1config USB_DWC2
   2        tristate "DesignWare USB2 DRD Core Support"
   3        depends on USB
   4        help
   5          Say Y or M here if your system has a Dual Role HighSpeed
   6          USB controller based on the DesignWare HSOTG IP Core.
   8          If you choose to build this driver as dynamically linked
   9          modules, the core module will be called dwc2.ko, the
  10          PCI bus interface module (if you have a PCI bus system)
  11          will be called dwc2_pci.ko and the platform interface module
  12          (for controllers directly connected to the CPU) will be called
  13          dwc2_platform.ko.
  15          NOTE: This driver at present only implements the Host mode
  16          of the controller. The existing s3c-hsotg driver supports
  17          Peripheral mode, but only for the Samsung S3C platforms.
  18          There are plans to merge the s3c-hsotg driver with this
  19          driver in the near future to create a dual-role driver.
  21if USB_DWC2
  23config USB_DWC2_DEBUG
  24        bool "Enable Debugging Messages"
  25        help
  26          Say Y here to enable debugging messages in the DWC2 Driver.
  28config USB_DWC2_VERBOSE
  29        bool "Enable Verbose Debugging Messages"
  30        depends on USB_DWC2_DEBUG
  31        help
  32          Say Y here to enable verbose debugging messages in the DWC2 Driver.
  33          WARNING: Enabling this will quickly fill your message log.
  34          If in doubt, say N.
  37        bool "Enable Missed SOF Tracking"
  38        help
  39          Say Y here to enable logging of missed SOF events to the dmesg log.
  40          WARNING: This feature is still experimental.
  41          If in doubt, say N.
  44        bool "Enable Debugging Messages For Periodic Transfers"
  45        depends on USB_DWC2_DEBUG || USB_DWC2_VERBOSE
  46        default y
  47        help
  48          Say N here to disable (verbose) debugging messages to be
  49          logged for periodic transfers. This allows better debugging of
  50          non-periodic transfers, but of course the debug logs will be
  51          incomplete. Note that this also disables some debug messages
  52          for which the transfer type cannot be deduced.
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