1OMAP Timer bindings
   3Required properties:
   4- compatible:           Should be set to one of the below. Please note that
   5                        OMAP44xx devices have timer instances that are 100%
   6                        register compatible with OMAP3xxx devices as well as
   7                        newer timers that are not 100% register compatible.
   8                        So for OMAP44xx devices timer instances may use
   9                        different compatible strings.
  11                        ti,omap2420-timer (applicable to OMAP24xx devices)
  12                        ti,omap3430-timer (applicable to OMAP3xxx/44xx devices)
  13                        ti,omap4430-timer (applicable to OMAP44xx devices)
  14                        ti,omap5430-timer (applicable to OMAP543x devices)
  15                        ti,am335x-timer (applicable to AM335x devices)
  16                        ti,am335x-timer-1ms (applicable to AM335x devices)
  18- reg:                  Contains timer register address range (base address and
  19                        length).
  20- interrupts:           Contains the interrupt information for the timer. The
  21                        format is being dependent on which interrupt controller
  22                        the OMAP device uses.
  23- ti,hwmods:            Name of the hwmod associated to the timer, "timer<X>",
  24                        where <X> is the instance number of the timer from the
  25                        HW spec.
  27Optional properties:
  28- ti,timer-alwon:       Indicates the timer is in an alway-on power domain.
  29- ti,timer-dsp:         Indicates the timer can interrupt the on-chip DSP in
  30                        addition to the ARM CPU.
  31- ti,timer-pwm:         Indicates the timer can generate a PWM output.
  32- ti,timer-secure:      Indicates the timer is reserved on a secure OMAP device
  33                        and therefore cannot be used by the kernel.
  37timer12: timer@48304000 {
  38        compatible = "ti,omap3430-timer";
  39        reg = <0x48304000 0x400>;
  40        interrupts = <95>;
  41        ti,hwmods = "timer12"
  42        ti,timer-alwon;
  43        ti,timer-secure;