2 *  libata.h - helper library for ATA
   3 *
   4 *  Copyright 2003-2004 Red Hat, Inc.  All rights reserved.
   5 *  Copyright 2003-2004 Jeff Garzik
   6 *
   7 *
   8 *  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
   9 *  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
  10 *  the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
  11 *  any later version.
  12 *
  13 *  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
  14 *  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
  16 *  GNU General Public License for more details.
  17 *
  18 *  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
  19 *  along with this program; see the file COPYING.  If not, write to
  20 *  the Free Software Foundation, 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
  21 *
  22 *
  23 *  libata documentation is available via 'make {ps|pdf}docs',
  24 *  as Documentation/DocBook/libata.*
  25 *
  26 */
  28#ifndef __LIBATA_H__
  29#define __LIBATA_H__
  31#define DRV_NAME        "libata"
  32#define DRV_VERSION     "3.00"  /* must be exactly four chars */
  34struct ata_scsi_args {
  35        struct ata_device       *dev;
  36        u16                     *id;
  37        struct scsi_cmnd        *cmd;
  38        void                    (*done)(struct scsi_cmnd *);
  41/* libata-core.c */
  42enum {
  43        /* flags for ata_dev_read_id() */
  44        ATA_READID_POSTRESET    = (1 << 0), /* reading ID after reset */
  46        /* selector for ata_down_xfermask_limit() */
  47        ATA_DNXFER_PIO          = 0,    /* speed down PIO */
  48        ATA_DNXFER_DMA          = 1,    /* speed down DMA */
  49        ATA_DNXFER_40C          = 2,    /* apply 40c cable limit */
  50        ATA_DNXFER_FORCE_PIO    = 3,    /* force PIO */
  51        ATA_DNXFER_FORCE_PIO0   = 4,    /* force PIO0 */
  53        ATA_DNXFER_QUIET        = (1 << 31),
  56extern atomic_t ata_print_id;
  57extern int atapi_passthru16;
  58extern int libata_fua;
  59extern int libata_noacpi;
  60extern int libata_allow_tpm;
  61extern struct device_type ata_port_type;
  62extern struct ata_link *ata_dev_phys_link(struct ata_device *dev);
  63extern void ata_force_cbl(struct ata_port *ap);
  64extern u64 ata_tf_to_lba(const struct ata_taskfile *tf);
  65extern u64 ata_tf_to_lba48(const struct ata_taskfile *tf);
  66extern struct ata_queued_cmd *ata_qc_new_init(struct ata_device *dev);
  67extern int ata_build_rw_tf(struct ata_taskfile *tf, struct ata_device *dev,
  68                           u64 block, u32 n_block, unsigned int tf_flags,
  69                           unsigned int tag);
  70extern u64 ata_tf_read_block(struct ata_taskfile *tf, struct ata_device *dev);
  71extern unsigned ata_exec_internal(struct ata_device *dev,
  72                                  struct ata_taskfile *tf, const u8 *cdb,
  73                                  int dma_dir, void *buf, unsigned int buflen,
  74                                  unsigned long timeout);
  75extern unsigned ata_exec_internal_sg(struct ata_device *dev,
  76                                     struct ata_taskfile *tf, const u8 *cdb,
  77                                     int dma_dir, struct scatterlist *sg,
  78                                     unsigned int n_elem, unsigned long timeout);
  79extern unsigned int ata_do_simple_cmd(struct ata_device *dev, u8 cmd);
  80extern int ata_wait_ready(struct ata_link *link, unsigned long deadline,
  81                          int (*check_ready)(struct ata_link *link));
  82extern int ata_dev_read_id(struct ata_device *dev, unsigned int *p_class,
  83                           unsigned int flags, u16 *id);
  84extern int ata_dev_reread_id(struct ata_device *dev, unsigned int readid_flags);
  85extern int ata_dev_revalidate(struct ata_device *dev, unsigned int new_class,
  86                              unsigned int readid_flags);
  87extern int ata_dev_configure(struct ata_device *dev);
  88extern int sata_down_spd_limit(struct ata_link *link, u32 spd_limit);
  89extern int ata_down_xfermask_limit(struct ata_device *dev, unsigned int sel);
  90extern unsigned int ata_dev_set_feature(struct ata_device *dev,
