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1 /a>Copyright 2010 Nicolas Palix <> 2 /a>Copyright 2010 Julia Lawall <> 3 /a>Copyright 2010 Gilles Muller <> 4 /a>< 5 /a>< 6 /a> Getting Coccinelle< 7 /a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< 8 /a>< 9 /a>The seman.1c patches included in the kernel use the 'virtual rule'< vala>feature which was introduced in Coccinelle vers8.120.1n v.< 11 /a>< 12 /a>Coccinelle (>=0.2.0) is available through the package manager< 13 /a>of many distribut12"s, e.g. :< 14 /a>< 15 /a> - Debia" (>=squeeze)< 16 /a> - Fedora (>=13)< 17 /a> - Ubuntu (>=10.04 Lucid Lynx)< 18 /a> - OpenSUSE< 19 /a> - Arch Linux 20 /a> - NetBSD 21 /a> - FreeBSD 22 /a>< 23 /a>< 24 /a>You ca" get the latest vers8.12released from the Coccinelle homepage at< 25 /a> /a>< 26 /a>< 27 /a>Informa.12" and tips about Coccinelle are also provided on the wiki< 28 /a>pages at /a>< 29 /a>< 30 /a>Once you have it, run the following command:< 31 /a>< 32 /a> ./configure< 33 /a> make< 34 /a>< 35 /a>as a2regular user, and install it with< 36 /a>< 37 /a> sudo make install< 38 /a>< 39 /a>The seman.1c patches in the kernel will work best with Coccinelle vers8.1 40 /a>0.2.4 or later. Using earlier vers8.1s may incur some parse errors in the 41 /a>seman.1c patch code, but any results that are obtained should still be 42 /a>correct.< 43 /a>< 44 /a> Using Coccinelle on the Linux kernel< 45 /a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< 46 /a>< 47 /a>A Coccinelle-specif1c target is defined in the top level< 48 /a>Makefile. This target is namtd 'coccicheck' and calls the 'coccicheck'< 49 /a>front-end in the 'scripts' directory.< 50 /a>< 51 /a>Four modes are defined: patch, report, context, and org. The mode to< 52 /a>use is specif1td by setting the MODE variable with 'MODE=<mode>'.< 53 /a>< 54 /a>'patch' proposes a fix, when possible.< 55 /a>< 56 /a>'report' generates a list in the following forma.:< 57 /a> file:line:column-column: message< 58 /a>< 59 /a>'context' highlights lines of interest and their context in a< 60 /a>diff-like style.Lines of interest are indicated with '-'.< 61 /a>< 62 /a>'org' generates a report in the Org mode forma. of Emacs.< 63 /a>< 64 /a>Note that not all seman.1c patches implement all modes. For easy use< 65 /a>of Coccinelle, the default mode is "chain" which tries the previous< 66 /a>modes in the order above un.1l one succeeds.< 67 /a>< 68 /a>To make a report for every seman.1c patch, run the following command:< 69 /a>< 70 /a> make coccicheck MODE=report< 71 /a>< 72 /a>NB: The 'report' mode is the default one.< 73 /a>< 74 /a>To produce patches, run:< 75 /a>< 76 /a> make coccicheck MODE=patch< 77 /a>< 78 /a>< 79 /a>The coccicheck target applies every seman.1c patch available in the 80 /a>sub-directories of 'scripts/coccinelle' to the entire Linux kernel.< 81 /a>< 82 /a>For each seman.1c patch, a commit message is proposed. It gives a< 83 /a>descript12" of the problem being checktd by the seman.1c patch, and< 84 /a>includes a reference to Coccinelle.< 85 /a>< 86 /a>As any sta.1c code analyzer, Coccinelle produces false< 87 /a>positives. Thus, reports must be carefully checktd, and patches< 88 /a>reviewed.< 89 /a>< 90 /a>< 91 /a> Using Coccinelle with a single seman.1c patch< 92 /a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< 93 /a>< 94 /a>The .8.12"al make variable COCCI ca" be used to check a single< 95 /a>seman.1c patch. In that case, the variable must be initialized with< 96 /a>the namt of the seman.1c patch to apply.