1config VGA_ARB
   2        bool "VGA Arbitration" if EXPERT
   3        default y
   4        depends on PCI
   5        help
   6          Some "legacy" VGA devices implemented on PCI typically have the same
   7          hard-decoded addresses as they did on ISA. When multiple PCI devices
   8          are accessed at same time they need some kind of coordination. Please
   9          see Documentation/vgaarbiter.txt for more details. Select this to
  10          enable VGA arbiter.
  12config VGA_ARB_MAX_GPUS
  13        int "Maximum number of GPUs"
  14        default 16
  15        depends on VGA_ARB
  16        help
  17          Reserves space in the kernel to maintain resource locking for
  18          multiple GPUS.  The overhead for each GPU is very small.
  21        bool "Laptop Hybrid Graphics - GPU switching support"
  22        depends on X86
  23        depends on ACPI
  24        help
  25          Many laptops released in 2008/9/10 have two GPUs with a multiplexer
  26          to switch between them. This adds support for dynamic switching when
  27          X isn't running and delayed switching until the next logoff. This
  28          feature is called hybrid graphics, ATI PowerXpress, and Nvidia
  29          HybridPower.