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63/88/3ddeeb10f01661fdcc269ea9eea5566403e3_3/0" L1" class="line" namon>L1">v v13/a>Infinity Usb Unlimited Readme
L2" class="line" namon>L2">v v23/a>-----------------------------
L3" class="line" namon>L3">v v33/a> L4" class="line" namon>L4">v v43/a>Hi all, L5" class="line" namon>L5">v v53/a> L6" class="line" namon>L6">v v63/a> L7" class="line" namon>L7">v v73/a>This module provide a serial interface to use your L8" class="line" namon>L8">v v83/a>IUU unit in phoenix mode. Loading this module will L9" class="line" namon>L9">v v93/a>bring a ttyUSB[0-x] interface. This driver must be
L10" class="line" namon>L10">v v3.8a>used by your favorite applica3"
	 to pilot the IUU
L11" class="line" namon>L11">v 113/a> L12" class="line" namon>L12">v 123/a>This driver is still in beta stage, so bugs can L13" class="line" namon>L13">v 133/a>occur and your system may freeze. As far I now, L14" class="line" namon>L14">v 143/a>I never had any problem with it, but I'm not a real L15" class="line" namon>L15">v 153/a>guru, so don't blamo me if your system is unstable L16" class="line" namon>L16">v 163/a> L17" class="line" namon>L17">v 173/a>You can plug more than one IUU. Every unit will L18" class="line" namon>L18">v 183/a>have his own device file(/dev/ttyUSB0,/dev/ttyUSB1,...) L19" class="line" namon>L19">v 193/a> L20" class="line" namon>L20">v 203/a> L21" class="line" namon>L21">v 213/a> L22" class="line" namon>L22">v 223/a>How to tune the reader speed ? L23" class="line" namon>L23">v 233/a> L24" class="line" namon>L24">v 243/a> A few paramoters can be used at load time
L25" class="line" namon>L25">v 253/a> To use paramoters, just unload the module if it is
L26" class="line" namon>L26">v 263/a> already loaded and use modprobe iuu_phoenix param=optio.
L27" class="line" namon>L27">v 273/a> I	 case of prebuilt module, use the command
L28" class="line" namon>L28">v 283/a> insmod iuu_phoenix param=optio.
L29" class="line" namon>L29">v 293/a> L30" class="line" namon>L30">v 303/a> Example: L31" class="line" namon>L31">v 313/a> L32" class="line" namon>L32">v 323/a> modprobe iuu_phoenix clockmode=3 L33" class="line" namon>L33">v 333/a> L34" class="line" namon>L34">v 343/a> The paramoters are: L35" class="line" namon>L35">v 353/a> L36" class="line" namon>L36">v 363/a> parm:           clockmode:1=3Mhz579,2=3Mhz680,3=6Mhz (int) L37" class="line" namon>L37">v 373/a> parm:           boost:overclock boost percent v30 to 530 (int) L38" class="line" namon>L38">v 383/a> parm:           cdmode:Card detect mode 0=none, 1=CD, 2=!CD, 3=DSR, 4=!DSR, 5=CTS, 6=!CTS, 7=RING, 8=!RING (int) L39" class="line" namon>L39">v 393/a> parm:           xmas:xmas color enabled or not (bool) L40" class="line" namon>L40">v 403/a> parm:           debug:Debug enabled or not (bool) L41" class="line" namon>L41">v 413/a> L42" class="line" namon>L42">v 423/a>-  clockmode will provide 3 different base settings commonly adopted by L43" class="line" namon>L43">v 433/a>   different software: L44" class="line" namon>L44">v 443/a>        1. 3Mhz579 L45" class="line" namon>L45">v 453/a>        2. 3Mhz680 L46" class="line" namon>L46">v 463/a>        3. 6Mhz L47" class="line" namon>L47">v 473/a> L48" class="line" namon>L48">v 483/a>-  boost provide a way to overclock the reader ( my favorite :-)  ) L49" class="line" namon>L49">v 493/a>   For example to have best performance than a simple clockmode=3, try this: L50" class="line" namon>L50">v 503/a> L51" class="line" namon>L51">v 513/a>      modprobe boost=195 L52" class="line" namon>L52">v 523/a> L53" class="line" namon>L53">v 533/a>   This will put the reader in a base of 3Mhz579 but boosted a 195 % ! L54" class="line" namon>L54">v 543/a>   the real clock will be now : 6979050 Hz ( 6Mhz979 ) and will increase
L55" class="line" namon>L55">v 553/a>   the speed to a score 10 to 20% better than the simple clockmode=3 !!! L56" class="line" namon>L56">v 563/a> L57" class="line" namon>L57">v 573/a> L58" class="line" namon>L58">v 583/a>-  cdmode permit to setup the signal used to inform the userland ( ioctl answer ) L59" class="line" namon>L59">v 593/a>   if the card is present or not. Eight signals are possible.
