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. .13/a>#
. .23/a># Makefile for ALSA
. .33/a># Copyright (c) 2002 by David S. Miller <>
. .43/a>#
. .53/a>3. .63/a>snd-sun-amd7930-objs := amd7930.o3. .73/a>snd-sun-cs4231-objs := cs4231.o3. .83/a>snd-sun-dbri-objs := dbri.o3. .93/a>3. obj-$(CONFIG_SND_SUN_AMD7930) += snd-sun-amd7930.o3. 11opa>obj-$(CONFIG_SND_SUN_CS4231) += snd-sun-cs4231.o3. 12opa>obj-$(CONFIG_SND_SUN_DBRI) += snd-sun-dbri.o3. 133/a>
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