1menuconfig ISDN_DRV_GIGASET
   2        tristate "Siemens Gigaset support"
   3        select CRC_CCITT
   4        select BITREVERSE
   5        help
   6          This driver supports the Siemens Gigaset SX205/255 family of
   7          ISDN DECT bases, including the predecessors Gigaset 3070/3075
   8          and 4170/4175 and their T-Com versions Sinus 45isdn and Sinus
   9          721X.
  10          If you have one of these devices, say M here and for at least
  11          one of the connection specific parts that follow.
  12          This will build a module called "gigaset".
  13          Note: If you build your ISDN subsystem (ISDN_CAPI or ISDN_I4L)
  14          as a module, you have to build this driver as a module too,
  15          otherwise the Gigaset device won't show up as an ISDN device.
  19config GIGASET_CAPI
  20        bool "Gigaset CAPI support"
  21        depends on ISDN_CAPI='y'||(ISDN_CAPI='m'&&ISDN_DRV_GIGASET='m')
  22        default ISDN_I4L='n'
  23        help
  24          Build the Gigaset driver as a CAPI 2.0 driver interfacing with
  25          the Kernel CAPI subsystem. To use it with the old ISDN4Linux
  26          subsystem you'll have to enable the capidrv glue driver.
  27          (select ISDN_CAPI_CAPIDRV.)
  28          Say N to build the old native ISDN4Linux variant.
  29          If unsure, say Y.
  31config GIGASET_I4L
  32        bool
  33        depends on ISDN_I4L='y'||(ISDN_I4L='m'&&ISDN_DRV_GIGASET='m')
  34        default !GIGASET_CAPI
  37        bool
  38        default !GIGASET_CAPI&&!GIGASET_I4L
  40config GIGASET_BASE
  41        tristate "Gigaset base station support"
  42        depends on USB
  43        help
  44          Say M here if you want to use the USB interface of the Gigaset
  45          base for connection to your system.
  46          This will build a module called "bas_gigaset".
  48config GIGASET_M105
  49        tristate "Gigaset M105 support"
  50        depends on USB
  51        help
  52          Say M here if you want to connect to the Gigaset base via DECT
  53          using a Gigaset M105 (Sinus 45 Data 2) USB DECT device.
  54          This will build a module called "usb_gigaset".
  56config GIGASET_M101
  57        tristate "Gigaset M101 support"
  58        help
  59          Say M here if you want to connect to the Gigaset base via DECT
  60          using a Gigaset M101 (Sinus 45 Data 1) RS232 DECT device.
  61          This will build a module called "ser_gigaset".
  63config GIGASET_DEBUG
  64        bool "Gigaset debugging"
  65        help
  66          This enables debugging code in the Gigaset drivers.
  67          If in doubt, say yes.
  69endif # ISDN_DRV_GIGASET