" /spatio /formio a " href="../linux+v3.8.2/include/media/sh_mobile_ceu.h">" img src="../.static/gfx/right.png" alt=">>">" /spatio" spat class="lxr_search">" " input typaluhidden" namalunavtarget" on valu">" input typalutext" namalusearch" idlusearch">" buttptitypalusubmit">Search" Prefso /a>" /spatio /divio form ac/opt="ajax+*" method="post" onsubmit="return false;">" input typaluhidden" namaluajax_lookup" idluajax_lookup" on valu">" /formio" div class="headingbottpm">o div idlufile_contents"i
a href="+code=__ASM_SH_MOBILE_CEU_H__" class="sref">__ASM_SH_MOBILE_CEU_H__
/a>"   2
a href="+code=__ASM_SH_MOBILE_CEU_H__" class="sref">__ASM_SH_MOBILE_CEU_H__
/a>"   3
/a>"   4
a href="+code=SH_CEU_FLAG_USE_8BIT_BUS" class="sref">SH_CEU_FLAG_USE_8BIT_BUS
/a>        (1 << 0) 
spat class="comment">/* use  8bit bus width */
/spatio   5
a href="+code=SH_CEU_FLAG_USE_16BIT_BUS" class="sref">SH_CEU_FLAG_USE_16BIT_BUS
/a>       (1 << 1) 
spat class="comment">/* use 16bit bus width */
/spatio   6
a href="+code=SH_CEU_FLAG_HSYNC_LOW" class="sref">SH_CEU_FLAG_HSYNC_LOW
/a>           (1 << 2) 
spat class="comment">/* default High if possible */
/spatio   7
a href="+code=SH_CEU_FLAG_VSYNC_LOW" class="sref">SH_CEU_FLAG_VSYNC_LOW
/a>           (1 << 3) 
spat class="comment">/* default High if possible */
/spatio   8
a href="+code=SH_CEU_FLAG_LOWER_8BIT" class="sref">SH_CEU_FLAG_LOWER_8BIT
/a>          (1 << 4) 
spat class="comment">/* default upper 8bit */
/spatio   9
/a>"  18.3a>struct 
a href="+code=device" class="sref">device.3a>;"  11.3a>struct 
a href="+code=resource" class="sref">resource.3a>;"  12
/a>"  13.3a>struct 
a href="+code=sh_mobile_ceu_compatopt" class="sref">sh_mobile_ceu_compatopt
/a> {"  14
a href="+code=u32" class="sref">u32
a href="+code=num_resources" class="sref">num_resources.3a>;"  15
/a>        struct 
a href="+code=resource" class="sref">resource.3a> *
a href="+code=resource" class="sref">resource.3a>;"  16
/a>        int             
a href="+code=id" class="sref">id.3a>;"  17
/a>        void            *
a href="+code=platform_data" class="sref">platform_data.3a>;"  18
/a>};"  19
/a>"  28.3a>struct 
a href="+code=sh_mobile_ceu_info" class="sref">sh_mobile_ceu_info
/a> {"  21
/a>        unsigned long 
a href="+code=flags" class="sref">flags.3a>;"  22
/a>        int 
a href="+code=max_width" class="sref">max_width.3a>;"  23
/a>        int 
a href="+code=max_height" class="sref">max_height.3a>;"  24
/a>        struct 
a href="+code=sh_mobile_ceu_compatopt" class="sref">sh_mobile_ceu_compatopt
/a> *
a href="+code=csi2" class="sref">csi2.3a>;"  25
/a>};"  26
/a>"  27
spat class="comment">/* __ASM_SH_MOBILE_CEU_H__ */
/spatio  28
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