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tin3 n3 32div id search_results" class="search_results" n> tin3 32/div> 2div id content"> 2div id file_contents">

 L1">3 312/a>Linux Plug and Play Documenta

 L2">3 322/a>by Adam Belay <>

 L3">3 332/a>last updated: Oct. 16, 2002

 L4">3 342/a>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 L5">3 352/a>o
 L6">3 362/a>o
 L7">3 372/a>o
 L8">3 382/a>Overviewo
 L9">3 392/a>--------o
 L10">3 .2.1a>        Plug and Play provides a means of detecting and setting resources for legacy oro
 L11">3 112/a>otherwise unconfigurable devices.  The Linux Plug and Play Layer provides these o
 L12">3 122/a>services to compa
	ble drivers.o
 L13">3 132/a>o
 L14">3 142/a>o
 L15">3 152/a>o
 L16">3 162/a>The User Interfaceo
 L17">3 172/a>------------------o
 L18">3 18.1a>        The Linux Plug and Play user interface provides a means to ac
	vate PnP deviceso
 L19">3 192/a>for legacy and user level drivers that do not support Linux Plug and Play.  The 

 L20">3 22.1a>user interface is integrated into sysfs.o
 L21">3 212/a>o
 L22">3 222/a>In addi3
 L23">3 232/a>device's directory:o
 L24">3 242/a>id - displays a list of support EISA IDso
 L25">3 252/a>3"
	ons - displays poss	ble resource configura
 L26">3 262/a>resources - displays currently allocated resources and allows resource changeso
 L27">3 272/a>o
 L28">3 28.1a>-ac
	vating a deviceo
 L29">3 292/a>o
 L30">3 32.1a>#echo "auto" > resourceso
 L31">3 312/a>o
 L32">3 322/a>this will invoke the automa
	c resource config system to ac
	vate the deviceo
 L33">3 332/a>o
 L34">3 342/a>-manually ac
	vating a deviceo
 L35">3 352/a>o
 L36">3 36.1a>#echo "manual <depnum> <mode>" > resourceso
 L37">3 372/a><depnum> - the configura
	on numbero
 L38">3 382/a><mode> - sta
	c or dynamico
 L39">3 39.1a>                sta
	c = for next boot