  91                                        u8 enable, u8 feature);
  92extern void ata_sg_clean(struct ata_queued_cmd *qc);
  93extern void ata_qc_free(struct ata_queued_cmd *qc);
  94extern void ata_qc_issue(struct ata_queued_cmd *qc);
  95extern void __ata_qc_complete(struct ata_queued_cmd *qc);
  96extern int atapi_check_dma(struct ata_queued_cmd *qc);
  97extern void swap_buf_le16(u16 *buf, unsigned int buf_words);
  98extern bool ata_phys_link_online(struct ata_link *link);
  99extern bool ata_phys_link_offline(struct ata_link *link);
 100extern void ata_dev_init(struct ata_device *dev);
 101extern void ata_link_init(struct ata_port *ap, struct ata_link *link, int pmp);
 102extern int sata_link_init_spd(struct ata_link *link);
 103extern int ata_task_ioctl(struct scsi_device *scsidev, void __user *arg);
 104extern int ata_cmd_ioctl(struct scsi_device *scsidev, void __user *arg);
 105extern struct ata_port *ata_port_alloc(struct ata_host *host);
 106extern const char *sata_spd_string(unsigned int spd);
 107extern int ata_port_probe(struct ata_port *ap);
 108extern void __ata_port_probe(struct ata_port *ap);
 110#define to_ata_port(d) container_of(d, struct ata_port, tdev)
 112/* libata-acpi.c */
 113#ifdef CONFIG_ATA_ACPI
 114extern unsigned int ata_acpi_gtf_filter;
 115extern void ata_acpi_dissociate(struct ata_host *host);
 116extern int ata_acpi_on_suspend(struct ata_port *ap);
 117extern void ata_acpi_on_resume(struct ata_port *ap);
 118extern int ata_acpi_on_devcfg(struct ata_device *dev);
 119extern void ata_acpi_on_disable(struct ata_device *dev);
 120extern void ata_acpi_set_state(struct ata_port *ap, pm_message_t state);
 121extern int ata_acpi_register(void);
 122extern void ata_acpi_unregister(void);
 123extern void ata_acpi_bind(struct ata_device *dev);
 124extern void ata_acpi_unbind(struct ata_device *dev);
 126static inline void ata_acpi_dissociate(struct ata_host *host) { }
 127static inline int ata_acpi_on_suspend(struct ata_port *ap) { return 0; }
 128static inline void ata_acpi_on_resume(struct ata_port *ap) { }
 129static inline int ata_acpi_on_devcfg(struct ata_device *dev) { return 0; }
 130static inline void ata_acpi_on_disable(struct ata_device *dev) { }
 131static inline void ata_acpi_set_state(struct ata_port *ap,
 132                                      pm_message_t state) { }
 133static inline int ata_acpi_register(void) { return 0; }
 134static inline void ata_acpi_unregister(void) { }
 135static inline void ata_acpi_bind(struct ata_device *dev) { }
 136static inline void ata_acpi_unbind(struct ata_device *dev) { }
 139/* libata-scsi.c */
 140extern int ata_scsi_add_hosts(struct ata_host *host,
 141                              struct scsi_host_template *sht);
 142extern void ata_scsi_scan_host(struct ata_port *ap, int sync);
 143extern int ata_scsi_offline_dev(struct ata_device *dev);
 144extern void ata_scsi_media_change_notify(struct ata_device *dev);
 145extern void ata_scsi_hotplug(struct work_struct *work);
 146extern void ata_schedule_scsi_eh(struct Scsi_Host *shost);
 147extern void ata_scsi_dev_rescan(struct work_struct *work);
 148extern int ata_bus_probe(struct ata_port *ap);
 149extern int ata_scsi_user_scan(struct Scsi_Host *shost, unsigned int channel,
 150                              unsigned int id, unsigned int lun);
 153/* libata-eh.c */
 154extern unsigned long ata_internal_cmd_timeout(struct ata_device *dev, u8 cmd);
 155extern void ata_internal_cmd_timed_out(struct ata_device *dev, u8 cmd);
 156extern void ata_eh_acquire(struct ata_port *ap);
 157extern void ata_eh_release(struct ata_port *ap);
 158extern enum blk_eh_timer_return ata_scsi_timed_out(struct scsi_cmnd *cmd);
 159extern void ata_scsi_error(struct Scsi_Host *host);
 160extern void ata_eh_fastdrain_timerfn(unsigned long arg);
 161extern void ata_qc_schedule_eh(struct ata_queued_cmd *qc);
 162extern void ata_dev_disable(struct ata_device *dev);
 163extern void ata_eh_detach_dev(struct ata_device *dev);
 164extern void ata_eh_about_to_do(struct ata_link *link, struct ata_device *dev,
 165                               unsigned int action);
