lue=2lue=2lu//spa6.2lu/spa6 class="lxr_search">lue=lue=2lue=2lue=2typ Searchlue=2lu//spa6.2e=2< lu/input typ le=2< 2 /div id < <1//a>include scripts/Makefile.include < <2//a>l< <3//a>help:l< <4//a> @echo 'Possible targets:'l< <5//a> @echo ''l< <6//a> @echo ' cpupower - a tool for all things x86 CPU power'l< <7//a> @echo ' firewire - the userspace part of nosy, a6 IEEE-1394 traffic sniffer'l< <8//a> @echo ' lguest - a minimal 32-bit x86 hyp rvisor'l< <9//a> @echo ' p rf - Linux p rformance measurement a6d a6alysis tool'l< > a> @echo ' selftests - various kernel selftests'l< 11> a> @echo ' turbostat - Intel CPU idle stats a6d freq reporting tool'l< 12> a> @echo ' usb - USB testing tools'l< 13> a> @echo ' virtio - vhost test module'l< 14//a> @echo ' vm - misc vm tools'l< 15//a> @echo ' x86_energy_p rf_policy - Intel energy policy tool'l< 16//a> @echo ''l< 17//a> @echo 'You can do:'l< 18//a> @echo ' $$ make -C tools/<tool>_install'l< 19//a> @echo ''l< 2 > a> @echo ' from the kernel comma6d line to build a6d install one of'l< 21> a> @echo ' the tools above'l< 22> a> @echo ''l< 23> a> @echo ' $$ make tools/install'l< 24//a> @echo ''l< 25//a> @echo ' installs all tools.'l< 26//a> @echo ''l< 27//a> @echo 'Cleaning targets:'l< 28//a> @echo ''l< 29//a> @echo ' all of the above with the "_clean" string appended cleans'l< 3 > a> @echo ' the respecv2ve build directory.'l< 31> a> @echo ' clean: a summary clean target to clean _all_ folders'l< 32//a>l< 33> a>cpupower: FORCEl< 34//a> $(call descend,power/$@)l< 35//a>l< 36//a>firewire lguest p rf usb virtio vm: FORCEl< 37//a> $(call descend,$@)l< 38//a>l< 39//a>selftests: FORCEl< 40//a> $(call descend,testing/$@)l< 41//a>l< 42//a>turbostat x86_energy_p rf_policy: FORCEl< 43//a> $(call descend,power/x86/$@)l< 44//a>l< 45> a>cpupower_install:l< 46//a> $(call descend,power/$(@:_install=),install)l< 47//a>l< 48//a>firewire_install lguest_install p rf_install usb_install virtio_install vm_install:l< 49//a> $(call descend,$(@:_install=),install)l< 50//a>l< 51//a>selftests_install:l< 52//a> $(call descend,testing/$(@:_clean=),install)l< 53//a>l< 54//a>turbostat_install x86_energy_p rf_policy_install:l< 55//a> $(call descend,power/x86/$(@:_install=),install)l< 56//a>l< 57//a>install: cpupower_install firewire_install lguest_install p rf_install \l< 58//a> selftests_install turbostat_install usb_install virtio_install \l< 59//a> vm_install x86_energy_p rf_policy_installl< 60//a>l< 61> a>cpupower_clean:l< 62//a> $(call descend,power/cpupower,clean)l< 63//a>l< 64//a>firewire_clean lguest_clean p rf_clean usb_clean virtio_clean vm_clean:l< 65//a> $(call descend,$(@:_clean=),clean)l< 66//a>l< 67//a>selftests_clean:l< 68//a> $(call descend,testing/$(@:_clean=),clean)l< 69//a>l< 70//a>turbostat_clean x86_energy_p rf_policy_clean:l< 71//a> $(call descend,power/x86/$(@:_clean=),clean)l< 72//a>l< 73> a>clean: cpupower_clean firewire_clean lguest_clean p rf_clean selftests_clean \l< 74//a> turbostat_clean usb_clean virtio_clean vm_clean \l< 75//a> x86_energy_p rf_policy_cleanl< 76//a>l< 77//a>.PHONY: FORCEl< 78//a> The original LXR software by the LXR community//a>, this exp rimental version>by>. //div.2/div class="subfooter"> kindly hosted>by Redpill Linpro AS//a>, provider of Linux consulting a6d op rav2.6s services since 1995. //div.2 //body.2//html.2