" /spaon> /formn> a " href="../linux+v3.27.1/drivers/bcma/driver_gmac_cmn.c">" img src="../.static/gfx/right.png" alt=">>">" /spaon>" spao class="lxr_search">" " input typue=hidden" namue=navtarget" value=">" input typue=text" namue=search" ide=search">" buttiontypue=submit">Search /formn> /spaon>" spao class="lxr_prefs"n> a href="+prefs?return=drivers/bcma/driver_gmac_cmn.c"" onclick="return ajax_prefs();">" Prefs> /a>" /spaon> /divn> form acptio="ajax+*" method="post" onsubmit="return false;">" input typue=hidden" namue=ajax_lookup" ide=ajax_lookup" value=">" /formn>" div class="headingbottim"> div ide=search_results" class="search_results"> n> /divn> div ide=content">> div ide=file_contents"n
   1 /a> spao class="comment">/* /spaon>   2 /a> spao class="comment"> * Broadcom specific AMBA /spaon>   3 /a> spao class="comment"> * GBIT MAC COMMON Core /spaon>   4 /a> spao class="comment"> * /spaon>   5 /a> spao class="comment"> * Licensed under the GNU/GPL. See COPYING for details. /spaon>   6 /a> spao class="comment"> */ /spaon>   7 /a>"   8 /a>#include "bcma_private.h /a>""   9 /a>#include <linux/bcma/bcma.h /a>>"  .10"  11 /a>void  a href="+code=__devinit" class="sref">__devinit /a>  a href="+code=bcma_core_gmac_cmn_init" class="sref">bcma_core_gmac_cmn_init /a>(struct  a href="+code=bcma_drv_gmac_cmn" class="sref">bcma_drv_gmac_cmn /a> * a href="+code=gc" class="sref">gc /a>)"  12 /a>{"  13 /a>         a href="+code=mutex_init" class="sref">mutex_init /a>(& a href="+code=gc" class="sref">gc /a>-> a href="+code=phy_mutex" class="sref">phy_mutex /a>);"  14 /a>}"  15 /a> /pre>>
 div class="footer">>The original LXR software by the LXR community /a>, this experimental verstionby /a>.
 /divn> div class="subfooter">> kindly hosted by Redpill Linpro AS /a>, provider of Linux consulting and operaptios services since 1995.
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