1# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only
   2config GFS2_FS
   3        tristate "GFS2 file system support"
   4        select FS_POSIX_ACL
   5        select CRC32
   6        select LIBCRC32C
   7        select QUOTACTL
   8        select FS_IOMAP
   9        help
  10          A cluster filesystem.
  12          Allows a cluster of computers to simultaneously use a block device
  13          that is shared between them (with FC, iSCSI, NBD, etc...).  GFS reads
  14          and writes to the block device like a local filesystem, but also uses
  15          a lock module to allow the computers coordinate their I/O so
  16          filesystem consistency is maintained.  One of the nifty features of
  17          GFS is perfect consistency -- changes made to the filesystem on one
  18          machine show up immediately on all other machines in the cluster.
  20          To use the GFS2 filesystem in a cluster, you will need to enable
  21          the locking module below. Documentation and utilities for GFS2 can
  22          be found here:
  24          The "nolock" lock module is now built in to GFS2 by default. If
  25          you want to use the DLM, be sure to enable IPv4/6 networking.
  27config GFS2_FS_LOCKING_DLM
  28        bool "GFS2 DLM locking"
  29        depends on (GFS2_FS!=n) && NET && INET && (IPV6 || IPV6=n) && \
  30                CONFIGFS_FS && SYSFS && (DLM=y || DLM=GFS2_FS)
  31        help
  32          Multiple node locking module for GFS2
  34          Most users of GFS2 will require this. It provides the locking
  35          interface between GFS2 and the DLM, which is required to use GFS2
  36          in a cluster environment.
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