1I/O statistics fields
   4Since 2.4.20 (and some versions before, with patches), and 2.5.45,
   5more extensive disk statistics have been introduced to help measure disk
   6activity. Tools such as sar and iostat typically interpret these and do
   7the work for you, but in case you are interested in creating your own
   8tools, the fields are explained here.
  10In 2.4 now, the information is found as additional fields in
  11/proc/partitions.  In 2.6, the same information is found in two
  12places: one is in the file /proc/diskstats, and the other is within
  13the sysfs file system, which must be mounted in order to obtain
  14the information. Throughout this document we'll assume that sysfs
  15is mounted on /sys, although of course it may be mounted anywhere.
  16Both /proc/diskstats and sysfs use the same source for the information
  17and so should not differ.
  19Here are examples of these different formats:
  22   3     0   39082680 hda 446216 784926 9550688 4382310 424847 312726 5922052 19310380 0 3376340 23705160
  23   3     1    9221278 hda1 35486 0 35496 38030 0 0 0 0 0 38030 38030
  262.6 sysfs:
  27   446216 784926 9550688 4382310 424847 312726 5922052 19310380 0 3376340 23705160
  28   35486    38030    38030    38030
  302.6 diskstats:
  31   3    0   hda 446216 784926 9550688 4382310 424847 312726 5922052 19310380 0 3376340 23705160
  32   3    1   hda1 35486 38030 38030 38030
  34On 2.4 you might execute "grep 'hda ' /proc/partitions". On 2.6, you have
  35a choice of "cat /sys/block/hda/stat" or "grep 'hda ' /proc/diskstats".
  36The advantage of one over the other is that the sysfs choice works well
  37if you are watching a known, small set of disks.  /proc/diskstats may
  38be a better choice if you are watching a large number of disks because
  39you'll avoid the overhead of 50, 100, or 500 or more opens/closes with
  40each snapshot of your disk statistics.
  42In 2.4, the statistics fields are those after the device name. In
  43the above example, the first field of statistics would be 446216.
  44By contrast, in 2.6 if you look at /sys/block/hda/stat, you'll
  45find just the eleven fields, beginning with 446216.  If you look at
  46/proc/diskstats, the eleven fields will be preceded by the major and
  47minor device numbers, and device name.  Each of these formats provides
  48eleven fields of statistics, each meaning exactly the same things.
  49All fields except field 9 are cumulative since boot.  Field 9 should
  50go to zero as I/Os complete; all others only increase (unless they
  51overflow and wrap).  Yes, these are (32-bit or 64-bit) unsigned long
  52(native word size) numbers, and on a very busy or long-lived system they
  53may wrap. Applications should be prepared to deal with that; unless
  54your o,servbusy orld
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  425leven fi5lds of statistics, each5meani5g exat#L53"-wid=tL38" i500 or morehref=ion46216="Dostats.txt#mation
u" id=m6="Doup"L49" class="line" name="L49">  495ll field5 except field 9 are cum5lativ5 id="L30" class="line" name="L30">  306o to zer6 as I/Os complete; all 6thers6only .txt#Lcum-- #menttatdthey
  506verflow 6nd wrap).  Yes, these a6e (32682310 42 Tref=Documf=iotostn/iostats.tatdthey
  496native w6rd size) numbers, and o6 a ve62nly .txt#Lc2m-- #menttatdthmely d,should
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  507ay wrap.7Applications should be 7repar732310 42 Tref=Documf=iotostn/iostats.wri&qstey
  497our o,se7vbusy orld
  497e extens7ive disk statistics hav7ning 752310 42 Tref=Documf=iotostn/iostats.sectome wri&tenheset#msfully"L49" class="line" name="L49">  497ivity. T7ools such as sar and io7 will76nly .txt#Lc8m-- #mentmumeisecondthspxt#Lwri&="s7" class="line" name="L7">   7the  work forr you, but in case you aame. 772310 42 Tref=Documf=iotostn/iostats.mumeisecondthspxt#Lts.="Dowri&qst(a"L54" class="line" name="L54">  547leven fi7lds of statistics, each7meani782310 42  meaning from __make_request()Lion=nd_xt#L_request_rapt())"L49" class="line" name="L49">  497ll field7 except field 9 are cum7lativ79nly .txt#Lc9m-- #mentss theurtxt#on/ioL48"grd="L54" class="line" name="L54">  548o to zer8 as I/Os complete; all 8thers802310 42 Treition/hould
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  10Inn 2.4 now,, the information is fountherunt2310aef=summxt# possibon/o 64-bittati hr.txt#L52" id=" varixbleiicsyseacL54" class="line" name="L54">  5410proc/part0itions.  In 2.6, the sam01herun id="summxt#to)on/iostat

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