 L40">3 40.1a>                dynamic = nowo
 L41">3 412/a>o
 L42">3 422/a>-disabling a deviceo
 L43">3 432/a>o
 L44">3 44.1a>#echo "disable" > resourceso
 L45">3 452/a>o
 L46">3 462/a>o
 L47">3 472/a>EXAMPLE:o
 L48">3 482/a>o
 L49">3 49.1a>Suppose you need to ac
	vate the floppy disk controller.o
 L50">3 50.1a>1.) changepto the proper directory, in my case it is o
 L51">3 512/a>/driver/bus/pnp/devices/00:0fo
 L52">3 522/a># cd /driver/bus/pnp/devices/00:0fo
 L53">3 532/a># cat nam>o
 L54">3 54.1a>PC standard floppy disk controllero
 L55">3 552/a>o
 L56">3 562/a>2.) check if the device is already ac
 L57">3 572/a># cat resourceso
 L58">3 582/a>DISABLEDo
 L59">3 592/a>o
 L60">3 60.1a>- Notice the string "DISABLED".  This means the device is not ac
 L61">3 612/a>o
 L62">3 622/a>3.) check the device's poss	ble configura
	ons (3"
 L63">3 632/a># cat 3"
 L64">3 64.1a>Eependass0tion value=16"
  v276 6.38.2
 L55">3 562/a>o
 6">3 362//a>o
 L57">3 562/a># cat resourceso
 L58">3 562/a>DISABLEDo
 L59">3 562/a>o
7L60">3 67.1a>- Notice the string7"70owo
7L61">3 672/a>o
7L62">3 672/a>3.) check the devic7'72owo
7L63">3 672/a># cat 3"
7L64">3 67.1a>Eependass0tion valu7=16"
7p.txt#L15" id
 L15" class="line" nam>
7L55">3 572/a>o
76">3 3627/a>o
77">3 372//a>o
7L58">3 572/a>DISABLEDoo
7L59">3 572/a>o
8L60">3 68.1a>- Notice the string8"80owo
8L61">3 682/a>o
8L62">3 682/a>3.) check the devic8'82owo
8L63">3 682/a># cat 3"
8L64">3 68.1a>Eependass0tion valu8=16"
8p.txt#L15" id
 L15" class="line" nam>
8L55">3 582/a>o
86">3 3628/a>o
87">3 3728/a>o
88">3 382//a>Overviewo
8L59">3 582/a>o
9L60">3 69.1a>- Notice the string9"90.txt#L15" id
 L15" class="line" nam>
9L61">3 692/a>o
9L62">3 692/a>3.) check the devic9'92.txt#L62" id
 L62" class="line" nam>
9L63">3 692/a># cat 3"
9L64">3 69.1a>Eependass0tion valu9=16"
9------------------------------------#L62" id
 L62" class="line" nam>
9L55">3 592/a>o
96">3 3629/a>o
97">3 3729/a>o
98">3 3829/a>Overviewo
99">3 392//a>--------o
10L10">3 .2..1a>        Plug and Play&quoay&.txt#L16" id
 L16" class="line" nam>
 0L11">3 1102/a>otherwise unconfigur01quoay1"Documena href="Dofuncenta
	cumeavailnd Plfromntmenese o
10L12">3 1202/a>services to compa
	b02quoay2.txt#L62" id
 L62" class="line" nam>
10L13">3 1302/a>o
10L14">3 1402/a>o
 0L15">3 1502/a>o
 0L16">3 1602/a>The User Interfaceo<06quoaynum&gne"vput_ istocol#L62" id
 L62" class="line" nam>
10L17">3 1702/a>------------------o<07quoay="Docuef=incre clahref="np.txt cesusef=by ont#L17" id
 L17" class="line" nam>
 0L18">3 180.1a>        The Linux Pl08quoayp.txt#L49" id
 L49" class="line" nam>
10L19">3 1902/a>for legacy and user 09quoay9um&gne"v igister_ istocol#L62" id
 L62" class="line" nam>
1 L10">3 .22.1a>        Plug and Plaay pr11DISABLEuse resoucas igister.a newhron/ istocol#L62" id
 L62" class="line" nam>
1 L11">3 1122/a>otherwise unconfigura1quoa1p.txt#L62" id
 L62" class="line" nam>
1 L12">3 1222/a>services to compa
	bble"vun igister_ istocol#L62" id
 L62" class="line" nam>
1 L13">3 1332/a>o
1 L14">3 1442/a>o
  L15">3 1552/a>o
  L16">3 1662/a>The User Interfaceo<
1 L17">3 1772/a>------------------o<
 L1 L18">3 188.1a>        The Linux Pllug a1d Play- idden"s zerora
	osucc/psaor.a nega.txt err
	onp.txt a
	ofailure;.cuunt#L40" id
 L40" class="line" nam>
1 L19">3 1992/a>for legacy and user  leve11or next	f="s case it.add() false;>o
 LL10">3 .22.1a>user interface is i1ntegr120owo
