1config USB_SN9C102
   2        tristate "USB SN9C1xx PC Camera Controller support (DEPRECATED)"
   3        depends on VIDEO_V4L2 && MEDIA_USB_SUPPORT
   4        ---help---
   5          This driver is DEPRECATED, please use the gspca sonixb and
   6          sonixj modules instead.
   8          Say Y here if you want support for cameras based on SONiX SN9C101,
   9          SN9C102, SN9C103, SN9C105 and SN9C120 PC Camera Controllers.
  11          See <file:drivers/staging/media/sn9c102/sn9c102.txt> for more info.
  13          If you have webcams that are only supported by this driver and not by
  14          the gspca driver, then contact the linux-media mailinglist.
  16          To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the
  17          module will be called sn9c102.
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