1config INTEL_IDLE
   2        bool "Cpuidle Driver for Intel Processors"
   3        depends on CPU_IDLE
   4        depends on X86
   5        depends on CPU_SUP_INTEL
   6        help
   7          Enable intel_idle, a cpuidle driver that includes knowledge of
   8          native Intel hardware idle features.  The acpi_idle driver
   9          can be configured at the same time, in order to handle
  10          processors intel_idle does not support.
  12menu "Memory power savings"
  13depends on X86_64
  15config I7300_IDLE_IOAT_CHANNEL
  16        bool
  18config I7300_IDLE
  19        tristate "Intel chipset idle memory power saving driver"
  20        select I7300_IDLE_IOAT_CHANNEL
  21        depends on EXPERIMENTAL
  22        help
  23          Enable memory power savings when idle with certain Intel server
  24          chipsets. The chipset must have I/O AT support, such as the
  25          Intel 7300. The power savings depends on the type and quantity of
  26          DRAM devices.
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