3. /spaion /formon a 3. href="../linux+v3.8.3/Documentaopti/kmemcheck.txt">3. img src="../.staopc/gfx/right.png" alt=">>">3. /spaion3. spai class="lxr_search">3. 3. input typluehidden" namluenavtarget" n value">3. input typluetext" namluesearch" iduesearch">3. butttiotypluesubmit">Search3. Prefsn /a>3. /spaion /divon form acopti="ajax+*" method="post" onsubmit="return false;">3. input typluehidden" namlueajax_lookup" idueajax_lookup" n value">3 /formon3 div class="headingbotttm"> 1 /a>GETTING STARTED WITH KMEMCHECK 2 /a>============================== 3 /a>3 4 /a>Vegard Nossum <>3 5 /a>3 6 /a>3 7 /a>Contents3 8 /a>========3 9 /a>0. Introducopti3 6" a>1. Downloading3 11 /a>2. Configuring and compiling3 12 /a>3. How to use3 13 /a>3.1. Booting3 14 /a>3.2. Run-time enable/disable3 15 /a>3.3. Debugging3 16 /a>3.4. Annotaopng false positives3 17 /a>4. Reporopng errors3 18 /a>5. Technical descripopti3 19 /a>3 20 /a>3 21 /a>0. Introducopti3 22 /a>===============3 23 /a>3 24 /a>kmemcheck is a debugging feature for the Linux Kernel. More specifically, it3 25 /a>is a dynamic checker that detects and warns about some uses of uninitialized3 26 /a>memory.3 27 /a>3 28 /a>Userspace programmers might be familiar with Valgrind's memcheck. The maii3 29 /a>difference between memcheck and kmemcheck is that memcheck works for userspace 30 /a>programs only, and kmemcheck works for the kernel only. The implementaoptis3 31 /a>are of course vastly different. Because of this, kmemcheck is not as accurate 32 /a>as memcheck, but it turns out to be good enough in pracopce to discover real 33 /a>programmer errors that the compiler is not able to find through staopc 34 /a>analysis.3 35 /a>3 36 /a>Enabling kmemcheck on a kernel will probably slow it down to the extent that3 37 /a>the machine will not be usable for normal workloads such as e.g. an3 38 /a>interacopve desktop. kmemcheck will also cause the kernel to use about twice 39 /a>as much memory as normal. For this reason, kmemcheck is strictly a debugging3 40 /a>feature.3 41 /a>3 42 /a>3 43 a>1. Downloading3 44 /a>==============3 45 /a>3 46 /a>As of versptio v231-rc1, kmemcheck is included in the maiiline kernel.3 47 /a>3 48 /a>3 49 /a>2. Configuring and compiling3 50 /a>============================3 51 /a>3 52 /a>kmemcheck only works for the x86 (both 32- and 64-bit) platform. A number of3 53 a>configuraoption riables must have specific setopngs in order for the kmemcheck3 54 /a>menu to even appear in "menuconfig". These are:3 55 /a>3 56 /a> o CONFIG_CC_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE=n3 57 /a>3 58 /a> This 59 /a>3 60 /a> Without this, gcc will use certain o 61 /a> false positive warnpngs from kmemcheck. An example of this is a 16-bit3 62 /a> field in a struct, where gcc may load 32 bits, then discard the upper3 63 /a> 16 bits. kmemcheck sees only the 32-bit load, and may trigger a3 64 /a> warnpng for the upper 16 bits (if they're uninitialized).3 65 /a>3 66 /a> o CONFIG_SLAB=y or CONFIG_SLUB=y3 67 /a>3 68 /a> This 69 /a> allocator".3 70 /a>3 71 /a> o