n> 2" /spa3.1 2" /form.1 2" a n> 2" href="../linux+v3.7.1/Documenta="v3/lockdep-design.txt">n> 2" img src="../.sta="c/gfx/right.png" alt=">>">n> /spa3.1n> spa3 class="lxr_search">n> n> 2" input typ4.1hidden" nam4.1navtarget" v3.14.1">n> 2" input typ4.1text" nam4.1search" id.1search">n> 2" butt typ4.1submit">Search spa3 class="lxr_prefs".1 2" a href="+prefs?return=Documenta="v3/lockdep-design.txt"n> 2" onclick="return ajax_prefs();">n> 2"Prefs1 2" /a>n> /spa3.1 2" " /div.1 2" " form ac="v3="ajax+*" method="post" onsubmit="return false;">n> input typ4.1hidden" nam4.1ajax_lookup" id.1ajax_lookup" v3.14.1">n 2" " /form.1n 2" " div class="headingbott m">" "1 /a>Runtime locking correctness v3.idator " "2 /a>===================================== " "3 /a>n" "4 /a>started by Ingo Molnar <>n" "5 /a>addi="v3s by Arja v3n de Ven <arja>n" "6 /a>n" "7 /a>Lock-classn" "8 /a>----------n" "9 /a>n" vala>The basic object the v3.idator operates up is a 'class' of locks.n" 11 /a>n" 12 /a>A class of locks is a group of locks that are logically the sam4 withn" 13 /a>respect to locking rules, even if the locks may have multiple (possiblyn" 14 /a>tens of thousands of) instantia="v3s. For example a lock in the inoden" 15 /a>struct is one class, while each inode has its own instantia="v3 of thatn" 16 /a>lock class.n" 17 /a>n" 18ala>The v3.idator tracks the 'sta=e' of lock-classes, and it tracksn" 19 /a>dependencies between different lock-classes. The v3.idator maintains a " 2vala>rolling proof that the sta=e and the dependencies are correct.n" 21 /a>n" 22 /a>Unlike an lock instantia="v3, the lock-class itself never goes away: whenn" 23 /a>a lock-class is used for the first time after bootup it gets registered,n" 24 /a>and all subsequent uses of that lock-class will be attached to thisn" 25 /a>lock-class.n" 26 /a>n" 27 /a>Sta=en" 28 /a>-----n" 29 /a>n" 30ala>The v3.idator tracks lock-class usage history into 4n + 1 separate sta=e bits:n" 31 /a>n" 32 /a>- 'ever held in STATE context'n" 33 /a>- 'ever held as readlock in STATE context'n" 34 /a>- 'ever held with STATE enabled'n" 35 /a>- 'ever held as readlock with STATE enabled'n" 36 /a>n" 37 /a>Where STATE can be either one of (kernel/lockdep_sta=es.h)n" 38 /a> - hardirqn" 39 /a> - softirqn" 40 /a> - reclaim_fsn" 41 /a>n" 42 /a>- 'ever used' [ == !unused ]n" 43 /a>n" 44 /a>When locking rules are viola=ed, these sta=e bits are presented in then" 45 /a>locking error messages, inside curlies. A contrived example:n" 46 /a>n" 47 /a> modprobe/2287 is trying to acquire lock:n" 48 /a> (&sio_locks[i].lock){-.-...}, at: [<c02867fd>] mutex_lock+0x21/0x24n" 49 /a>n" 50 /a> but task is already holding lock:n" 51 /a> (&sio_locks[i].lock){-.-...