  L21">3 2112/a>o
12L12">3 1222/a>services to compa
	blle"vun igister_fx Plu#L15" id
 L15" class="line" nam>
  L13">3 1332/a>device's direct1ory:o123Play- idmovmsea ron/px Plu fromntmenese o
1 L24">3 2142/a>id - displays a lis1t of 12p.txt#L15" id
 L15" class="line" nam>
  L25">3 2152/a>3"
	ons - displays 1poss	12p.txt#L16" id
 L16" class="line" nam>
  L26">3 2162/a>resources - display1s cur12p.txt#L47" id
 L47" class="line" nam>
1 L27">3 2172/a>o
1 L18">3 188.1a>-ac
	vating a devic1eo
1 L29">3 2192/a>o
 LL10">3 .22.1a>#echo "auto&qu1ot; &13&.txt#L16" id
 L16" class="line" nam>
  L31">3 3112/a>o
1 L32">3 3122/a>this will invoke th1e aut1ma
	c - PNPBIOS:Eusedra
	os href=pnp.txt such as serialo
 LL13">3 1322/a>o
1 L34">3 3142/a>-manually ac
	vatin1g a d1viceo
1 L25">3 2152/a>o
1 L26">3 216.1a>#echo "manual 1<d1pnum&gIp.txto
1 L27">3 2172/a><depnum> - th1e con13p.txtese o
1 L38">3 3182/a><mode> - sta
1	c or13p.txt#L49" id
 L49" class="line" nam>
1 L39">3 319.1a>                sta1
	c =13p.txt#L60" id
 L60" class="line" nam>
1 L40">3 410.1a>                dyn1amic 1 nowo
1 L41">3 4112/a>o
1 L42">3 4122/a>-disabling a device1o
1 L13">3 1332/a>o
14L14">3 1422/a>o
  L45">3 4152/a>o
1 L26">3 2162/a>o
1 L47">3 4172/a>EXAMPLE:o
1 L48">3 4182/a>o
1 L49">3 419.1a>Suppose you need to1 ac
	1ate th- on"Doau=" resoufuncentauwhenf="D wa te c2div gocumene	oinef="Dne"vp="n#L47" id
 L47" class="line" nam>
1 L50">3 510.1a>1.) changepto the p1roper1directstrucdenx#L47" id
 L47" class="line" nam>
1 L41">3 4112/a>/driver/bus/pnp/dev1ices/15p.txt#L22" id
 L22" class="line" nam>
1 L52">3 5122/a># cd /driver/bus/pn1p/"vinit_np.txt#L33" id
 L33" class="line" nam>
1 L53">3 5132/a># cat nam>o
1 L14">3 144.1a>PC standard floppy 1disk 15p.txt#L15" id
 L15" class="line" nam>
 LL45">3 4152/a>o
1 L26">3 2162/a>2.) check if the de1vice 156"Docu au=" resoucas imovmea p="Docufromntmenese o
1 L57">3 5172/a># cat resourcesoo
1 L48">3 4182/a>DISABLEDo
1 L59">3 5192/a>o
1 L60">3 610.1a>- Notice the string1 &quo1;DISABne"vadd_id#L60" id
 L60" class="line" nam>
1 L41">3 4112/a>o
1 L62">3 6122/a>3.) check the devic1e飺.txt#L62" id
 L62" class="line" nam>
1 L63">3 6132/a># cat 3"
1 L14">3 144.1a>Eependass0tion valu1e=16"1	  >
 a href=cumentmenbios/chre.ct#L61" id
 L61" class="line" nam>
1 L55">3 5162/a>o
 LL16">3 1622/a>The User Interfaceo
1 L57">3 5162/a># cat resourceso
1 L58">3 5162/a>DISABLEDo
1 L59">3 5162/a>o
17L60">3 617.1a>- Notice the string17&quo17nowo
 7L61">3 6172/a>o
17L62">3 6172/a>3.) check the devic17餄owo
17L63">3 6172/a># cat 3"
17L14">3 147.1a>Eependass0tion valu17=16"17p.txt1blefir"Dooakehref="Documenta
	oedh/pnp.txS#L22" id
 L22" class="line" nam>
17L55">3 5172/a>o
176">3 36217/a>o
17L17">3 1722/a>------------------o
17L58">3 5172/a>DISABLEDo
17L59">3 5172/a>o
18L60">3 618.1a>- Notice the string18&quo180Play user in{.idD=so
18L61">3 6182/a>o
18L62">3 6182/a>3.) check the devic18餎owo<}t#L3" id
 L3" class="line" nam>
 L18L63">3 6182/a># cat 3"
 8L64">3 618.1a>Eependass0tion valu18=16"18p.txtPleon/pnoa
	onatotmencharacs.o (3"
	 au/pbeEusedrasea rced aurdoinef="Dfuncenta#L14" id
 L14" class="line" nam>
 8L55">3 5182/a>o
186">3 36218/a>o
187">3 37218/a>o
18L18">3 18..1a>        The Linux Plucume18 Play user in{user ino
18L59">3 5182/a>o
19L60">3 619.1a>- Notice the string19&quo190.txtSnta
	oedh	on/aurdotxtnau/pn/pnp.tx"Dobref=fe tdt#L61" id
 L61" class="line" nam>
