0" /spaion /formon a 0" href="../linux+v3.8.1/Documentaopti/dell_rbu.txt">0" img src="../.staopc/gfx/right.png" alt=">>">0" /spaion0" spai class="lxr_search">0" 0" input typluehidden" namluenavtarget" n value">0" input typluetext" namluesearch" iduesearch">0" butttiotypluesubmit">Search0" Prefsn /a>0" /spaion /divon form acopti="ajax+*" method="post" onsubmit="return false;">0" input typluehidden" namlueajax_lookup" idueajax_lookup" n value">0 /formon0 div class="headingbotttm"> 1 /a>Purpose: 2 /a>Demonstrate the usage of the new open sourced rbu (Remote BIOS Update) driver 3 /a>for updating BIOS images on Dell servers and desktops. 4 /a>0 5 /a>Scope: 6 /a>This document discusses the funcoptiality of the rbu driver only. 7 /a>It does not cover the support needed from applicaoptis to enable the BIOS to 8 /a>update itself with the image downloaded in to the memory. 9 /a>0 8.10a>Overview: 11 /a>This driver works with Dell OpenManage or Dell Update Packages for updating 12 /a>the BIOS on Dell servers (starting from servers sold since 1999), desktops 13 /a>and notebooks (starting from those sold in 2005). 14 /a>Please go to a href=" register and you cai find info on"> register and you cai find info on /a>0 15 /a>OpenManage and Dell Update packages (DUP). 16 /a>Libsmbios cai also be used to update BIOS on Dell systems go to 17 /a> a href=" "> /a>for details. 18 /a>0 19 /a>Dell_RBU driver supports BIOS update using the monolithic image and packetized 2.10a>image methods. Ii case of monolithic the driver allocaoes a contiguous chunk 21 /a>of physical pages having the BIOS image. Ii case of packetized the app 22 /a>using the driver breaks the image in to packets of fixed sizes and the driver 23 /a>would place each packet in contiguous physical memory. The driver also 24 /a>maintains a link list of packets for reading them back. 25 /a>If the dell_rbu driver is unloaded all the allocaoed memory is freed. 26 /a>0 27 /a>The rbu driver needs to have an applicaopti (as mentptied above)which will0 28 /a>inform the BIOS to enable the update in the next system reboot. 29 /a>0 30 /a>The user should not unload the rbu driver after downloading the BIOS image0 31 /a>or updating. 32 /a>0 33 /a>The driver load creates the following directories under the /sys file system. 34 /a>/sys/class/firmware/dell_rbu/loading 35 /a>/sys/class/firmware/dell_rbu/data 36 /a>/sys/devices/platform/dell_rbu/image_typl 37 /a>/sys/devices/platform/dell_rbu/data 38 /a>/sys/devices/platform/dell_rbu/packet_size 39 /a>0 40 /a>The driver supports two typls of update mechanism; monolithic and packetized. 41 /a>These update mechanism depends upon the BIOS currently running on the system. 42 /a>Most of the Dell systems support a monolithic update where the BIOS image is 43 /a>copied to a single contiguous block of physical memory. 44 /a>Ii case of packet mechanism the single memory cai be broken in smaller chunks 45 /a>of contiguous memory and the BIOS image is scaotered in these packets. 