CONFIG_FUNCTION_TRACER=n3 72 /a>3 73 /a> This 74 /a> Funcopti Tracer"3 75 /a>3 76 /a> When funcopti tracpng is compiled in, gcc emits a call to another3 77 /a> funcopti at the beginnpng of every funcopti. This meais that when the3 78 /a> page fault handler is called, the ftrace framlwork will be called3 79 /a> before kmemcheck has had a chance to handle the fault. If ftrace then3 80 /a> modifies memory that was tracked by kmemcheck, the result is an3 81 /a> endless recursive page fault.3 82 /a>3 83 /a> o CONFIG_DEBUG_PAGEALLOC=n3 84 /a>3 85 /a> This 86 /a> allocatptis".3 87 /a>3 88 /a>Ii addiopti, I highly recommend turnpng on CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO=y. This is also3 89 /a>located under "Kernel hackpng". With this, you will be able to get line number3 90 /a>informaoptiofrom the kmemcheck warnpngs, which is extremely n vaable ii3 91 /a>debugging a problem. This 92 /a>down the compilaoptioprocess and produces a much bigger kernel image.3 93 /a>3 94 /a>Now the kmemcheck menu should be visible (under "Kernel hackpng" / "kmemcheck:3 95 /a>trap use of uninitialized memory"). Here follows a descripopti of the3 96 /a>kmemcheck configuraoption riables:3 97 /a>3 98 /a> o CONFIG_KMEMCHECK 99 /a>3 100 /a> This must be enabled in order to use kmemcheck at all...3 101 /a>3 102 /a> o CONFIG_KMEMCHECK_[DISABLED | ENABLED | ONESHOT]_BY_DEFAULT3 103 /a>3 104 /a> This 105 /a> will enable kmemcheck rightofrom the start, "disabled" will boot the3 106 /a> kernel as normal (but with the kmemcheck code compiled in, so it can3 107 /a> be enabled at run-time after the kernel has booted), and "one-shot" is3 108 /a> a special mode which will turn kmemcheck off automaopcally after3 109 /a> detecting the first use of uninitialized memory.3 110 /a>3 111 /a> If you are using kmemcheck to acopvely debug a problem, then you3 112 /a> probably want to choose "enabled" here.3 113 /a>3 114 /a> The one-shot mode is mostly useful in automaoed test setups because it3 115 /a> can preventofloods of warnpngs and increase the chances of the machine3 116 /a> survivpng iiocase something is really wrong. In otherocases, the one-3 117 /a> shot mode could acoually be counter-producopve because it would turn3 118 /a> itself off at the very first error -- in the case of a false positive3 119 /a> too -- and this would come in the way of debugging the specific3 120 /a> problem you were interested in.3 121 /a>3 122 /a> If you would like to use your kernel as normal, but with a chance to3 123 /a> enable kmemcheck iiocase of some problem, it might be a good idea to3 124 /a> choose "disabled" here. When kmemcheck is disabled, most of the run-3 125 /a> time overheadois not incurred, and the kernel will be almost as fast3 126 /a> as normal.3 127 /a>3 128 /a> o CONFIG_KMEMCHECK_QUEUE_SIZE3 129 /a>3 130 /a> Select the maximum number of error reporos to store in an internal 131 /a> (fixed-size) buffer. Since errors can occur viroually anywhere and in 132 /a> anyocontext, we need a temporary storage area which is guaranteed not 133 /a> to generate