1* Toshiba Mobile IO SD/MMC controller
   3The tmio-mmc driver doesn't probe its devices actively, instead its binding to
   4devices is managed by either MFD drivers or by the sh_mobile_sdhi platform
   5driver. Those drivers supply the tmio-mmc driver with platform data, that either
   6describe hardware capabilities, known to them, or are obtained by them from
   7their own platform data or from their DT information. In the latter case all
   8compulsory and any optional properties, common to all SD/MMC drivers, as
   9described in mmc.txt, can be used. Additionally the following tmio_mmc-specific
  10optional bindings can be used.
  12Optional properties:
  13- toshiba,mmc-wrprotect-disable: write-protect detection is unavailable
  15When used with Renesas SDHI hardware, the following compatibility strings
  16configure various model-specific properties:
  18"renesas,sh7372-sdhi":  (default) compatible with SH7372
  19"renesas,r8a7740-sdhi": compatible with R8A7740: certain MMC/SD commands have to
  20                        wait for the interface to become idle.