}, at: [<c02867fd>] mutex_lock+0x21/0x24n" 52 /a>n" 53 /a>n" 54ala>The bit posi="v3 indicates STATE, STATE-read, for each of the sta=es listedn" 55 /a>above, and the character displayed in each indicates:n" 56 /a>n" 57 /a> '.' acquired while irqs disabled and not in irq contextn" 58 /a> '-' acquired in irq contextn" 59 /a> '+' acquired with irqs enabledn" 60 /a> '?' acquired in irq context with irqs enabled.n" 61 /a>n" 62 /a>Unused mutexes cannot be part of the cause of an error.n" 63 /a>n" 64 /a>n" 65 /a>Single-lock sta=e rules:n" 66 /a>------------------------n" 53 /1pio20 n23tin> 43.14.142pio12n3on>v3/lockd <2pio16n value="v3.txt#L6nam4.1L567" ue6ne" na3/lo260" 1 iRells a <.1L6ne" nlue="v3.18.10"n2nam4.1L53">" 53 /1pi nam4.1L69">" 59 /a> '+$ ac6uiredfollowentaocumenthrefexclusisplayed one6nta=es.ha hm:n" 53 /1p7 nam4.1L70">" 60 /a> '?% ac7uiredsetlisteany="v3.txt#L6/lockdep-design.txt#L66" id.1L66" class="line7 nam4.1L71">" 61 /a>n" 62 /a>Unused mutex7s can7ot beom>e" na3/l60" 24n" 63 /a>n" 64 /a>n" 65 /a>Single-lock 7ta=e 75 lock-class usage detec" 66 /a>------------7-----7-----s" "7 /a>Lock-classn" 53 /1p7o20 n23t7n> 43.14.142pio12n3on7v3/lo7kd Mf="Def="Do.n" 59 /a> '+% ac79----n" 60 /a> '?& ac808"n2.1L6ne" nlue="v3.18.10"n2nam4.1L53">" 53 /1p8 nam4.1L81">" 61 /a>n" 53 /1p8 nam4.1L82">" 62 /a>Unused mutex8s can8ot bef the lumenursTE-rded'3/lockdep-design.txt#L63" id.1L63" class="line8 nam4.1L83">" 63 /a>n" 64 /a>n" 65 /a>Single-lock 8ta=e 85"v3/lockdep-design.txt#L64" id.1L64" class="line8 nam4.1L86">" 66 /a>------------8-----86t beom>L124n" "7 /a>Lock-classn" "8 /a>----------n" 59 /a> '+& ac89----beef="Do"v3/ed.uld l=esif the lul.versTE-rded'3/ (k-class usagelockdep-design.txt#L9" id.1L9" class="line" n nam4.1L90">" 60 /a> '?' ac908"n2fiFor sucht.n" 61 /a>n" 62 /a>Unused mutex9s can9ot beass usage n" 63 /a>n" 64 /a>n" 65 /a>Single-lock 9ta=e 95----besses. any=two (posmaintain/lockdep-design.txt#L66" id.1L66" class="line9 nam4.1L96">" 66 /a>------------9-----9="v3/lockdep-design.txt#L57" id.1L57" class="line9nam4.1L79">" "7 /a>Lock-classn" "8 /a>----------n" "9 /a>n" vala>The basic obje; aje; lock-clit geta="ved.="Dofromatup ias up a e" na3/l60" of="Dod.uld b<.1L6ne" nlue="v3.18.10"n2nam4.1L53">" 53 /1p10 nam4.1L101">" 11 /a>n" 53 /1p10 nam4.1L102">" 12 /a>A class of lo02 ajeot befhu/ed.uld .1 diol. athe lul.versTE-rded'. Likewisplay <2pio16n60" .1L6ne" nlue="v3.18.10"n2nam4.1L53">" 53 /1p10 nam4.1L103">" 13 /a>respect to lo03 aje3"Documenta.uld b< tak muby an <2pio16ed.n" 53 /1p10 nam4.1L104">" 14 /a>tens of thous04 aje4"Documen/lockdep-design.txt#L17" id.1L17" class="line"0 nam4.1L105">" 15 /a>struct is one05 aje5"v3/lockdep-design.txt#L64" id.1L64" class="line10 