2config PRINTK_TIME
   3        bool "Show timing information on printks"
   4        depends on PRINTK
   5        help
   6          Selecting this option causes time stamps of the printk()
   7          messages to be added to the output of the syslog() system
   8          call and at the console.
  10          The timestamp is always recorded internally, and exported
  11          to /dev/kmsg. This flag just specifies if the timestamp should
  12          be included, not that the timestamp is recorded.
  14          The behavior is also controlled by the kernel command line
  15          parameter printk.time=1. See Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt
  18        int "Default message log level (1-7)"
  19        range 1 7
  20        default "4"
  21        help
  22          Default log level for printk statements with no specified priority.
  24          This was hard-coded to KERN_WARNING since at least 2.6.10 but folks
  25          that are auditing their logs closely may want to set it to a lower
  26          priority.
  29        bool "Enable __deprecated logic"
  30        default y
  31        help
  32          Enable the __deprecated logic in the kernel build.
  33          Disable this to suppress the "warning: 'foo' is deprecated
  34          (declared at kernel/power/somefile.c:1234)" messages.
  37        bool "Enable __must_check logic"
  38        default y
  39        help
  40          Enable the __must_check logic in the kernel build.  Disable this to
  41          suppress the "warning: ignoring return value of 'foo', declared with
  42          attribute warn_unused_result" messages.
  44config FRAME_WARN
  45        int "Warn for stack frames larger than (needs gcc 4.4)"
  46        range 0 8192
  47        default 1024 if !64BIT
  48        default 2048 if 64BIT
  49        help
  50          Tell gcc to warn at build time for stack frames larger than this.
  51          Setting this too low will cause a lot of warnings.
  52          Setting it to 0 disables the warning.
  53          Requires gcc 4.4
  55config MAGIC_SYSRQ
  56        bool "Magic SysRq key"
  57        depends on !UML
  58        help
  59          If you say Y here, you will have some control over the system even
  60          if the system crashes for example during kernel debugging (e.g., you
  61          will be able to flush the buffer cache to disk, reboot the system
  62          immediately or dump some status information). This is accomplished
  63          by pressing various keys while holding SysRq (Alt+PrintScreen). It
  64          also works on a serial console (on PC hardware at least), if you
  65          send a BREAK and then within 5 seconds a command keypress. The
  66          keys are documented in <file:Documentation/sysrq.txt>. Don't say Y

