1config FANOTIFY
   2        bool "Filesystem wide access notification"
   3        select FSNOTIFY
   4        select ANON_INODES
   5        default n
   6        ---help---
   7           Say Y here to enable fanotify support.  fanotify is a file access
   8           notification system which differs from inotify in that it sends
   9           an open file descriptor to the userspace listener along with
  10           the event.
  12           If unsure, say Y.
  15        bool "fanotify permissions checking"
  16        depends on FANOTIFY
  17        depends on SECURITY
  18        default n
  19        ---help---
  20           Say Y here is you want fanotify listeners to be able to make permissions
  21           decisions concerning filesystem events.  This is used by some fanotify
  22           listeners which need to scan files before allowing the system access to
  23           use those files.  This is used by some anti-malware vendors and by some
  24           hierarchical storage managent systems.
  26           If unsure, say N.
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