1Documentation for /proc/sys/fs/*        kernel version 2.2.10
   2        (c) 1998, 1999,  Rik van Riel <>
   3        (c) 2009,        Shen Feng<>
   5For general info and legal blurb, please look in README.
   9This file contains documentation for the sysctl files in
  10/proc/sys/fs/ and is valid for Linux kernel version 2.2.
  12The files in this directory can be used to tune and monitor
  13miscellaneous and general things in the operation of the Linux
  14kernel. Since some of the files _can_ be used to screw up your
  15system, it is advisable to read both documentation and source
  16before actually making adjustments.
  181. /proc/sys/fs
  21Currently, these files are in /proc/sys/fs:
  22- aio-max-nr
  23- aio-nr
  24- dentry-state
  25- dquot-max
  26- dquot-nr
  27- file-max
  28- file-nr
  29- inode-max
  30- inode-nr
  31- inode-state
  32- nr_open
  33- overflowuid
  34- overflowgid
  35- protected_hardlinks
  36- protected_symlinks
  37- suid_dumpable
  38- super-max
  39- super-nr
  43aio-nr & aio-max-nr:
  45aio-nr is the running total of the number of events specified on the
  46io_setup system call for all currently active aio contexts.  If aio-nr
  47reaches aio-max-nr then io_setup will fail with EAGAIN.  Note that
  48raising aio-max-nr does not result in the pre-allocation or re-sizing
  49of any kernel data structures.
  55From linux/fs/dentry.c:
  57struct {
  58        int nr_dentry;
  59        int nr_unused;
  60        int age_limit;         /* age in seconds */
  61        int want_pages;        /* pages requested by system */
  62        int dummy[2];
  63} dentry_stat = {0, 0, 45, 0,};
  66Dentries are dynamically allocated and deallocated, and
  67nr_dentry seems to be 0 all the time. Hence it's safe to
  68assume that only nr_unused, age_limit and want_pages are
  69used. Nr_unused seems to be exactly what its name says.
  70Age_limit is the age in seconds after which dcache entries
  71can be reclaimed when memory is short and want_pages is
  72nonzero when shrink_dcache_pages() has been called and the
  73dcache isn't pruned yet.
  77dquot-max & dquot-nr:
  79The file dquot-max shows the maximum number of cached disk
  80quota entries.
  82The file dquot-nr shows the number of allocated disk quota
  83entries and the number of free disk quota entries.
  85If the number of free cached disk quotas is very low and
  86you have some awesome number of simultaneous system users,
  87you might want to raise the limit.
  91file-max & file-nr:
  93The value in file-max denotes the maximum number of file-
  94handles that the Linux kernel will allocate. When you get lots
  95of error messages about running out of file handles, you might
  96want to increase this limit.
  98Historically,the kernel was able to allocate file handles
  99dynamically, but not to free them again. The three values in
 100file-nr denote the number of allocated file handles, the number
 101of allocated but unused file handles, and the maximum number of
 102file handles. Linux 2.6 always reports 0 as the number of free
 103file handles -- this is not an error, it just means that the
 104number of allocated file handles exactly matches the number of
 105used file handles.
 107Attempts to allocate more file descriptors than file-max are
 108reported with printk, look for "VFS: file-max limit <number>
 114This denotes the maximum number of file-handles a process can
 115allocate. Default value is 1024*1024 (1048576) which should be
 116enough for most machines. Actual limit depends on RLIMIT_NOFILE
 117resource limit.
 121inode-max, inode-nr & inode-state:
 123As with file handles, the kernel allocates the inode structures
 124dynamically, but can't free them yet.
 126The value in inode-max denotes the maximum number of inode
 127handlers. This value should be 3-4 times larger than the value
 128in file-max, since stdin, stdout and network sockets also
 129need an inode struct to handle them. When you regularly run
 130out of inodes, you need to increase this value.
 132The file inode-nr contains the first two items from
 133inode-state, so we'll skip to that file...
 135Inode-state contains three actual numbers and four dummies.
 136The actual numbers are, in order of appearance, nr_inodes,
 137nr_free_inodes and preshrink.
 139Nr_inodes stands for the number of inodes the system hane" name="L124"> 124dynamically, but 40" id="L1"L92">  92
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1  58<1a>    actudlt valuhe 65534nhref="Documentation/sysctl/fs.txt#L128" id="L49" 1class="line" name="L59">1  59<15>of ahref="Documentation/sysctl/fs.txt#L120" id="L60" 1class="line" name="L60">1  60<16>==============================================================
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nr_fnr & aio-max-nr:

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