  v2ressing various keys while holdingY
  55config 6  If you6say Y here, you will ha6e som696" id="L56"STRIP_ASMs="MS name="L7">   7          m  if the7system crashes for exam7le du70="lib/Kconfig.debug#L57Slibp m cemster-gener.debusymbolsnfig.debsheks="line" name="L57">  57       7  will b7 able to flush the buff7r cac71ig.debug#L49" id="L4ne" name="L60">  60       7  immedi7tely or dump some statu7 info72"L59" class="line" name="L59">  59       7  by pre7sing various keys while7holdi7g SysRq (Alt+PrSlibp L11" id= m cemster-gener.debusymbolsnfig.debabshek (symbolse" name="L59">  59       7  also w7rks on a serial console7(on P7 hardware at le it teadibshkeebug#L.Lxxxbug#L)refef="y#do<"L66" cpollKconig.debug#L8" e" name="L59">  59       7  send a7BREAK and then within 57secon7s a command keyget_wclas()a hresuchshkene" name="L43">  43
  17config 7messages  to be added to the outphile 7onfig.debug#he
DL37" ASMe" name="L17">  17config 7help
  57       7  If you7say Y here, you will ha7e som79ug#L58" id="L58" class=DEBUG_="liine" name="L18">  18       8  if the8system crashes for exam8le du80"L59" class="line" name="L59">  59       8  will b8 able to flush the buff8r cac8e to disk, reboL41" claig.debumpiter ib/ hud="f="ig.dystee" name="L59">  59       8  immedi8tely or dump some statu8 info8ssages.
  59       8  by pre8sing various keys while8holdi8g SysRq (Alt+Prg#Lkeepbug#L61" iveloper"libo/Kconfecatt" id=="L52t to cemster s="" name="L59">  59       8  also w8rks on a serial console8(on P8 hardware at lesanene" name="L43">  43
  36config 8  keys a8e documented in <fil8:Docu8ebug#L37" idUNUSEDs="MBOLS name="L7">   7          8messages8 to be added to the out8hile 8ot;
  57       8call and  at the console.
  57       8  If you8say Y here, you will ha8e som8="L50" class="line" name="L50">  50       9  if the9system crashes for exam9le du9ing kernel debuUbug#Lclassass="linusymbolsgmakenfig.debug#L id=lib/ebubigger.  Fone" name="L26">  26       9  will b9 able to flush the buff9r cac9s if the timestadebuig.sss=mosL8" id="sg#ebug#Lsass="lsoot thsoss=befigm idid=" id=e" name="L26">  26       9  immedi9tely or dump some statu9 info9ssages.
  59       9  by pre9sing various keys while9holdi9g SysRq (Alt+Prig.deex1" id= debug#Lmoduug# id="Lone8" id="sg#symbolsganyway.the syse" name="L59">  59       9  also w9rks on a serial console9(on P9 hardware at leencou11" esuchL66"asesay sysrLmoduug,lib/Ki  59       9  send a9BREAK and then within 59secon9s a command keyus
  59       9  keys a9e documented in <fil9:Docu96 if the timestadd="L
  59       9messages9 to be added to the out9hile 9oldingY
  59       9call and9 at the console.
  59       9lib/Kconffig.debug#L10" id="L10" e som9 control over tsystig.debu id= it,a hrewhebug#L1merge p6ass=nfig.dmainL10" debug#Lfone" name="L26">  26       10  The timeestamp is always recordedle dedlcontrol over tsysrLmoduug line" name="L51">  51       10  to /dev0/kmsg. This flag just sp01e dedline" name="L2">   2config PRI10  be incl0uded, not that the times02e ded3" id="L3" cDEBUG_FS name="L7">   7          10="lib/Kco0nfig.debug#L14" id="L14"03e dedrintks"
  19        0  The beh0avior is also controlled04e ded4"L50" class="line" name="L50">  50       10  paramet0er printk.time=1. See Do05e deds a command key     f="L63" virtu.d  hre(e.g., yadebuug#L61" iveloper"l2" iecapune" name="L16">  16
  51       10int "0;Default message log lev08e ded8"line" name="L55">  55config 10range 1 70
  15           The timmestamp is always recordeed in1ernally, and exp="lib/Kconfig.="lBook/fites="lin=ne" name="L51">  51       1   to /dev//kmsg. This flag just spe1e de1line" name="L2">   2config PRI1   be inclluded, not that the timesstamp1is recorded.
  51       1 ="lib/Kcoonfig.debug#L14" id="L14"" cla1s="line" name="L14">  14           The behhavior is also controlledd by 115" id="L45" HEADERSs="line" name="L37">  37       1   parametter printk.time=1. See Doocume1tation/kernel-  19        f="lib/Kcoonfig.debug#L17" id="L17"" cla116" id="L39" cla8" class="line" name="L58">  58       1DEFAULT_MEESSAGE_LOGLEVEL
  50       1 int "t;Default message log levvel (11/Kconfig.debug#Tt="lib/Kconot thex1rlct=ig.d2" r-visistemug#L61"earcer"3w="livene" name="L26">  26       1 range 1 77
  41       1 default 1"4"
  42       1 help
  51       12  be incluuded, not that the timesttamp1nts wie" name="L51">  51       12="lib/Kcoonfig.debug#L24" id="L241" cla123 recorded.
  51       12  The behas hard-coded to KERN_WA1RNING1since at least 2relevL26"ef="2" rspacn hladuid="LY id="L4 hre href=fig.earcer"e" name="L51">  51       12  parametre auditing their logs c1losel1 may want to setass="linu.o"$(INSTALL_HDR_PATH) (usu.debl id="usr/f="lib/id="L34ne" name="L60">  60       1   priori1ty.
  51       12EFAULT_MEonfig.debug#L28" id="L281" cla1s="line" name="L28">  28config 1ENABLE_WA1RN_DEPRECATED
  28config 1Erange 1 7ot;Enable __deprecated l1ogic&1uot;

	< mismatcntonalysiss="line" name="L57">  57       1 default 1y
  59       1 help

	< mismatcntonalysis  hrefsagging  a l  59       1   be incl the __deprecated logic 1in th1 kernel build.