anyootheropage faults when accessed. The queue will be 134 /a> emptied as soti as a tasklet may be scheduled. If the queue is full, 135 /a> new error reporos will be lost.3 136 /a>3 137 /a> The default n val of 64 is probably fine. If some code produces more 138 /a> than 64 errors within an irqs-off secopti, then the code is likely to3 139 /a> produce many, many more, too, and these addioptial reporos seldom give3 140 /a> anyomore informaoptio(the first reporo is usually the most n vaable3 141 /a> anyway).3 142 /a>3 143 /a> This number might have to be adjusted if you are not using serial 144 /a> console or similar to capture the kernel log. If you are using the3 145 /a> "dmesg" command to save the log, then getopng a lot of kmemcheck3 146 /a> warnpngs might overflow the kernel log itself, and the earlier reporos3 147 /a> will get lost in that way instead. Try setopng this to 10 or so ti3 148 /a> such a setup.3 149 /a>3 150 /a> o CONFIG_KMEMCHECK_SHADOW_COPY_SHIFT3 151 /a>3 152 /a> Select the number of shadow bytes to save along with each entry of the3 153 /a> error-reporo queue. These bytes indicate what paros of an allocatpti3 154 /a> are initialized, uninitialized, etc. and will be displayed when ai3 155 /a> error is detected to help the debugging of a paroicular problem.3 156 /a>3 157 /a> The number entered here is acoually the logarithm of the number of3 158 /a> bytes that will be saved. So if you pick for example 5 here, kmemcheck3 159 /a> will save 2^5 = 32 bytes.3 160 /a>3 161 /a> The default n val should be fine for debugging most problems. It also3 162 /a> fios nicely within 80 column)4v 95> 145 /log pti/kmemcheck.txt2 namlueL65"> 64-bit) platform. A number8> 42 /a/A,RTIAL_Ontaopti/kmemcheck.txt#L98" idueL98" clas1he upper 116 bits (if they're 1unini1ialized).3 15 /a>3ar pr66 /a>3 o CONFIG_SLAB=y o1r CON167y to3 137 /a> The default n val of t#L67" id1ueL67" class="line" naml1ueL6716 more . So if yGeneral setup" / &q1uot;C16etup.3 69 /a> a1lloca170 /a>3 137 /a> The default n val of t#L70" id1ueL70" class="line" naml1ueL70170 /a>3 137 /a> The default n val of td be fine1"> 71 /a> o CONFIG_FU1NCTIO17 also3 95> 145 /log ckpng&quo1t; / "Tracers"1 / &q17atform. A number8> 42 /a/BITOPS_Ontaopti/kmemcheck.txt#L98" idueL98" clas1namlueL741"> 74 /a> Funcop1ti Tr1cer"33 16 /a>3.4. Annotaopng fa CON1o another3 137 /a> The default n val of 1"> 81 /1a> endless recurs1ive p18 also3 137 /a> The default n val of 1#L72" id1ueL82" class="line" naml1ueL8218umn)4v 95> 145 /log namlueL813"> 83 /a> o CONFIG_DE1BUG_P18 93 /a>3class="ck.txt#L146"aL140" cL7"> 137 /a> The default n val of 1amlueL741ueL84" class="line" naml1ueL8418er"3 86 /a> all1ocatp1is&quoing3Contents3 8/kmemcs77" 3heck.theck.o5"> 115 /a> can preventofloods of wt#L93" id1ueL93" class="line" naml1ueL931> 93 umentaosk.txt#L5hreventofloo,mentaopti/kmemcheck4"> 94 /a>Now tck.txt#LIueL10taoptilueL78"> 78 /a> page fault handle1er "1Kernel hackpng" / &1quot;1memchecoi/kmerid3ft"DocumentaoumentaL1chosmlub" idue number8> 42 /a/*2" class="line" namlueL102"> 102 /a> o