2Memory Hotplug
   5Created:                                        Jul 28 2007
   6Add description of notifier of memory hotplug   Oct 11 2007
   8This document is about memory hotplug including how-to-use and current status.
   9Because Memory Hotplug is still under development, contents of this text will
  10be changed often.
  121. Introduction
  13  1.1 purpose of memory hotplug
  14  1.2. Phases of memory hotplug
  15  1.3. Unit of Memory online/offline operation
  162. Kernel Configuration
  173. sysfs files for memory hotplug
  184. Physical memory hot-add phase
  19  4.1 Hardware(Firmware) Support
  20  4.2 Notify memory hot-add event by hand
  215. Logical Memory hot-add phase
  22  5.1. State of memory
  23  5.2. How to online memory
  246. Logical memory remove
  25  6.1 Memory offline and ZONE_MOVABLE
  26  6.2. How to offline memory
  277. Physical memory remove
  288. Memory hotplug event notifier
  299. Future Work List
  31Note(1): x86_64's has special implementation for memory hotplug.
  32         This text does not describe it.
  33Note(2): This text assumes that sysfs is mounted at /sys.
  371. Introduction
  401.1 purpose of memory hotplug
  42Memory Hotplug allows users to increase/decrease the amount of memory.
  43Generally, there are two purposes.
  45(A) For changing the amount of memory.
  46    This is to allow a feature like capacity on demand.
  47(B) For installing/removing DIMMs or NUMA-nodes physically.
  48    This is to exchange DIMMs/NUMA-nodes, reduce power consumption, etc.
  50(A) is required by highly virtualized environments and (B) is required by
  51hardware which supports memory power management.
  53Linux memory hotplug is designed for both purpose.
  561.2. Phases of memory hotplug
  58There are 2 phases in Memory Hotplug.
  59  1) Physical Memory Hotplug phase
  60  2) Logical Memory Hotplug phase.
  62The First phase is to communicate hardware/firmware and make/erase
  63environment for hotplugged memory. Basically, this phase is necessary
  64for the purpose (B), but this is good phase for communication between
  65highly virtualized environments too.
  67When memory is hotplugged, the kernel recognizes new memory, makes new memory
  68management tables, and makes sysfs files for new memory's operation.
  70If firmware supports notification of connection of new memory to OS,
  71this phase is triggered automatically. ACPI can notify this event. If not,
  72"probe" operation by system administration is used instead.
  73(see Section 4.).
  75Logical Memory Hotplug phase is to change memory state into
  76available/unavailable for users. Amount of memory from user's view is
  77changed by this phase. The kernel makes all memory in it as free pages
  78when a memory range is available.
  80In this document, this phase is described as online/offline.
  82Logical Memory Hotplug phase is triggered by write of sysfs file by system
  83administrator. For the hot-add case, it must be executed after Physical Hotplug
  84phase by hand.
  85(However, if you writes udev's hotplug scripts for memory hotplug, these
  86 phases can be execute in seamless way.)
  891.3. Unit of Memory online/offline operation
  91Memory hotplug uses SPARSEMEM memory model. SPARSEMEM divides the whole memory
  92into chunks of the same size. The chunk is called a "section". The size of
  93a section is architecture dependent. For example, power uses 16MiB, ia64 uses
  941GiB. The unit of online/offline operation is "one section". (see Section 3.)
  96To determine the size of sections, please read this file:
 100This file shows the size of sections in byte.
 1032. Kernel Configuration
 105To use memory hotplug feature, kernel must be compiled with following
 106config options.
 108- For all memory hotplug
 109    Memory model -> Sparse Memory  (CONFIG_SPARSEMEM)
 110    Allow for memory hot-add       (CONFIG_MEMORY_HOTPLUG)
 112- To enable memory removal, the followings are also necessary
 113    Allow for memory hot remove    (CONFIG_MEMORY_HOTREMOVE)
 114    Page Migration                 (CONFIG_MIGRATION)
 116- For ACPI memory hotplug, the followings are also necessary
 117    Memory hotplug (under ACPI Support menu) (CONFIG_ACPI_HOTPLUG_MEMORY)
 118    This option can be kernel module.
 120- As a related configuration, if your box has a feature of NUMA-node hotplug
 121  via ACPI, then this option is necessary too.
 122    ACPI0004,PNP0A05 and PNP0A06 Container Driver (under ACPI Support menu)
 124    This option can be kernel module too.
 1274 sysfs files for memory hotplug
 129All sections have their device information in sysfs.  Each section is part of
 130a memory block under /sys/devices/system/memory as
 133(XXX is the section id.)
 135Now, XXX is defined as (start_address_of_section / section_size) of the first
 136section contained in the memory block.  The files 'phys_index' and
 137'end_phys_index' under each directory report the beginning and end section id's
 138for the memory block covered by the sysfs directory.  It is expected that all
 139memory sections in this range are present and no memory holes exist in the
 140range. Currently there is no way to determine if there is a memory hole, but
 141the existence of one should not affect the hotplug capabilities of the memory
 144For example, assume 1GiB section size. A device for a memory starting at
 1450x100000000 is /sys/device/system/memory/memory4
 146(0x100000000 / 1Gib = 4)
 147This device covers address range [0x100000000 ... 0x140000000)
 149Under each section, you can see 4 or 5 files, the end_phys_index file being
 150a recent addition and not present on older kernels.
 158'phys_index'      : read-only and contains section id of the first section
 159                    in the memory block, same as XXX.
 160'end_phys_index'  : read-only and contains section id of the last section
 161                    in the memory block.
 162'state'           : read-write
 163                    at read:  contains online/offline state of memory.
 164                    at write: user can specify "online_kernel",
 165                    "online_movable", "online", "offline" command
 166                    which will be performed on al sections in the block.
 167'phys_device'     : read-only: designed to show the name of physical memory
 168                    device.  This is not well implemented now.
 169'removable'       : read-only: contains an integer value indicating
 170                    whether the memory block is removable or not
 171                    removable.  A value of 1 indicates that the memory
 172                    block is removable and a value of 0 indicates that
 173                    it is not removable. A memory block is removable only if
 174                    every section in the block is removable.
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  891.3. U1nit o1 Memor hot-add phase
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 1032. Ke2nel C2nfigurPle:
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  25  6.1 Mef="D2cumentation/memory-hotplug.txt#L126" id="L126" cla2="line" naame="L26">  26  6.2. -----2------ipt7; echo ection / section_  277. Physs fil22umentation/memory-hotplug.txt#L88" id="L88" class2="line" naame="L28">  288. Memo-----22hases inn, [ection / section_  299. Futuction22ns in this r.
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