19L61">3 6192/a>o
19L62">3 6192/a>3.) check the devic19餘.txt"Documecut tcstrucdDne"vidDne"vaurd_tef="[] = {#L48" id
 L48" class="line" nam>
19L63">3 6192/a># cat 3"
19L64">3 619.1a>Eependass0tion valu19=16"19----- user in{user ino
19L55">3 5192/a>o
 L196">3 36219/a>o
197">3 37219/a>o
19L18">3 189/a>Overviewo
19L19">3 1922/a>for legacy and user l	on/199um&g hren/pnp.txt, such as f="Dnara
	o_pcefx Plut#L21" id
 L21" class="line" nam>
 0L10">3 .2..1a>        Plug and Pl2y&quo2y&.txtext#L48" id
 L48" class="line" nam>
20L11">3 1202/a>otherwise unconfigu201quo2y1"Doc"Documeint#L40" id
 L40" class="line" nam>
20L12">3 1202/a>services to compa
20L23">3 2302/a>o
20L14">3 1202/a>o
20L15">3 1202/a>o
20L26">3 2602/a>The User Interfaceo206quo20p.txt#L47" id
 L47" class="line" nam>
20L17">3 1202/a>------------------o207quo2y="Docext#L48" id
 L48" class="line" nam>
20L28">3 280.1a>        The Linux P208quo2yp.txt"Documevoid o
20L29">3 2902/a>for legacy and user209quo2y9um&g{#L48" id
 L48" class="line" nam>
2 L10">3 .22.1a>        Plug and Pl2ay pr21DISAB. . .#L48" id
 L48" class="line" nam>
2 L11">3 1222/a>otherwise unconfigu2a1quo21p.txt#L62" id
 L62" class="line" nam>
2 L12">3 1222/a>services to compa
	2ble d2ivers.cut tltoa href=cuo
2 L23">3 2332/a>o
2 L14">3 1242/a>o
2 L15">3 1252/a>o
2 L16">3 1262/a>The User Interfaceo2
2 L17">3 1272/a>------------------o2
2 L18">3 128.1a>        The Linux P2lug a2d Play user in.Linuinnnnnnnnnn=so
2 L29">3 2992/a>for legacy and user2 leve219owo
2 L20">3 222.1a>user interface is inntegr220Play user in.id_tef="nnnnnnn=sne"vp="_tef=",#L48" id
 L48" class="line" nam>
2 L11">3 1212/a>o
2 L22">3 2222/a>In addi3
2 L23">3 2332/a>device's directoory:o223Play}t#L3" id
 L3" class="line" nam>
 L2 L24">3 2442/a>id - displays a listt of 22p.txt#L15" id
 L15" class="line" nam>
2 L25">3 2552/a>3"
	ons - displays pposs	22p.txt*isplau
2 L26">3 2662/a>resources - displayss cur22p.txt#L47" id
 L47" class="line" nam>
2 L27">3 2772/a>o
2 L28">3 288.1a>-ac
	vating a deviceeo
2 L29">3 2992/a>o
2LL10">3 .22.1a>#echo "auto&qu2ot; &230"Doc"Documeint _vinitso
2 L31">3 3212/a>o
2 L32">3 3222/a>this will invoke th2e aut232Play user inidden" pe"v igister_px Plu(&s
 L2LL13">3 1222/a>o
2 L34">3 3242/a>-manually ac
	vatin2g a d23p.txt#L15" id
 L15" class="line" nam>
2 L25">3 2252/a>o
2 L26">3 226.1a>#echo "manual 2<d2pnum&g...........#L22" id
 L22" class="line" nam>
2 L27">3 2272/a><depnum> - th2e con23p.txt#L28" id
 L28" class="line" nam>
  L38">3 3282/a><mode> - sta
2	c or23p.txtA serieurcescumenta
	on/totoakehitseasy="DocunPlut#L40" id
 L40" class="line" nam>
2 L39">3 329.1a>                sta2
	c =23p.txtISAPNPn/pnp.txtnp.txy shouloro
2 L40">3 420.1a>                dyn2amic 24&.txt#L16" id
 L16" class="line" nam>
2 L41">3 4212/a>o
2 L42">3 4222/a>-disabling a device2o
2 L13">3 1232/a>o
24L14">3 1222/a>o
24L25">3 2252/a>o
2 L26">3 2262/a>o
2 L47">3 4272/a>EXAMPLE:o
24L38">3 3282/a>o
24L39">3 329.1a>Suppose you need to2 ac
	24or next boot

2 L50">3 520.1a>1.) changepto the p2roper25nowo
2 L41">3 4212/a>/driver/bus/pnp/dev2ices/25p.txt#L22" id
 L22" class="line" nam>
2 L52">3 5222/a># cd /driver/bus/pn2p/dev25vers.# cd /footer">
umenoriginf= LXR softwcumeby  hreL22" id">LXR cummunityers., resouexperi clasl p.txon/pby L22" id
v id
 fle_co># cd /subfooter">
lxr.lef=".no kindly hosoedrby L22" id">Redpillorefpro ASers., P devicmecesref="Dcut tltegacy ors o