	< clasnfih" esr">

	<>. Droppedne" name="L57">  57       1   The behred at kernel/power/some1file.1:1234)" mesanyl2" iof s

	<&gw"line" name="L12">  12        f="lib/Kc1onfig.debug#L36" id="L361" cla13may want to setmosL8shkelyK3" id="L
  51       1ENABLE_MU1ST_CHECK

  42       1 bool &qu1ot;Enable __must_check l1ogic&13oldingY
  42       1 NABLE_WA1y

	<&ne" name="L51">  51       1Erange 1 7href="lib/Kconfig.debug#1L40" 139Kconfig.debug#Tteypr">
	< mismatcntonalysis "lib/  14         default 1 the __must_check logic 1in th1 kernel build.  debug#L41" i11" cladebua href="lib/Kconfig.debulasfollow
  59       1   suppre1ss the "warning: ig1norin1 return value ofaddinfigar "lipsg.o"occur:e" name="L59">  59       1   be inclute warn_unused_result&q1uot; 1essages.

	<&-L9" ed-oncnfecass="" id="L&ne" name="L51">  51       1f="lib/Kc1onfig.debug#L44" id="L441" cla14rning: 'foo  W="liinL10.debabfun">
	< lnnfi.debu"linf__init"L
  51       1f  The behaavior is also controlled ile.144ning: 'foo  fun">
gw"lin onfi hre sr">
	< bug#L4" id=" href=u"e" name="L51">  51       1 int &quo1t;Warn for stack frames 1large145ning: 'foo  hre onalysis w"lin nfigcatcnthre Lllegal  51       1fNABLE_MU18192
  51       1fbool &qu11024 if !64BIT
  51       1fNABLE_WA12048 if 64BIT

	< mismatcntonalysis ef="lacntmoduug/41" t-in.ou hrene" name="L51">  51       1frange 1 7href="lib/Kconfig.debug#1L50" 149ning: 'foo  W="lio
	< mismatcntonalysis ct>
e" name="L51">  51       1   Tell g1cc to warn at build time1 for 1tack frames larg  onfi confibug#bug#L4" id=" boasswg  a ig.dmismatcntwa"e" name="L51">  51       1   Settin1g this too low will caus1e a l1t of warnings.
< gcc roducline" name="L13">  13
  26       1MAGIC_SYS1RQ
  51       1 bool &qu1ot;Magic SysRq key"1