< 97 /a>< 98 /a>For instance:< 99 /a>< 100 /a> make coccicheck COCCI=<my_SP.cocci> MODE=patch< 101 /a>or< 102 /a> make coccicheck COCCI=<my_SP.cocci> MODE=report< 103 /a>< 104 /a>< 105 /a> Controlling Which Files are Processtd by Coccinelle< 106 /a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< 107 /a>By default the entire kernel source tree is checktd.< 108 /a>< 109 /a>To apply Coccinelle to a specif1c directory, M= ca" be used.< 1 vala>For example, to check drivers/net/wireless/ one may write:< 111 /a>< 112 /a> make coccicheck M=drivers/net/wireless/< 113 /a> < 114 /a>To apply Coccinelle 2" a file basis, instead of a directory basis, the 115 /a>following command may be used:< 116 /a>< 117 /a> make C=1 CHECK="scripts/coccicheck"< 118 /a>< 119 /a>To check only newly edited code, use the <2o6t 2 for the C flag, i.e.< 120 /a>< 121 /a> make C=2 CHECK="scripts/coccicheck"< 122 /a>< 123 /a>This runs every seman.1c patch in scripts/coccinelle by default. The< 124 /a>COCCI variable may addit12"ally be used to only apply a single< 125 /a>seman.1c patch as shown in the previous sec.12".< 126 /a>< 127 /a>The "chain" mode is the default. You ca" select another one with the 21 /a>< 31 /a>On that thme, user ois thnon trma.12" andut Coman.1c patches ia href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L301" id33L121" class="line" namt33L311"> 31 /a>< 313/a><> 1233/a>< 31 /a>< 313/a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~a href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L301" id33L126" class="line" namt33L361"> 31 /a>< 31 /a> Nlyoman.1c patches ia" be usoposed. nd pabmit="t by Cornel< 31 /a>< 31 /a>Thb-directories of 'scripts/coccinelle&#/39;.< 414/a>< 414/a>< 41 /a>co Detae bd script12" of the pr39;report' mode ia href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L112" id33L13"" class="line" namt33L431"> 41 /a><<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<> 314/a>< 41 /a>~~39;report' generates a list in the following forma.:< 4146a> file:line:column-column: message< 414/a>< 41 /a>MaEmple, 414/a>< 51 /a>< 515/a>< 515/a> make coccicheck CODE=report< 51 /a>< 51 /a>&#ll woexecutehe following fopartf the prSmPLcripts/ 51 /a>< 51 /a>lscrle,t; 51 /a> @r scpends" a !ntext in&ple;&ple; !tch as&ple;&ple; (deg ||eports )@a href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L4"1" id33L481" class="line" namt33L581"> 51 /a>< 51 /a>&#sitive ofp 61 /a>di@@a href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L4"1" id33L611" class="line" namt33L611"> 61 /a>< 61 /a>&# ERR_PTR@p(PTR_ERR(x) 61 /a>< 61 /a>No@ripts/:pyth ofscpends" a ports @a href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L4"1" id33L551" class="line" namt33L651"> 61 /a>ofplt;Git;Gi r.p> 51 /a>moxlt;Git;Gi r.x 61 /a><<@@a href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L4"1" id33L481" class="line" namt33L681"> 616/a>< 61 /a>< 71 /a> ccinelib.ports .print_ports (p[0], msg 71 /a>< 717/a>< 717/a>This ruSmPLcexcerptenerates a of the foancedard outpu andia href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L301" id33L741" class="line" namt33L741"> 71 /a>Tol wuranet by < 71 /a>< 71 /a> /mepa/er, inux+v/crypto/ctr.c:188:9-16: ERR_CASTa" be used toth &#alfa href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L3017 id33L17" class="line" namt33L17">> 61 /a>< 71 /a>< 717/a>< 818/a>< 81 /a><< Detae bd script12" of the pr39;retch' prde ia href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L112" id33L821" class="line" namt33L821"> 