1config CW1200
   2        tristate "CW1200 WLAN support"
   3        depends on MAC80211 && CFG80211
   4        help
   5          This is a driver for the ST-E CW1100 & CW1200 WLAN chipsets.
   6          This option just enables the driver core, see below for
   7          specific bus support.
   9if CW1200
  11config CW1200_WLAN_SDIO
  12        tristate "Support SDIO platforms"
  13        depends on CW1200 && MMC
  14        help
  15          Enable support for the CW1200 connected via an SDIO bus.
  16          By default this driver only supports the Sagrad SG901-1091/1098 EVK
  17          and similar designs that utilize a hardware reset circuit. To
  18          support different CW1200 SDIO designs you will need to override
  19          the default platform data by calling cw1200_sdio_set_platform_data()
  20          in your board setup file.
  22config CW1200_WLAN_SPI
  23        tristate "Support SPI platforms"
  24        depends on CW1200 && SPI
  25        help
  26          Enables support for the CW1200 connected via a SPI bus.  You will
  27          need to add appropriate platform data glue in your board setup
  28          file.
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