nam4.1L106">" 16 /a>lock class.n<06 aje6 lock-cl dispse sta=e bienforcter booany=" ck-clascecattacocnursta="v3/lockdep-design.txt#L45" id.1L45" class="line10 nam4.1L107">" 17 /a>n" 18ala>The v3.idator08 aje8ses ofyta="vcts areTE-rlasses. a hrnew="v3. hed ofyt.n" 19 /a>dependencies 09 aje="v3/lockdep-design.txt#L10" id.1L10" class="line"" nam4.1L110">" vala>The basic objject 1he v3.iola= the first tichangeof thacumenlatup iollowentaaeven st.n" 11 /a>n" 12 /a>A class of loocks 11="v3/lockdep-design.txt#L53" id.1L53" class="line1" nam4.1L113">" 13 /a>respect to loockin11 readloifaannew=e" na3/l60" of="Doiq concisp"v3/ we;cheosi"v3dep_si/lockdep-design.txt#L16" id.1L16" class="line"" nam4.1L114">" 14 /a>tens of thoussands1of) in if ok ofyte" na3/lo260" f="Documentapas3/lockdep-design.txt#L21" id.1L21" class="line1" nam4.1L115">" 15 /a>struct is onee cla115"v3/lockdep-design.txt#L64" id.1L64" class="line1" nam4.1L116">" 16 /a>lock class.n<" 17 /a>n" 18ala>The v3.idatorr tra118"v3/lockdep-design.txt#L64" id.1L64" class="line1" nam4.1L119">" 19 /a>dependencies betw1en difloifaannew=e" na3/l value="v3.ocq concisp"v3/ we;cheosi"v3dep_sanylockdep-design.txt#L9" id.1L9" class="line" 1" nam4.1L120">" 2vala>rolling proo1f tha12uired ie" na3/l60" of="Dof ok itocumentapas3/lockdep-design.txt#L21" id.1L21" class="line1" nam4.1L121">" 21 /a>n" 12 /a>A class of loccks 122"Docloifaannew=<2pio16n value="v3.ocq concisp"v3/ we;cheosi"v3dep_sanylockdep-design.txt#L9" id.1L9" class="line" 1" nam4.1L123">" 23 /a>a lock-class1 is u1ed for =<2pio16n60" of="Dof ok itocumentapas3/lockdep-design.txt#L21" id.1L21" class="line1" nam4.1L124">" 24 /a>and all subs1equen12="v3/lockdep-design.txt#L65" id.1L65" class="line1" nam4.1L125">" 25 /a>lock-class.n1" 26 /a>n" 27 /a>Sta=en" 53 /1p1" nam4.1L128">" 28 /a>-----n" 29 /a>n" 30ala>The v3.idato1r tra1ks locExce2" /s: Ne"v3/ &#ao.n" 31 /a>n" 32 /a>- 'ever 1held 13="v3/lockdep-design.txt#L53" id.1L53" class="line13 nam4.1L133">" 13 /a>respect to locis u1s readTenumee bia few=caill wenumea hrLef=" n" 34 /a>- 'ever 1held 1ith STclass ce href="Donta="v3.txt#L6. Suchtcaill typ ue6ne"p" 35 /a>- 'ever 1held 1s reado ssota=soror.n" 36 /a>n" 37 /a>Where STAT1E can1be eit(defa>Wingo@umentrDoclties s href=n" 38 /a> - hardirq1n" 39 /a> - softirq1n" 40 /a> - reclaim1_fsn<1 href=An inoden" 41 /a>n" 42 /a>- 'eve1r use1' n rate;cumentaer STATume3"n er4Do"iumenwhon" 43 /a>n" 14 /a>tens of thou1held4je4"Documf never goidaord" 45 /a>locking er1ror m1ssagesm4.1L567" uee detecumme3naturalidaord" 53 /1ne" nam4.11L46">" 46 /a>n" 47 /a> modprob1e/22814ta="v3/lockdep-design.txt#L18" id.1L18" class="linne" nam4.11L48">" 48 /a> (&1sio_l1cks[i]. Idaord entatedn<,up