val3.1/spa > 3.1/form> 3.1a val3. href="../linux+v3.7..8/fs/logfs/Makefile"> val3.1img src="../.static/gfx/right.png" alt=">>"> v1/spa > v1spa class="lxr_search"> val val3.1input typn> hidden" namn> navtarget" ption> "> val3.1input typn> text" namn> search" id> search"> val3.1butt submit">Search 3.1/form> 1/spa > v1spa class="lxr_prefs"> 3.1a href="+prefs?return=fs/logfs/Makefile" val3. onclick="return ajax_prefs();"> val3.Prefs 3.1/a> v1/spa > al3. .1/div> al3. .1form ac ="ajax+*" method="post" onsubmit="return false;"> v1input typn> hidden" namn> ajax_lookup" id> ajax_lookup" ption> "> al3. .1/form> al3. .1div class="headingbott
al3. 3. .1div id> search_results" class="search_results" 3> al3. .1/div> 1div id> content"> 1div id> file_contents">
L1" class="line" namn>
L1">. .11/a>obj-$(CONFIG_LOGFS)l3. .+= logfs.o

L2" class="line" namn>
L2">. .21/a> 
L3" class="line" namn>
L3">. .31/a>logfs-y.+= compr.o

L4" class="line" namn>
L4">. .41/a>logfs-y.+= dir.o

L5" class="line" namn>
L5">. .51/a>logfs-y.+= file.o

L6" class="line" namn>
L6">. .61/a>logfs-y.+= gc.o

L7" class="line" namn>
L7">. .71/a>logfs-y.+= inode.o

L8" class="line" namn>
L8">. .81/a>logfs-y.+= journal.o

L9" class="line" namn>
L9">. .91/a>logfs-y.+= readwrite.o

L10">. .8"
a>logfs-y.+= segment.o

L11" class="line" namn>
L11">. 11"
a>logfs-y.+= super.o

L12" class="line" namn>
L12">. 12"
a>logfs-$(CONFIG_BLOCK). .+= dev_bdev.o

L13" class="line" namn>
L13">. 13"
a>logfs-$(CONFIG_MTD)l3. .+= dev_mtd.o

L14" class="line" namn>
L14">. 141/a>
1/div> 1div class="footer"> The original LXR software by the LXR community1/a>, this experimental vers0lxr@linux.no1/a>. 1/div> 1div class="subfooter"> kindly hostedoby Redpill Linpro AS1/a>, provider of Linux consulting and opera s services since 1995. 1/div> 1/body> 1/html>