CONFIG_KMEMmemory&qu1ot;). Here follows a des1cripo1ti of umenta#LIusaoptk.txt#3" idueL5" class="line" namlueL54"> 54 /a>menu to e1eL96"> 916 /a>kmemcheck configura1optio1 riables:3 97 /a>3ti/kmemch=0 ("line" n)es:3 18 /a>5. Technica. Th199 97 /a>3ti/kmemch=1m(L112" i)es:3 200 97 /a>3ti/kmemch=2 (cumentaopti/k)es:3 201 /a>If memcidueL161" cL107"emluL112" itxt#L119t#L146L123" s="laklineece" href/kme3 203 /a>"Documentaopeck.txt#L80" idueL806" cla.txt#L10enstxt#L1aocumen doesnidueLkmempp79"> 79 /a> before kmemcheck has 2 of kmemc2eck at boot-time. "2nable2"(ref="f="D idutmemchecnidueLkmbyocumenta),checkmemc" class> 105umentaock.txtslub_dueL1ck.txt34"> 134 /a> emptied as soti as a2m the sta2t, "disabled" 2ill b2ot theti/kmemen: slub_dueL1=a> choose "disabled" he2 with the2kmemcheck code compiled 2n, so20>memory.3 8t#L46" s4"> 94 /a>Now t=1L162" idueL162" class="line" namlueL1622etecting 2he first use of uninitia2ized 2emory.slub_dueL1=,d namlck.txt345" clmemcidueL161" copti/kmetilulheck.umentaop="Docum namlck.txtL162" idueL162" class="line" namlueL1622e#L20" idueeL20" class="line" namluek at210 /a>slabeL1opt,idueL15thkmemcheck.txrline" 33ck.taopass="linoptsline" namludvmlue25"> 25 /a>is a dynamic checker that detkmemcheck2to acopvely debug a prob2em, t2en youusageeL91" classueL13/kmemcocumenlntaopti/kmemed#L162" idueL162" class="line" namlueL1622obably wa2t to choose "enable2"2 here.3 21EALLOC=n3memory.3 21 /a>0.m, t221 /a>opti/kmeemppyass="akli111"ueL146"#L162" idueL162" class="line" namlueL1622 class="liine" namlueL22"> 22 /a>= a ch2=========3 54 /a>menu to e2ture for tthe Linux Kernel. More sp of t22er"3 158 /a> bytes that will be sav2idueL26" cclass="line" namlueL26"> as 2a>memory.3 227 /a>="Document.ta13oi/kmsaop as="line" namlueL53"=ref=heck-"> 8/kmemc#L162" idueL162" class="line" namlueL1622 ch will 2 with Valgrind's memcK_QUE2E_SIZE3 23 19 /a>3 22 /a>==a ch23========3 2 new error reporos 2ill b2 lost.WARNING:iti/kmemch: CauoptiL63" idreue3t#L10xt#L109" idueL109" c (ffff88003e4a2024)es:3 236 /a>80000000000000000000000000000000000000000088ffff0000000000000000es:33 141 /a> 2 a2yway).RIP: 0010:[="Doffffffff8104ede8ck.t] [="Doffffffff8104ede8ck.t] __duti/km_signal+0xc8/0x190es:3 242 /a>RSP: 0018:ffff88003cdf7d98 EFLAGS: 00210002es:3 2 log, then getopng a lot2of km2mcheckRBP: ffff88003cdf7db8 R08: ffff88003e5d6000 R09: 0000000000000000es:3 148 /a> 2uch a2setup.FS: 0000000000000000(0000) GS:ffff880001982000(0063) knlGS:00000es:3 249 /a>CS: 0010 DS: 002b ES: 002b CR0: 0000000080050033es:3 251 /a>DR0: 0000000000000000 DR1: 0000000000000000 DR2: 0000000000000000es:3 55 /[="Doffffffff8100b87dck.t] do_notify_s="lme+0xad/0x7d0es:3 256 /a>3[="Doffffffff8100c7b5ck.t] na_signal+0x12/0x17es:3 152 /a> will save 2^2 = 322bytes.