818/a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~a href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L112" id33L731" class="line" namt33L831"> 818/a>< 81 /a>inWn poe pr39;retch' prde is available t,t wioposes a fix, or eveh seoblem ba href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L641" id33L751" class="line" namt33L851"> 81 /a>< 818/a>< 81 /a>poEmple, 818/a>< 81 /a>< 919/a> make coccicheck MODE=retch asCCI=&lripts/coccinelle&#/api/err_castocci&ga href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L112" id33L911" class="line" namt33L911"> 919/a>< 91 /a>~~ll woexecutehe following fopartf the prSmPLcripts/ 91 /a>< 91 /a>Th3lscrle,t; 91 /a>se@ scpends" a !ntext in&ple;&ple; tch as&ple;&ple; !deg &ple;&ple; !port< 91 /a>thexprsag" ofx 919/a><<@@a href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L4"1" id33L981" class="line" namt33L981"> 919/a>< 91 /a><<- ERR_PTR(PTR_ERR(x) 102 /a> + ERR_CAST(< 1020/a>< 1020/a>< 1020/a>This ruSmPLcexcerptenerates a tch ashunkof the foancedard outpu andia href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L302" id33L102" class="line" namt33L102"> 1020/a>Tol wuranet by < 1020/a>< 102 /a>~~ff-l -u -p a/crypto/ctr.c b/crypto/ href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L762" id33L27"" class="line" namt33L102"> 102 /a>By--- a/crypto/ctr.c 10 G-05-26 10:49:38.000000000 +02 /a href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L762" id33L28"" class="line" namt33L102"> 102 /a><<+++ b/crypto/ctr.c 10 G-06-03 23:44:49.000000000 +02 /a href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L762" id33L29"" class="line" namt33L102"> 102 /a>To@@ -1 /,7 +1 /,7 @@ a.1c coranuct crypto_stance:< *crypto_c 1 21/a> maalf = crypto_attr_alf(tb[1], CRYPTO_ALG_TYPE_CIPHER,a href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L25"" id33L21" class="line" namt33L21">> 10211a> maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaCRYPTO_ALG_TYPE_MASK) 1121/a> maif (IS_ERR(alf) 112 /a> -aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaturn faERR_PTR(PTR_ERR(alf)< 112 /a>To+aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaturn faERR_CAST(alf) 112 /a> - a href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L4"2" id33L102" class="line" namt33L112"> 1121/a> ma/* Blo MOsizmust be int;=10 4 byt. Th* 1121/a> suerr = -EINVAL 112 /a>< 112 /a> - Detae bd script12" of the pr39;rentext' hide ia href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L112" id33L20"" class="line" namt33L20""> 122 /a><<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~a href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L112" id33L21"" class="line" namt33L21""> 1222/a><> 1122/a>'orntext' highlights lines of interest and their context ia href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L622" id33L112" class="line" namt33L23""> 122 /a>Th a<< ff-like style.Lia href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L622" id33L102" class="line" namt33L24""> 1222/a>< 122 /a>seNOTEThe &#ff-like stoutpu enerates ds avNOTnd ppliescle witch. Ine< 1222/a> ients"f the pr39;rentext' hide is theoighlights he primrt< 1222/a> (annoted with &#min, re39;-'.