1if TTY
   3config HVC_DRIVER
   4        bool
   5        help
   6          Generic "hypervisor virtual console" infrastructure for various
   7          hypervisors (pSeries, iSeries, Xen, lguest).
   8          It will automatically be selected if one of the back-end console drivers
   9          is selected.
  11config HVC_IRQ
  12        bool
  14config HVC_CONSOLE
  15        bool "pSeries Hypervisor Virtual Console support"
  16        depends on PPC_PSERIES
  17        select HVC_DRIVER
  18        select HVC_IRQ
  19        help
  20          pSeries machines when partitioned support a hypervisor virtual
  21          console. This driver allows each pSeries partition to have a console
  22          which is accessed via the HMC.
  24config HVC_OLD_HVSI
  25        bool "Old driver for pSeries serial port (/dev/hvsi*)"
  26        depends on HVC_CONSOLE
  27        default n
  29config HVC_OPAL
  30        bool "OPAL Console support"
  31        depends on PPC_POWERNV
  32        select HVC_DRIVER
  33        select HVC_IRQ
  34        default y
  35        help
  36          PowerNV machines running under OPAL need that driver to get a console
  38config HVC_RTAS
  39        bool "IBM RTAS Console support"
  40        depends on PPC_RTAS
  41        select HVC_DRIVER
  42        help
  43          IBM Console device driver which makes use of RTAS
  45config HVC_BEAT
  46        bool "Toshiba's Beat Hypervisor Console support"
  47        depends on PPC_CELLEB
  48        select HVC_DRIVER
  49        help
  50          Toshiba's Cell Reference Set Beat Console device driver
  52config HVC_IUCV
  53        bool "z/VM IUCV Hypervisor console support (VM only)"
  54        depends on S390
  55        select HVC_DRIVER
  56        select IUCV
  57        default y
  58        help
  59          This driver provides a Hypervisor console (HVC) back-end to access
  60          a Linux (console) terminal via a z/VM IUCV communication path.
  62config HVC_XEN
  63        bool "Xen Hypervisor Console support"
  64        depends on XEN
  65        select HVC_DRIVER
  66        select HVC_IRQ
  67        default y
  68        help
  69          Xen virtual console device driver
  72        bool "Xen Hypervisor Multiple Consoles support"
  73        depends on HVC_XEN
  74        select XEN_XENBUS_FRONTEND
  75        default y
  76        help
  77          Xen driver for secondary virtual consoles
  79config HVC_UDBG
  80       bool "udbg based fake hypervisor console"
  81       depends on PPC
  82       select HVC_DRIVER
  83       default n
  84       help
  85         This is meant to be used during HW bring up or debugging when
  86         no other console mechanism exist but udbg, to get you a quick
  87         console for userspace. Do NOT enable in production kernels. 
  89config HVC_DCC
  90       bool "ARM JTAG DCC console"
  91       depends on ARM
  92       select HVC_DRIVER
  93       help
  94         This console uses the JTAG DCC on ARM to create a console under the HVC
  95         driver. This console is used through a JTAG only on ARM. If you don't have
  96         a JTAG then you probably don't want this option.
  98config HVC_BFIN_JTAG
  99        bool "Blackfin JTAG console"
 100        depends on BLACKFIN
 101        select HVC_DRIVER
 102        help
 103         This console uses the Blackfin JTAG to create a console under the
 104         the HVC driver.  If you don't have JTAG, then you probably don't
 105         want this option.
 107config HVCS
 108        tristate "IBM Hypervisor Virtual Console Server support"
 109        depends on PPC_PSERIES && HVC_CONSOLE
 110        help
 111          Partitionable IBM Power5 ppc64 machines allow hosting of
 112          firmware virtual consoles from one Linux partition by
 113          another Linux partition.  This driver allows console data
 114          from Linux partitions to be accessed through TTY device
 115          interfaces in the device tree of a Linux partition running
 116          this driver.
 118          To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the
 119          module will be called hvcs.  Additionally, this module
 120          will depend on arch specific APIs exported from hvcserver.ko
 121          which will also be compiled when this driver is built as a
 122          module.
 124endif # TTY
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