1config HYSDN
   2        tristate "Hypercope HYSDN cards (Champ, Ergo, Metro) support (module only)"
   3        depends on m && PROC_FS && PCI
   4        help
   5          Say Y here if you have one of Hypercope's active PCI ISDN cards
   6          Champ, Ergo and Metro. You will then get a module called hysdn.
   7          Please read the file <file:Documentation/isdn/README.hysdn> for more
   8          information.
  10config HYSDN_CAPI
  11        bool "HYSDN CAPI 2.0 support"
  12        depends on HYSDN && ISDN_CAPI
  13        help
  14          Say Y here if you like to use Hypercope's CAPI 2.0 interface.
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