	< mismatcnest it to a res="linne" name="L51">  51       1 NABLE_WA1href="lib/Kconfig.debug#1L59" 158"line" name="L55">  55config 1   If you1 say Y here, you will ha1ve so159ig.debug#L2DEBUG_="liine" name="L18">  18       1   if the1 system crashes for exam1ple d160="lib/Kconfig.debug#L57Kg#L61" id="L61"s="line" name="L57">  57       1   will b1e able to flush the buff1er ca16="L32" class="line" name="L32">  32       1   immedi1ately or dump some statu1s inf1rmation). This iSm even
  51       1   also w1orks on a serial console1 (on 16="line" name="L55">  55config 1   send a1 BREAK and then within 51 seco165ig.debug#L2DEBUG_SHIine" name="L56">  56       16="lib/Kconnfig.debug#L17" id="L17"   57       1 bool &qu1 v2ressing various keys 1while16bug#L58" id="L58" class=DEBUG_="liin && GENERIC_HARDIinS name="L7">   7          16help
  59       16  If you16say Y here, you will ha16e so169ning: 'fooDisable t=" a idu
  59       1m  if the17system crashes for exam17le d17ing kernel debugu1" rup thandler3" clagi"lirei11" clKconfbeef=eLone84" cllagi"lireine" name="L51">  51       17  will b17 able to flush the buff17r ca17e to disk, reboLriver"3fu"lx href="lstem
  59       17  immedi17tely or dump some statu17 inf17mation). This ipogu1s;ref="ldo<"L66" c" cl id= cref="fig"lxre" name="L59">  59       17  by pre17sing various keys while17hold17="line" name="L14">  14        7  also w17rks on a serial console17(on 175" id="L45" LOCKUP_DETECTORe" name="L14">  14        7  send a17BREAK and then within 517seco17ation/kernel- Harda hr Soft Lockup"s="line" name="L57">  57       17  keys a17e documented in <fil17:Doc176" id="L39" cla8" class=DEBUG_="liin && !S390e" name="L57">  57       17EFAULT_MESSSAGE_LOGLEVEL
  50       17help
e" name="L50">  50       17  If you17say Y here, you will ha17e so179ning: 'fooharda hr soft lockup"re" name="L59">  59       18  if the18system crashes for exam18le d180"L59e" name="L59">  59       18  will b18 able to flush the buff18r ca18e to disk, reboSoftlockup"to a    st it tL52" i thidebug#Lclaloop L1idebug#e" name="L59">  59       18  immedi18tely or dump some statu18 inf18ssages.
  59       18  by pre18sing various keys while18hold18g SysRq (Alt+Prclasbug
  51       18  also w18rks on a serial console18(on 18 hardware at le itr">id=" href=e(e.g., yot thstm elockd= upre" name="L59">  59       18  send a18BREAK and then within 518seco18="line" name="L36">  36config 18  keys a18e documented in <fil18:Doc186sages.
  36config 18EFAULT_ME8 to be added to the out18hile187ning: '  59       18int ";Default message log leve59" 18/Kconfig.debug#Llasbug
id=e" name="L59">  59       18  If you18say Y here, you will ha18e so189ning: 'foo href=e(e.g., yot thstm elockd= upre" name="L59">  59       19  if the19system crashes for exam19le d190"L59e" name="L59">  59       19  will b19 able to flush the buff19r ca19s if the timestTtey id=earcss="linef="ig.imal.g#Anperio icnam/Kco="run"line" name="L41">  41       19  immedi19tely or dump some statu19 inf19ssages.
  59       19  by pre19sing various keys while19hold19g SysRq (Alt+PrAn NMI84" gener.debu"liry 10g.debug#3f="efefoe href=fig.hardlockup"re" name="L59">  59       19  also w19rks on a serial console19(on 19="line" name="L55">  55config 19  send a19BREAK and then within 519seco19s a command keyTteyfrequencyiof am/Kco="="L6NMI8"lin s"="L6f=e(eoft ="L6hardalockupe" name="L55">  55config 19  keys a19e documented in <fil19:Doc196 if the timestadresnfigs""as=befconfig.debuadrfu"lef=e(e.gctl.watcndoa_adresnre" name="L59">  59       19EFAULT_ME9 to be added to the out19hile19="line" name="L28">  28config 19call and19 at the console.
  14        9lib/Kcon1ffig.debug#L10" id="L10"1 e so199ug#L58" id="L5f_  59       20  The ti2eestamp is always record2dle d200" id="L39" cla8" class=LOCKUP_DETECTOR && !HAVE_NMI_WATCHDOGe" name="L59">  59       20help
  59       20  Default0uded, not that the time202e d20ts wie" name="L51">  51       20="lib/Kc20nfig.debug#L14" id="L14203e d2drintkebug#L2BOOTPARAM_HARDLOCKUP_PANICe" name="L51">  51       20  This wa0avior is also controlle204e d2d4"L50" class=  57       20  parame20er printk.time=1. See D205e d2ds a command kla8" class=HARDLOCKUP_DETECTORe" name="L14">  14       20="lib/Kc20nfig.debug#L17" id="L17206e d2d6 a command k"line" name="L22">  22        0EFAULT_M20SSAGE_LOGLEVEL
  42       20int &quo20;Default message log le208e d20/Kconfig.debug#whicnt: a    st it tL522t message2ebug#t=ig.d2" r-visiswhilee="L55">  55     ="L44  immedi19tting itd>config 18EFAULT_ME8 to b (nt: a urclaig.debumpiter ib/Kmizonfigsg.d2lib/Kconf2gass=ig.d     f="API,ypr2e" na2e="L15">  15/a>       196 if the timeil19:Do11024 if !64BIT
  51       1   to /dev/2kmsg. Thi2 flag just spe1e de1line2 name2"L2">   2con    N imm PRI1 1024 if !64BIT
  51       1 ="lib/Kcoo2fig.debug2L14" id="L14"" cla1s="li2e" na2e="L14">  14       20="lib/Kc20nfig_VALUig PRINTK_TIME
  45  19        f  parame20er printk.time=1. See D205e d2ds a comm" cla116"2id="L39" cla8" class="li2e" na2e="L58">  58   1.time=1. See D205e d2ds a comm"panicnss=""lib/117"L50" class="li2e" na21ame="L57">  57   0 defa/a>       20="lib/Kc20nfig.debug#L14" id="L14203e d2drin" r-visis2emug#L61"earcer"3w="live2e" na21="L14">  14 a>     def/a>       20="lib/Kc20nfig.debug#L14" id="L14203e d2drinonfig.debuug#L20" id="L20" class="le" na22="L59">  59       19  if the192onfig.debuug#L21" id="L21" class="le" na2e="L42">  14       SOFTlib/Kc20nfig.debug#L14" id="L14203e d2drinonfig.debugg#L22" id="L22" class="liname2name="L22">  2a>       20  This wa0avior isand then within 517seco17ation/kernel-  51       20  The ti2eestam7seco17ation/kernel-  19        0  The beh0avior is als2onfig.debuug#L25" id="L25" class="le" na2e="L51">  51        0EFAULT_M20SSAGE_LOGLEVEL
  60       20int &quo20;Default message log le208e d20/Kconfig.debug#whicnt: a    st it onfig.debuug#L27" id="L27" class="le" na22name="L7">   7/a>       196 if the timenfig.debug#whicnt: a    st it opanicnss=ug#L28" id="L28" class="le" na22="L42">  42l19:Do1mp some statu18 inf18ssages.
<>       18int &nfig.debug#whicnt: a    st it o r-visis2ug#L29" id="L29" class="le" na22name="L9">   9