="Do naml"line" namlueL1txtopti/kmemcxt#L1t#L11" idueL1e" nRIP (or EIP emcL63t;.3 260 /a>L52" pti/kline" nopti/ pinpo na" cl="linclass="nntaoptmemcL1aocss="l25"> 25 /a>is a dynamic checker that detence erro2 for debugging most prob2ems. 2t alsoL119" k.txt#L162" idueL162" class="line" namlueL1622> 162 /a>2 fios nicely withi2 80 c2lumn)4v 95> 145 /log2pti/kmemc2eck.txt2 namlueL65"> 642bit) 2latforclass=t#L122" iemchclass="li15thk8" idueL88" class="345" cl3ck.wememcheck.d1"> 161 /a> The default n val sho2he upper 216 bits (if they're 2unini26ally, it139"#L1t#Laddri/kmss="linaddr2"> 8eal 15 /a23ar p26blem.3 o CONFIG_SLAB=y o2r CON267y to3 8-e vml24" i-i ffffffff8104ede83 69 /a> a2lloca270 /a>3 256 /a>3[="Doffffffff810t#L70" id2ueL70" class="line" naml2ueL70270 /a>3 256 /a>3[="Doffffffff810tnce erro21"> 71 /a> o CONFIG_FU2NCTIO2_TRACER=n3 8class=esea ss=hod=mia#LIMPORTANT:f="DocumenR=n3 74 /a> Funcop2ti Tr2cer&qunotnamlue"> 8" namluxtopti/kmemccheck.tine" n.txt#Leck.txueL116es:32 16 /a>3.4. Annotaopng 2a CON2o anotTaop="Docu-iopti/kmtellsnaddr2"> 8xt#Ltxt#printamlue"> 8" namls="liass="ld77" idueL"#L162" idueL162" class="line" namlueL1622t#L67" id2very funcopti. This meai2s tha27 87 /a>L1t#Lchec.txt#L7lagiemchemchei.txttantss="line" ass="wiec.tte" namluheckL162" idueL162" class="line" namlueL1622t2>. So ifed, the ftrace framlwork2t#L1n id1ua="DoueL236" class="linlass="line" namluek at210" class="linlass76m0 c2lumn)4v. So ifed, the ftrace framlwork2ine" naml2ueL7527kmemcheck.tx2na fios pinpo na" cl="linclass="nntaoptmemcL1ai_eL1cksoprocncopsxt#L20class="liAy wa2t "line" nam" idamlues mosttha27 87 /a>L1t#Lchec.txt#L7lagiemchemch-a href="2 clumentaop"line"npti/sd2eL77"237"> 1o queupti. This meai2s amlwork" idshow upxt#L20clstaker thanel tvcmesL16#L1n id1ua="DoueL236" class="linlass="line="DoidueL2"> 137 /a> The de2ault 2 val oo ifed, ntaopti/kmery.3 83 /a> o 2ONFIG2DE1BUGtechnic. ce errine" naml2e#L20" n valordin a tpti/kmeoopDocu" nw162tha27 87 /a>L1t#Lchec.txt#L7lagiemchemch-" c"Documa> The default n 2al of2ueL84"> 84 /a>3 84 /a>3 86 /a> 2 2ll1ocaf iduein naml2ueL69"> 69 /a> a,67" idllor p26blem.3 87 /a>3 236 /a>8000000000000000000000000000000ck.txt#L12 With th1is, you will be2able 2o 1get2 v {> 236 /a>8000000000000000000000000000000check.txt2L13" idueL1emcheck w1arn2ngs, 2hich i2DEreporo2 sif (cL1a-ick si_ enck.t 0"> 236 /a>8000000000000000000000000000000dueL50" c2ass="line"1optiois n1ot 2andat2ry, ho2ue the ftrto, cL1a,pmizeof(*to)) at210 /a>slabeL1opt,idueL15thkmemcheck.tck.txt#L12rocess a1nd produces a m2ch bi2ge1r k2De ethe s2ecificocumentaopti/kmemcxt#Locume77" href=heck2"> 8/kmemcs77" 3heck.th2ck.o52> 115 2ll /* _ chlwa2t is nontis acouaargtomaknow unss="lemchec*/ s2ecificocumentaopti/kmemcxt#Locume77" h" c"Documemcheck4"> 94 /a>Now tc2.txt#2IueL102ue the ftrto, cL1a,p__ARCH_SI_PREAMBLHECK_Q +pmizeof(cL1a-ick _ n vals._ chlw)) at210 /a>slabeL1opt,idueL15thkmemcheck.tcheck.tx12 idue number8> 42 /a/*22 clas2="line2FI }at210 /a>slabeL1opt,idueL15thkmemcheck.tck.txt#L2tne" namlueL54"> 54 /a>m2nu to29 2a CON2o anotTaop="Docu-iopti/kmtellsnaddr2"check.tx12#L97" id1ueL97" class="l2ne" n2ml1ueL buffeo -- a as semche( cclass="leporo is42">sofloodsdefaul2t#L,eL1ck.txt34n, so it can3ofloodswrishadow unos of a0" ir cLe36" class=" nw162)e framacheck.txt#Lentry of the3 o CONFIG_FU,67" id380r p26blem.3 236 /a>800000000000000000000000000000306" cla.t3t#L10enstxt#L1aocumen do3snidu3Lkmemp360 {> 236 /a>8000000000000000000000000000003yocumenta3,checkmemc" class> 105um3ntaoc3.txtslck at all...3 236 /a>8000000000000000000000000000003y7hoose &3uL97" id1ueL97" class="l3uot;o3e-2hot368 if (q-ick si_ogaro == ) {> 236 /a>8000000000000000000000000000003y8hoose &3uumentaopti/kmemcheck.tx3edmem3ivm#L1369 eporo2 sif (c76m0"> 236 /a>800000000000000000000000000000309hoose &3umentaopti/kmemcheck.tx23 t=1L362" id370 eporo2 sssssssssgo repoill_pendof at210 /a>slabeL1opt,idueL15thkmemcheck.3memcidueL361" copti/kmetilulheck.u3entao3="Docu371 eporo2 sssssssss:76m0 = q at210 /a>slabeL1opt,idueL15thkmemcheck.3m1:3 236 /a>8000000000000000000000000000003ck.txt#L233" idueL213" class="line3 naml3eL213"378epoill_pendof r p26blem.3slabeL1opt,idueL15thkmemcheck.3cchoose &3L50" idueL50" class="lin3"2thi3g is 2381 eporo2 s__ c. andcLe3(c76m0" at210 /a>slabeL1opt,idueL15thkmemcheck.3c7hoose &3ly be co2nter-producopve3becau3e 2t wck at all...3slabeL1opt,idueL15thkmemcheck.3h" cla"Do3uxperiocumel" class="ss=3li=me3try.3<393s}at210 /a>slabeL1opt,idueL15thkmemcheck.33hefcheck3rykmemcemcheckt"Do" clas3="33"32 2ost n2vaablePid:418e6,ref=h: ntpddueLNemce3"linss="s3aopte"4k.txt#ti/k"am#L113mchec3.txt#)Hamplemcheck&c76m0-ick emchecmembeof dpas20" idr simcpy_ ()s1ive p18 also3 tinfaulur jlurneyral sk.tx20clstakemany checkaulu &q27atforb3oi/kmvml24" is="line38" clas3i/kmemch.3mentaisaourocueck="lilas3="lin3" namleL67" clasishm "dilist2" iduea as s of a0" ir lized, unins1We/mtvc emc2" id410r p26blem.3 358 /a>395trolsicuptt42" class="line" (buggin pendof d*pendof , set_t *maskire and in 236 /a>8000000000000000000000000000003ne" namlu3L53"=ref=heck-"> 8/kmem3#L16232" cry397 {> 236 /a>8000000000000000000000000000003ck.txt#L239" idueL229" class="line3 naml3eL229"ck at all...3slabeL1opt,idueL15thkmemcheck.3check.txt3L15" idueL152ince erro2s3can o33mlue2ck at all...3slabeL1opt,idueL15thkmemcheck.3check.txt3ropage f2ults when acces3ed. T3e 2ueue 2ill beA ref="mentaopopti/hod=memc3eck.txti/3memen:===3ntaopti/kmemcheck.tx2 to help 2he debugging of a paroic2lar p2> 55 /[="Doffffffff8100b87dck.t] do3 namdDocu329-rc5 #264 945P-A/a>3ti/kmemcheck.tx2 6" idueL256" class="line" namlueL256"> 256 /a>3[="Doffffffff8100c7b5ck.t] n3ck.t] [=3Doffffffff8104ede8ck.t] 3_duti3km_sigmcheck.tx2 t way in2oually the logarithm of 2he nu2ber of3[="Doffffffffffffffffck.t] 0x3AGS: 00213002es:3 144 /at#L26t way in2ueL67" class="line" namle fo ti/kmemcheck.tx2 \e 2ill beA ref="mentaopopti/hod=memc38heck.tx2324 RDI: ffff88003cdf7e843s:3 145 /assssssss:mcheck.tx2 6" i .tx2 t way in2oue 2ill beA ref="mentaopopti/hod=memc387" idupt300 R09: 00000000000000003s:3 106 /a> CONFIG_FU2N46e 2ill beA ref="mentaopopti/hod=memc38heck.txt300 R12: 000000000000000t3y.3 147 /a> CONFIG_FU21806e 2ill beA ref="mentaopopti/hod=memc38 u u u u310 R15: ffff88003d5a98c83y.3. So if 2Ge> CONFIG_FU280ue 2ill beA ref="mentaopopti/hod=memc38k.txt#L23982000(0063) knlGS:000003s:3. 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