 166extern void ata_eh_done(struct ata_link *link, struct ata_device *dev,
 167                        unsigned int action);
 168extern unsigned int ata_read_log_page(struct ata_device *dev, u8 log,
 169                                      u8 page, void *buf, unsigned int sectors);
 170extern void ata_eh_autopsy(struct ata_port *ap);
 171const char *ata_get_cmd_descript(u8 command);
 172extern void ata_eh_report(struct ata_port *ap);
 173extern int ata_eh_reset(struct ata_link *link, int classify,
 174                        ata_prereset_fn_t prereset, ata_reset_fn_t softreset,
 175                        ata_reset_fn_t hardreset, ata_postreset_fn_t postreset);
 176extern int ata_set_mode(struct ata_link *link, struct ata_device **r_failed_dev);
 177extern int ata_eh_recover(struct ata_port *ap, ata_prereset_fn_t prereset,
 178                          ata_reset_fn_t softreset, ata_reset_fn_t hardreset,
 179                          ata_postreset_fn_t postreset,
 180                          struct ata_link **r_failed_disk);
 181extern void ata_eh_finish(struct ata_port *ap);
 182extern int ata_ering_map(struct ata_ering *ering,
 183                         int (*map_fn)(struct ata_ering_entry *, void *),
 184                         void *arg);
 185extern unsigned int atapi_eh_tur(struct ata_device *dev, u8 *r_sense_key);
 186extern unsigned int atapi_eh_request_sense(struct ata_device *dev,
 187                                           u8 *sense_buf, u8 dfl_sense_key);
 189/* libata-pmp.c */
 190#ifdef CONFIG_SATA_PMP
 191extern int sata_pmp_scr_read(struct ata_link *link, int reg, u32 *val);
 192extern int sata_pmp_scr_write(struct ata_link *link, int reg, u32 val);
 193extern int sata_pmp_set_lpm(struct ata_link *link, enum ata_lpm_policy policy,
 194                            unsigned hints);
 195extern int sata_pmp_attach(struct ata_device *dev);
 196#else /* CONFIG_SATA_PMP */
 197static inline int sata_pmp_scr_read(struct ata_link *link, int reg, u32 *val)
 199        return -EINVAL;
 202static inline int sata_pmp_scr_write(struct ata_link *link, int reg, u32 val)
 204        return -EINVAL;
 207static inline int sata_pmp_set_lpm(struct ata_link *link,
 208                                   enum ata_lpm_policy policy, unsigned hints)
 210        return -EINVAL;
 213static inline int sata_pmp_attach(struct ata_device *dev)
 215        return -EINVAL;
 217#endif /* CONFIG_SATA_PMP */
 219/* libata-sff.c */
 220#ifdef CONFIG_ATA_SFF
 221extern void ata_sff_flush_pio_task(struct ata_port *ap);
 222extern void ata_sff_port_init(struct ata_port *ap);
 223extern int ata_sff_init(void);
 224extern void ata_sff_exit(void);
 225#else /* CONFIG_ATA_SFF */
 226static inline void ata_sff_flush_pio_task(struct ata_port *ap)
 227{ }
 228static inline void ata_sff_port_init(struct ata_port *ap)
 229{ }
 230static inline int ata_sff_init(void)
 231{ return 0; }
 232static inline void ata_sff_exit(void)
 233{ }
 234#endif /* CONFIG_ATA_SFF */
 236/* libata-zpodd.c */
 238void zpodd_init(struct ata_device *dev);
 239void zpodd_exit(struct ata_device *dev);
 240static inline bool zpodd_dev_enabled(struct ata_device *dev)
 242        return dev->zpodd != NULL;
 244void zpodd_on_suspend(struct ata_device *dev);
 245bool zpodd_zpready(struct ata_device *dev);
 246void zpodd_enable_run_wake(struct ata_device *dev);
 247void zpodd_disable_run_wake(struct ata_device *dev);
 248void zpodd_post_poweron(struct ata_device *dev);
 249#else /* CONFIG_SATA_ZPODD */
 250static inline void zpodd_init(struct ata_device *dev) {}
 251static inline void zpodd_exit(struct ata_device *dev) {}
 252static inline bool zpodd_dev_enabled(struct ata_device *dev) { return false; }
 253static inline void zpodd_on_suspend(struct ata_device *dev) {}
 254static inline bool zpodd_zpready(struct ata_device *dev) { return false; }
 255static inline void zpodd_enable_run_wake(struct ata_device *dev) {}
 256static inline void zpodd_disable_run_wake(struct ata_device *dev) {}
 257static inline void zpodd_post_poweron(struct ata_device *dev) {}
 258#endif /* CONFIG_SATA_ZPODD */
 260#endif /* __LIBATA_H__ */
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