2< mismatcntonalysiss="li2e" na23ame="L10">  10 a hrefkeys a1 flusrefiombina1 int &L44a hre_BREAe seven
  599holefault metk.time=oache to autoto wclogs 9Kconfiven
  59you17s hass aeig.debugtimeo /deveatu documfaufusystig.debu id= it,a hrewhebug#L1m2romLone8p2">
	< clasnfih" esr">
	<2e" na2e="L13">  13high-availabilebugis alwaquo20;39;fouplib/Kgua6
	<>. Dropped2e" na2e="L57">  57 ="liba>you17s mexam17.

	<&gw"li2e" na2name="L35">  35
  51    N imm PRI1 1024 if !64BIT
  14       SOFTlib/Kc20nfig_VALUig PRINTK_TIME

	<&2e" na2e="L51">  51  59       20  The ti2eestamg PRINTK_TIME
  59   1.time=1. See D205e d2ds a comm value of2ddinfigar "lipsg.o"occur2e" na2e="L59">  59   0 defa/a>       SOFTlib/Kc20nfig.debug#L14" id="L14203e d2drin">
	<&-L92 ed-oncnfecass="" id="L&2e" na243"L14">  14 a>     def/a>       SOFTlib/Kc20nfig.debug#L14" id="L14203e d2drin"nfig.debugg#L24" id="L24" class="li" na24="L59">  59       19  also w192fi hre sr2>
	< bug#L4" id=" href=u2e" na24="L55">  55<0nfig_ON_OOP16bug#L58" id="L58" class=DEBU2in nfigca2cnthre Lllegal  56       16P href=20Ooithin 517seco17ation/kernel-  57       17EFAULT_MESSSAGE_LOGLEV247ning: &239;foo  ad="L51" debug#)2e" na2e="L51">  51        0EFAULT_M20SSAGE_LOGLEVEL
  51hass55" id="Leffedebug#sthe out1bug=a href=20ontrolled by the kbuig.sss=mosL8" id="sg#ebug#L2 mismatcn2onalysis ct>
mstati.o,oo2e" na2e="L51">  51>
ms1024 if !64BIT
  51       1   to /dev/2e a l1t o2 warnings.
< gcc roducli2e" na2e="L13">  13o /deveatu documfaufusyAULT_     1 defontrolled bb146narn d timestTtey id=earcss="linef="2sis ef="l2cntmoduug/41" t-in.ou hr2e" na2e="L13">  13anyK ang erroneyou 9Kconfi.debug>      c b19 ib/Kc1onfif="ltimestTtey id=earcss="linef="2snfig.debuappe<&gmuchLconfirs=nfig2e" na2e="L13">  13comedi1href=rt18hile1ssu0SSAGE_LOGLEVEL
  51    N imm PRI1 1024 if !64BIT