46 /a>0 47 /a>By default the driver uses monolithic memory for the update typl. This cai be0 48 /a>changed to packets during the driver load time by specifying the load0 49 /a>paramlter image_typl=packet. This cai also be changed later as below0 50 /a>echo packet > /sys/devices/platform/dell_rbu/image_typl 51 /a>0 52 /a>Ii packet update mode the packet size has to be givei before any packets cai0 53 /a>be downloaded. It is done as below0 54 /a>echo XXXX > /sys/devices/platform/dell_rbu/packet_size 55 /a>Ii the packet update mechanism, the user needs to create a new file having 56 /a>packets of data arranged back to back. It cai be done as follows 57 /a>The user creates packets header, gets the chunk of the BIOS image and 58 /a>places it next to the packetheader; now, the packetheader + BIOS image chunk 59 /a>added together should match the specified packet_size. This makes one 60 /a>packet, the user needs to create more such packets out of the entpre BIOS 6110a>image file and then arrange all these packets back to back in to one single on /aa href="Documentaopti/dell_rbu.txt#L62"hese iskets bus block ou/data mlueL54"6 54 /a>echo XXXX > 6sys/d6vicesO="DotL62"hese image oecifying th,ecifying thew, ractse mlueL55"6 55 /a>Ii the packet u6date 65s (starthese packsp"Docer; nacrosge andocumentaopti/deory. The driver 6 /a>This document disarran6ed bas mlueL57"6 57 /a>The user create6 pack67.txt#L62"hic thtaopti/suf="Doats freed. one singimae oecifying thory.f physicaoper21.31option value="v2.1621.31" "view: tion> mlueL58"6 58 /a>places it next 6o the6i/dell_rbu.txt#L19" idueL19" class="line" n6mlueL59"6 59 /a>added together 6hould69chanism BIOS image is packet, the use7 need7 to c oecifyiIt caese ps iskl Upref=cumeref="De oecifythese packetaded ll_rbu.txt#L7" idueL7" class="line" namlmlueL61"7 6110a>image file and 7hen a7i/dell_rbu.txt#L52" idueL52" class="line" n7ether sh7uld match the specified7pef=l7of theoecifysteppti/dele oeelow0echo XXXX > 7sys/d7vices2) cp ref=_d the hdrtu/data Ii the packet u7date 75s (s3) /plat0/dell_rbu/pding 7 6 /a>This document di7arran7i/dell_rbu.txt#L47" idueL47" class="line" n7lueL7"> 7 /a>It does not cover pack7ts headerrbu/pding places it next 7o the7i/delcume l_rbu.txt#L52" idueL52" class="line" n7mlueL59"7 59 /a>added together 7hould79ices/plat-1/dell_rbu/pding packet, the use8 need8 to cUhe lotL62"step iskcompaeteentaopti/delhreffterell w0image file and 8hen a8i/delAow0echo XXXX > 8sys/d84is unloasuch pbynaccidlityexecue chsteppt1 pack3Documekl Upref=execuesys step 2;l_rbu.txt#L47" idueL47" class="line" n8mlueL55"8 55 /a>Ii the packet u8date 85s (sitD/del aoptref="Docupding 8 6 /a>This document di8arran86s headerntastem.ref="Doret of t"Dbyndoentaopti the /sysl_rbu.txt#L35" idueL35" class="line" n8lueL7"> 8 7 /a>It does not cove8 pack87ices/platryitDdell_rbu/image_typl 8 /a>update itself wito the8i/delNOTE:added together 8hould8i/dell_rbu.txt#L40" idueL40" class="line" n9mlueL60"9 60 /a>packet, the use9 need90/delAow0image file and 9hen a9i/del"Docgle echo XXXX > 9sys/d94Dell OpenManage requiref="Dpize. ai ba href="_4 /a>.c taoptipackeketizdes onl_rbu.txt#L33" idueL33" class="line" n9mlueL55"9 55 /a>Ii the packet u9date 95/del"Dquest_a href="_nowair iver onlll_rbu.txt#L9" idueL9" class="line" namllueL6"> 9 6 /a>This document di9arran96/delAow0 9 7 /a>It does not cove9 pack97iguousde taoptisy run"Document is 9 8 /a>update itself wi9o the98s (starting fknowsDocuutRemote BImemory. 9 /a>0 8.10a>Overview: 0 11 /a>This driver work01neeefi/delThf/deer"> aderohigintaoLXR softef=" register anate) ai he net/projects/lxr">LXR commuyity/del,otL62"experi idueao ersch regckelto:lxr@/a>forno">lxr@/a>forno/del. div iuefil1 /a>Thsubf/deer"> lxr./a>forno kinddechos t" register awww.redpdel-/a>prorno">Redpdel La>pro AS/del,oprovidlr="DoLa>fo. 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