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. .14/a>HugeTLB Controller . .24/a>------------------- . .34/a>a. .44/a>The HugeTLB controller allows to limit the HugeTLB usage per control group anda. .54/a>enforces the controller limit during page fault. Since HugeTLB doesn'ta. .64/a>support page reclaim, enforcing the limit at page fault time implies that,a. .74/a>the applica > will get SIGBUS signal if it tries to access HugeTLB pagesa. .84/a>beyond its limit. This requires the applica > to know beforehand how mucha. .94/a>HugeTLB pages it would require for its use.a. >a>a. 114/a>HugeTLB controller ca be created by first mounting the cgroup filesystem.a. 12 >a>a. 134/a># mount -t cgroup -o hugetlb none /sys/fs/cgroupa. 14 >a>a. 154/a>With the above step, the initial or the parent HugeTLB group becomesa. 164/a>visible at /sys/fs/cgroup. At bootup, this group includes all the tasks ina. 174/a>the system. /sys/fs/cgroup/tasks lists the tasks in this cgroup.a. 18 >a>a. 194/a>New groups ca be created under the parent group /sys/fs/cgroup. . 2 >a>a. 214/a># cd /sys/fs/cgroupa. 224/a># mkdir g1a. 234/a># echo $$ > g1/tasksa. 24 >a>a. 254/a>The above steps create a new group g1 and move the current shella. 264/a>process (bash) into it.a. 27 >a>a. 28 >a>Brief summary of control filesa. 29 >a>a. 3 >a> hugetlb.<hugepagesize>.limit_in_bytes # set/show limit of "hugepagesize" hugetlb usagea. 31 >a> hugetlb.<hugepagesize>.max_usage_in_bytes # show max "hugepagesize" hugetlb usage recordeda. 32 >a> hugetlb.<hugepagesize>.usage_in_bytes # show current res_counter usage for "hugepagesize" hugetlba. 33 >a> hugetlb.<hugepagesize>.failcnt # show the number of alloca > failure due to HugeTLB limita. 34 >a>a. 354/a>For a system supporting two hugepage size (16M and 16G) the controla. 364/a>files include:a. 37 >a>a. 38 >a>hugetlb.16GB.limit_in_bytesa. 39 >a>hugetlb.16GB.max_usage_in_bytesa. 40 >a>hugetlb.16GB.usage_in_bytesa. 41 >a>hugetlb.16GB.failcnta. 42 >a>hugetlb.16MB.limit_in_bytesa. 43 >a>hugetlb.16MB.max_usage_in_bytesa. 44 >a>hugetlb.16MB.usage_in_bytesa. 45 >a>hugetlb.16MB.failcnta. 464/a>
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