_aq_update_nvm(struct ice_hw *hw, u16 module_typeid, u32 offset,
  36                  u16 length, void *data, bool last_command, u8 command_flags,
  37                  struct ice_sq_cd *cd);
  38enum ice_status
  39ice_aq_erase_nvm(struct ice_hw *hw, u16 module_typeid, struct ice_sq_cd *cd);
  40enum ice_status ice_nvm_validate_checksum(struct ice_hw *hw);
  41enum ice_status ice_nvm_write_activate(struct ice_hw *hw, u8 cmd_flags);
  42enum ice_status ice_aq_nvm_update_empr(struct ice_hw *hw);
  43enum ice_status
  44ice_nvm_set_pkg_data(struct ice_hw *hw, bool del_pkg_data_flag, u8 *data,
  45                     u16 length, struct ice_sq_cd *cd);
  46enum ice_status
  47ice_nvm_pass_component_tbl(struct ice_hw *hw, u8 *data, u16 length,
  48                           u8 transfer_flag, u8 *comp_response,
  49                           u8 *comp_response_code, struct ice_sq_cd *cd);
  50#endif /* _ICE_NVM_H_ */