	< mis2atcnest it to a res="lin2e" na258"L55">  55<0nfig_ON_OOP1_VALUig PRINTK_TIME
  51  18   1.time=1. See D205e d2ds a commfig.debug2L57Kg#L61" id="L61"s="li2e" na26ame="L57">  57   0 defa0nfig_ON_OOP16bug#L58" id="L58" class=DEBU2h the buf21er ca16="L32" class="li2e" na26="L59">  59     def0nfig_ON_OOP16bug#L58" id="L58" class=DEBU2his ef="l2r"3f="try
  51       1 ="lib/Kcoo2Rq (Alt+P2idbnnffy debug#Lprobugn=2e" na26="L14">  14  14        7  send aung Tges.hin 517seco17ation/kernel-  57       17  keys a17e 7seco17ation/kernel-  57/a>     The ti2eestamg PRINTK_TIME
   7          16help
<.debug07e d2doung tges.hin 51even
  59       20int &quo20;Default me19 insome sstufig.lasbug
  51un  immedi1og le     7 unused_l>/#39;ile      priority.
  59       20  Default0u="ldo<"L62" c" cl id= cref="fig"lx2e" na2name="L59">  59<       5ung tgesg kernebugti,SAGE_LOGLEVEou18sog leg.debug#L54" id= ntellshwg  a ig.2ing vario2s keys while17hold17="li2e" na2name="L59">  59  59un  immedi1og lel fort+Priyou1a> 154ning: 'foo  sysrc n#Tteyd2iDetr"> H2rda hr Soft Lockup"s="li2e" na27="L51">  51T_M20Snd a BRa>     ingY
  bf="lib/Kco1stadebuig.sss=mosL8" id="sg#ebug#L2class=DEB2G_="liin && !S392e" na27="L36">  36ceatu dohassnegligog le   19  w     priority.
  51       1 NABLE_WA1h2bug#Lclas2t=a63" watcndoa ho" itr"2e" na27="L55">  55coHUNG_TAS _TIMEOU 2048 if 64BIT
  18        int &BREAe s SysRqung tgesg       18 (bug# or duneeds gcc 4.4)"
  59       20i2eest_HUNG_TAS  The behhavior is also contro2tL52" i t2idebug#Lclaloop L1idebug2e" na28="L59">  59    2t;fil17:Doc176" id="L39" cla8"2ebug#,u"l2noassgivg.defih" etaskss2e" na2e="L59">  59  51     1fNABLE9e docuslib/Kco int &BREAe s (bug# or dun1 flu     16help
  59 H2hen within 518seco18="li2e" na2e="L36">  36 a19e le9(oSndqung     priority.
  59Itfkeys a1ad viaSAGE_LOGLEV.qung_tges_BREAe s_# oebuig.sss=mosL8" id="sg#ebug#L2g#1rlce842 cisplayd= upo
e itr">id2e" na2e="L59">  59l19:DocysRby>
  50  51       1   to /dev/2g.imal.g#2nperio icnam/Kco="run"li2e" na2e="L41">  41A&BREAe s ofSetting it to 0 ld19g";co int &  Ifwole tut0SSAGE_LOGLEVEL
  59Keep>       co int &ll b19 ablfm efi9  will w9rSSAGE_LOGLEVEL
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