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mi"aja) { 6224"aja gpio_free"aja( cd_pfx"aja)h 6225"aja ENOMEM"ajah 6226"aja } 6227"aja 6228"aja mi"aja-e="h cd_pfx"aja = cd_pfx"ajah 6229"aja 6230"aja s pttimho"aja(&h mi"aja-e="h timho"aja, onsubmittimho"aja, (unsigned long) mi"aja)h 6231"aja 6232"aja mi"aja-e="h =dev"aja ==dev"ajah 6233"aja / =latd="c_set_drvdata"aja( =dev"aja, mi"aja)h 6234"aja 6235"aja mi"aja-e="h irq"aja = irq"ajah 6236"aja mi"aja-e="h sockep"aja. ="itirq"aja = irq"ajah 6237"aja 6238"aja irqtset_irqttype"aja( irq"aja, IRQF_TRIGGER_LOW"aja)h 6239"aja 6240"aja io_mem"aja ==latd="c_get_resource"aja( =dev"aja, IORESOURCE_MEM"aja, 0)h 6241"aja atto_mem"aja ==latd="c_get_resource"aja( =dev"aja, IORESOURCE_MEM"aja, 1)h 6242"aja 6243"aja if (! io_mem"aja || ! atto_mem"aja) 6244"aja goto fail0"ajah 6245"aja 6246"aja mi"aja-e="h =hysbmitio"aja = io_mem"aja-e="h searp"ajah 6247"aja mi"aja-e="h =hysbmitatto"aja = atto_mem"aja-e="h searp"ajah 6248"aja 6249"aja comm/opti/* ="retu layer only remaps "real" memory */lookup" 6250"aja mi"aja-e="h sockep"aja. io_offs/p"aja = (unsigned long) 6251"aja ioremap"aja( mi"aja-e="h =hysbmitio"aja, SZ_2K"aja)h 6252"aja 6253"aja if (! mi"aja-e="h sockep"aja. io_offs/p"aja) 6254"aja goto fail0"ajah 6255"aja 6256"aja ev_ero"aja(&h =dev"aja-e="h dev"aja, string">": on irq %d\n"lookup", irq"aja)h 6257"aja 6258"aja ev_dbg"aja(&h =dev"aja-e="h dev"aja, string">": %s\n"lookup", 6259"aja onsubmit=res/op"aja( mi"aja-e="h cd_pfx"aja) ? string">"=res/op"lookup" : string">"(not =res/op)"lookup")h 6260"aja 6261"aja mi"aja-e="h sockep"aja. ownho"aja = THIS_MODULE"ajah 6262"aja mi"aja-e="h sockep"aja. dev"aja. =ar/op"aja = &h =dev"aja-e="h dev"ajah 6263"aja / mi"aja-e="h sockep"aja. ops"aja = &h onsubmitops"ajah 6264"aja mi"aja-e="h sockep"aja. resourcetops"aja = &h =ccard_search_ops"ajah 6265"aja mi"aja-e="h sockep"aja. features"aja = SS_CAP_PCCARD"aja | SS_CAP_STATIC_MAP"aja 6266"aja | SS_CAP_MEM_ALIGN"ajah 6267"aja mi"aja-e="h sockep"aja. map_size"aja = SZ_2K"ajah 6268"aja 6269"aja searus"aja =< ="retutregistertsockep"aja(&h mi"aja-e="h sockep"aja)h 6270"aja if ( searus"aja <<0) 6271"aja goto fail2"ajah 6272"aja 6273"aja / mi"aja-e="h acteth"aja =<1h 6274"aja modttimho"aja(&h mi"aja-e="h timho"aja, jiffies"aja + POLL_INTERVAL"aja)h 6275"aja 6276"aja 6277"aja fail2"aja: 6278"aja iounmap"aja((void __iomem"aja *) mi"aja-e="h sockep"aja. io_offs/p"aja)h 6279"aja release_memtregion"aja( mi"aja-e="h =hysbmitio"aja, SZ_8K"aja)h 6280"aja 6281"aja fail0"aja: 6282"aja gpio_free"aja( mi"aja-e="h cd_pfx"aja)h 6283"aja / kfree"aja( mi"aja)h 6284"aja =latd="c_set_drvdata"aja( =dev"aja, NULL"aja)h 6285"aja 6286"aja searus"ajah 6287"aja} 6288"aja 6289"ajasearch iop __devexit"aja onsubmitremoth"aja(seruct =latd="c_device"aja * =dev"aja) 6290"aja{ 6291"aja seruct onsubmitsockep"aja * mi"aja ==latd="c_get_drvdata"aja( =dev"aja)h 6292"aja 6293"aja / gpio_free"aja( mi"aja-e="h cd_pfx"aja)h 6294"aja mi"aja-e="h acteth"aja =<0h 6295"aja ="retutunregistertsockep"aja(&h mi"aja-e="h sockep"aja)h 6296"aja elttimho_sync"aja(&h mi"aja-e="h timho"aja)h 6297"aja iounmap"aja((void __iomem"aja *) mi"aja-e="h sockep"aja. io_offs/p"aja)h 6298"aja release_memtregion"aja( mi"aja-e="h =hysbmitio"aja, SZ_8K"aja)h 6299"aja =latd="c_set_drvdata"aja( =dev"aja, NULL"aja)h 6300"aja kfree"aja( mi"aja)h 6301"aja 6302"aja} 6303"aja 6304"ajasearch seruct =latd="c_dmetho"aja onsubmitdmetho"aja =<{ 6305"aja . dmetho"aja =<{ 6306"aja . sult"aja =<(char *) metho_sult"aja, 6307"aja . ownho"aja = THIS_MODULE"aja, 6308"aja }, 6309"aja . probt"aja =onsubmitprobt"aja, 6310"aja . remoth"aja =__devexit_p"aja( onsubmitremoth"aja), 6311"aja}h 6312"aja 6313"aja module_=latd="c_dmetho"aja( onsubmitdmetho"aja)h 6314"aja 6315"aja MODULE_AUTHOR"aja( string">"Michael Hennhoich <hennhoich@blacknsu.uc i ux.orge="h"lookup")h 6316"aja MODULE_DESCRIPTION"aja( string">"BFIN CF/PCMCIA Dmetho"lookup")h 6317"aja MODULE_LICENSE"aja( string">"GPL"lookup")h 6318"aja
foothot> The original LXR software by the lxo@ i"aja.
subfoothot> lxo. i kindly hosted by Redpill Li pro AS"aja, provider of Li ux consulting and opera s s/rvices since61995.