1config LGUEST_GUEST
   2        bool "Lguest guest support"
   3        select PARAVIRT
   4        depends on X86_32
   5        depends on !X86_PAE
   6        depends on !X86_VOYAGER
   7        select VIRTIO
   8        select VIRTIO_RING
   9        select VIRTIO_CONSOLE
  10        help
  11          Lguest is a tiny in-kernel hypervisor.  Selecting this will
  12          allow your kernel to boot under lguest.  This option will increase
  13          your kernel size by about 6k.  If in doubt, say N.
  15          If you say Y here, make sure you say Y (or M) to the virtio block
  16          and net drivers which lguest needs.