1menu "Kernel hacking"
   3source "lib/Kconfig.debug"
   5# RMK wants arm kernels compiled with frame pointers or stack unwinding.
   6# If you know what you are doing and are willing to live without stack
   7# traces, you can get a slightly smaller kernel by setting this option to
   8# n, but then RMK will have to kill you ;).
   9config FRAME_POINTER
  10        bool
  11        default y if !ARM_UNWIND
  12        help
  13          If you say N here, the resulting kernel will be slightly smaller and
  14          faster. However, if neither FRAME_POINTER nor ARM_UNWIND are enabled,
  15          when a problem occurs with the kernel, the information that is
  16          reported is severely limited.
  18config ARM_UNWIND
  19        bool "Enable stack unwinding support"
  20        depends on AEABI && EXPERIMENTAL
  21        default y
  22        help
  23          This option enables stack unwinding support in the kernel
  24          using the information automatically generated by the
  25          compiler. The resulting kernel image is slightly bigger but
  26          the performance is not affected. Currently, this feature
  27          only works with EABI compilers. If unsure say Y.
  29config DEBUG_USER
  30        bool "Verbose user fault messages"
  31        help
  32          When a user program crashes due to an exception, the kernel can
  33          print a brief message explaining what the problem was. This is
  34          sometimes helpful for debugging but serves no purpose on a
  35          production system. Most people should say N here.
  37          In addition, you need to pass user_debug=N on the kernel command
  38          line to enable this feature.  N consists of the sum of:
  40              1 - undefined instruction events
  41              2 - system calls
  42              4 - invalid data aborts
  43              8 - SIGSEGV faults
  44             16 - SIGBUS faults
  46config DEBUG_ERRORS
  47        bool "Verbose kernel error messages"
  48        depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
  49        help
  50          This option controls verbose debugging information which can be
  51          printed when the kernel detects an internal error. This debugging
  52          information is useful to kernel hackers when tracking down problems,
  53          but mostly meaningless to other people. It's safe to say Y unless
  54          you are concerned with the code size or don't want to see these
  55          messages.
  58        bool "Enable stack utilization instrumentation"
  59        depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
  60        help
  61          Enables the display of the minimum amount of free stack which each
  62          task has ever had available in the sysrq-T output.
  64# These options are only for real kernel hackers who want to get their hands dirty.
  65config DEBUG_LL
  66        bool "Kernel low-level debugging functions"
  67        depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
  68        help
  69          Say Y here to include definitions of printascii, printch, printhex
  70          in the kernel.  This is helpful if you are debugging code that
  71          executes before the console is initialized.
  73config DEBUG_ICEDCC
  74        bool "Kernel low-level debugging via EmbeddedICE DCC channel"
  75        depends on DEBUG_LL
  76        help
  77          Say Y here if you want the debug print routines to direct their
  78          output to the EmbeddedICE macrocell's DCC channel using
  79          co-processor 14. This is known to work on the ARM9 style ICE
  80          channel and on the XScale with the PEEDI.
  82          It does include a timeout to ensure that the system does not
  83          totally freeze when there is nothing connected to read.
  85config DEBUG_DC21285_PORT
  86        bool "Kernel low-level debugging messages via footbridge serial port"
  87        depends on DEBUG_LL && FOOTBRIDGE
  88        help
  89          Say Y here if you want the debug print routines to direct their
  90          output to the serial port in the DC21285 (Footbridge). Saying N
  91          will cause the debug messages to appear on the first 16550
  92          serial port.
  94config DEBUG_CLPS711X_UART2
  95        bool "Kernel low-level debugging messages via UART2"
  96        depends on DEBUG_LL && ARCH_CLPS711X
  97        help
  98          Say Y here if you want the debug print routines to direct their
  99          output to the second serial port on these devices.  Saying N will
 100          cause the debug messages to appear on the first serial port.
 102config DEBUG_S3C_PORT
 103        depends on DEBUG_LL && PLAT_S3C
 104        bool "Kernel low-level debugging messages via S3C UART"
 105        help
 106          Say Y here if you want debug print routines to go to one of the
 107          S3C internal UARTs. The chosen UART must have been configured
 108          before it is used.
 110config DEBUG_S3C_UART
 111        depends on PLAT_S3C
 112        int "S3C UART to use for low-level debug"
 113        default "0"
 114        help
 115          Choice for UART for kernel low-level using S3C UARTS,
 116          should be between zero and two. The port must have been
 117          initialised by the boot-loader before use.
 119          The uncompressor code port configuration is now handled