is a about"Do"v3/enta="nta1 semodel,aann3/lockdep-design.txt#L18" id.1L18" class="linne" nam4.11L49">" 49 /a>n" 50 /a> but tas1k is 1lreadyaaevifyedc"ntneument- vl". An inoden" 51 /a> (&1sio_l1cks[i] " /mentk="Do"vte/lockdep-design.txt#L66" id.1L66" class="linne" nam4.11L52">" 52 /a>n" 53 /a>n" 53/lockdep-design.txt#L53" id.1L53" class="li1ne" nam4.11L54">" 54ala>The bit po1si="v1 indic{3/lockdep-design.txt#L53" id.1L53" class="li1n13 nam4.11L55">" 55 /a>above, and1 the 1haractmenta="BD_MUTEX_NORMALv3/lockdep-design.txt#L24" id.1L24" class="li1ne" nam4.11L56">" 56 /a>n" 57 /a> '.&1#39; 1acquired ta="BD_MUTEX_PARTITION3/lockdep-design.txt#L24" id.1L24" class="li1ne" nam4.11L58">" 58 /a> '-&1#39; 1acquir};3/lockdep-design.txt#L30" id.1L30" class="linne" nam4.11L59">" 59 /a> '+&1#39; 151a="v3/lockdep-design.txt#L30" id.1L30" class="linne" nam4.11L60">" 60 /a> '?&1#39; 1acquirea href="Do_ntne"vk){-.-bDov a-24bd_tntanta= a-24bd_ of tv"BD_MUTEX_PARTITION);3/lockdep-design.txt#L30" id.1L30" class="linne" nam4.11L61">" 61 /a>n" 62 /a>Unused mut1exes 1annot Iocumme33/il never go, th.ocq6nta=ola=bdevin rate.qsam4.ocknhatnenta="v3/lockdep-design.txt#L20" id.1L20" class="li1ne" nam4.11L63">" 63 /a>n" 64 /a>n" 65 /a>Single-loc1k sta16 75 lock-class usagtreaec" 16 /a>lock class.nocum1------a href="D(sub)first er bootupurpo will bclass uTATs3/lockdep-design.txt#L21" id.1L21" class="linne" nam4.11L6ne" nlue="v3.18.10" 1 ue=1v3.18"n2.1L6ne" nlue="v3.18.10"n2nam4.1L53">" 53 /11pio20 n213tin> 43.14.142pio12n31on>v31lockd Note: 3.ioltichator " 53 /11pi nam4.11L69">" 59 /a> '+&1#36; 1ac6uire;cheorearef="Doroughlye dependenn" 53 /11p7 nam4.11L70">" 60 /a> '?&1#37; 1ac7uiryou menngdsethiddATE, STvailr bthiddAnegaSTvaiv3/lockdep-design.txt#L17" id.1L17" class="linee" nam4.11L71">" 61 /a>n" 62 /a>Unused mut1ex7s 1an7ot Pd thethe100% " 63 /a>n" 64 /a>n" 65 /a>Single-loc1k 7ta1e 75 lock-class usagednievailperfref,emn.ha 567" cks.n" 66 /a>----------1--7--171a="v3/ href="Do)itocumensensscecatt listl.vy siden<,oaltndal6nta--s" 17 /a>n" 59 /a> '+&1#37; 1ac79--combin areTElayedia hrrs hrefseny=" ck-clase cau href=" woffirst of3/lockdep-design.txt#L18" id.1L18" class="linne8 nam4.11L80">" 60 /a> '?&1#38; 1ac808"_sinrres areE-rded'[*v3/lockdep-design.txt#L43" id.1L43" class="li11p8 nam4.11L81">" 61 /a>n" 62 /a>Unused mut1ex8s 1an8ot I i.eyed.="v href=-CPUElayehref=-g locy=" scenarocq63ta oyn" 63 /a>n" 64 /a>n<1a hre184o ue=1v3718"e: "Doccq63ta lascecacocnh irpltaea(u hneve,uld .i"v3dep_sanylockdep-design.txt#L9" id.1L9" claslass="lin1e8 nam4.1L85">" 65 /a>Si1ngle-1ock 8tyehr/veterru)ub)first 75 lock-clacknhatbl2ntne"vkf37-171a="v3/ . 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