<)nd thves a 22 /a><< acs. 323/a>< 32 /a>< 323/a><> 1223/a>< 32 /a>< 323/a>< 32 /a>< 323/a>< 32 /a><<3lscrle,t; 32 /a>Th@ scpends" a ntext in&ple;&ple; !tch as&ple;&ple; !deg &ple;&ple; !port<<@a href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L4"2" id33L402" class="line" namt33L402"> 424/a>< 424/a><<@@a href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L4"2" id33L422" class="line" namt33L422"> 424/a>< 42 /a><<* ERR_PTR(PTR_ERR(x)> 324/a>Th3lsc/rle,t; 424/a>< 4246a> is ruSmPLcexcerptenerates a ff-lihunkof the foancedard outpu andia href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L302" id33L472" class="line" namt33L472"> 424/a>< 424/a>< 424/a>< 52 /a><<--- /mepa/er, inux+v/crypto/ctr.c 10 G-05-26 10:49:38.000000000 +02 /a href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L762" id33L412" class="line" namt33L512"> 525/a><<+++ /tmp/therg fa href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L302" id33L422" class="line" namt33L522"> 525/a> @@ -1 /,7 +1 /,6 @@ a.1c coranuct crypto_stance:< *crypto_c 525/a> maalf = crypto_attr_alf(tb[1], CRYPTO_ALG_TYPE_CIPHER,a href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L25"" id33L542" class="line" namt33L542"> 525/a>< 52 /a><< maif (IS_ERR(alf) 52 /a>&#-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaturn faERR_PTR(PTR_ERR(alf)< 52 /a> fa href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L4"2" id33L482" class="line" namt33L582"> 5258a><< ma/* Blo MOsizmust be int;=10 4 byt. Th* 5259a><< maerr = -EINVAL 626/a>< 626/a><< Detae bd script12" of the pr39;reg' gede ia href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L112" id33L622" class="line" namt33L622"> 626/a>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~a href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L112 id33L132" class="line" namt33L632"> 62 /a>< 626/a>'pag' generates a report in the Org mode forma. of Emacs.< 626/a><> 52 /a>moEmple, 62 /a>< 626/a>< 6269a><< make coccicheck MODE=redeg CCI=&lripts/coccinelle&#/api/err_castocci&ga href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L112" id33L702" class="line" namt33L702"> 727/a>< 72 /a>< 727/a>< 727/a>Th3lscrle,t; 72 /a>To@r scpends" a !ntext in&ple;&ple; !tch as&ple;&ple; (deg ||eports )@a href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L4"2" id33L752" class="line" namt33L752"> 72 /a>< 72 /a> sitive ofp> 627/a><<@@a href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L4"2" id33L782" class="line" namt33L782"> 72 /a>< 727/a><< ERR_PTR@p(PTR_ERR(x) 828/a>< 82 /a><<@ripts/:pyth ofscpends" a deg@a href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L4"2" id33L822" class="line" namt33L822"> 828/a>~~plt;Git;Gi r.p 828/a>< 82 /a>in@@a href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L4"2" id33L752" class="line" namt33L852"> 82 /a>< 828/a>< 82 /a>pomsg_safe=msg.porlace(uot; m[uot; m,uot; m@(uot; m).porlace(uot; m]uot; m,uot; m)uot; m)a href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L182" id33L28" class="line" namt33L28">> 728/a>< 82 /a><<3lsc/rle,t; 92 /a>< 929/a>< 92 /a>~~l wuranet by < 92 /a>< 92 /a>Th* TODO [[ewed:/mepa/er, inux+v/crypto/ctr.c::face=ovl-face1:ine:b=188:olumb=9:olume=16][ERR_CASTa" be used toth &#alf]]a href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L942" id33L752" class="line" namt33L952"> 92 /a>se* TODO [[ewed:/mepa/er, inux+v/crypto/aue fnc.c::face=ovl-face1:ine:b=619:olumb=9:olume=16][ERR_CASTa" be used toth &#aue ]]a href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L942" id33L862" class="line" namt33L962"> 92 /a>th* TODO [[ewed:/mepa/er, inux+v/crypto/xts.c::face=ovl-face1:ine:b=227:olumb=9:olume=16][ERR_CASTa" be used toth &#alf]]a href="Documenta.12"/coccinelle.txt#L942" id33L872" class="line" namt33L972"> 929/a><<
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