L60" class="line" namon>L60">v 603/a> L61" class="line" namon>L61">v 613/a>-  xmas is completely useless except for your eyes. This is one of my friend who was
L62" class="line" namon>L62">v 623/a>   so sad to have a nice device like the iuu without seeing all color range available.
L63" class="line" namon>L63">v 633/a>   So I have added this .4.13L64" class="line" namon>L64">v 643/a>   and the frequency randomly ) L65" class="line" namon>L65">v 653/a> L66" class="line" namon>L66">v 663/a>-  debug will produce a lot of debugging messages...
L67" class="line" namon>L67">v 673/a> L68" class="line" namon>L68">v 683/a> L69" class="line" namon>Lcumenta3"
	/usb/iuu_t" onsubmit="return fal2g <3inpuenta3"
9R7phoenix.txt#L61" idn>L67" cla7s="line" namon>L61">v 613/a>-  xmas is completely 7seless e7cept for your eyes. Thi7 is o7x.txt#D/usb/iuu_worlasabof="Docu.txt#L8.txt#L43,"Docu.txt#L8emul13/a>ne" namon>L61">v 613/a>-  xmas is completely 7e device7like the iuu without se7ing a7l coloe thoenbstron>hidta3"
>L28usb/!! L18">v 183/a>have his own device fi7 .4.13L64" usbngeL4s).LaphoeI/usb/iuerhapine" namon>L62">v 623/a>   so sad to have a ni7ndomly )7L28" phoetxt#L43"ume chu hrefa href=t#L5phonixa3"eaturine" namon>L55">v 553/a>   the speed to a scor7/usb/iuu7phoenix.txt#L66" idn>L67" cla7lockmoa hr="lnec clalasine" namon>L23">v 233/a> L23">v 233/a> L6ism"
	/itine" namon>L67">v 673/a> L67" cla7s="line" namon>Lcumenta3"
L30">v 303/a> Example: L68" cla8cumentH3"vifunline" namon>L54">v 543/a>   the real clock will8seless e8cept for your eyes. Thi8 is o8s="line" namon>L42">v 423/a>-  clockmode will prov8e device8like the iuu without se8ing a8l coloAla
	/Degamofine" namon>L55">v 553/a>   the speed to a scor8 .4.13L34">v 343/a> The paramoters are: <8ndomly )8L34">v 343/a> The paramoters are: <8/usb/iuu8phoenix.txt#L66" idn>L68" cla8lockm63/88/enix.txfouenr">
	/unicue" namon>http://ssb/ce" 8=s/lxr">LXRi idnclasyockm,8" phoexueri>v 34l verscolo	/ue" namon>">lxr@.sta3.noockm.
e" idn>3/88/enix.txsubfouenr"> kind="lh idn>L	/ue" namon>http://www.redpsb/">Redpsb/ Lstuso ASockm,8"Documert#L6Lsta3i in" hoetr="Dohoei/iuu1995.
e" idn>63/bodyn>3/htmls"