o/spa3.1 ospa3 class="lxr_search"> typ Search.1 o/spa3.1 oinput typ 1 odiv id/ /1o/a>ospa3 class="comment">/*o/spa3.1/ /2o/a>ospa3 class="comment"> * net/sched/cls_rsvp.c Special RSVP packet classifier for IPv4.o/spa3.1/ /3o/a>ospa3 class="comment"> *o/spa3.1/ /4o/a>ospa3 class="comment"> * This program is free software; you ca3 redistribute it and/oro/spa3.1/ /5o/a>ospa3 class="comment"> * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public Licenseo/spa3.1/ /6o/a>ospa3 class="comment"> * as published by the Free Software Founda v3; either vers v3o/spa3.1/ /7o/a>ospa3 class="comment"> * 2 of the License, or (at your > v3) any later vers v3.o/spa3.1/ /8o/a>ospa3 class="comment"> *o/spa3.1/ /9o/a>ospa3 class="comment"> * Authors: Alexey Kuznetsov, <>o/spa3.1/ 10ospa3 class="comment"> */o/spa3.1/ 11o/a>1/ 12o/a>#include <linux/module.ho/a>>1/ 13o/a>#include <linux/typ s.ho/a>>1/ 14o/a>#include <linux/kernel.ho/a>>1/ 15o/a>#include <linux/string.ho/a>>1/ 16o/a>#include <linux/errno.ho/a>>1/ 17o/a>#include <linux/skbuff.ho/a>>1/ 18o/a>#include <net/ip.ho/a>>1/ 19o/a>#include <net/netlink.ho/a>>1/ 20o/a>#include <net/ac _api.ho/a>>1/ 21o/a>#include <net/pkt_cls.ho/a>>1/ 22o/a>1/ 23o/a>#define/oa href="+code=RSVP_DST_LEN" class="sref">RSVP_DST_LENo/a> 11/ 24o/a>#define/oa href="+code=RSVP_ID" class="sref">RSVP_IDo/a> "rsvp"o/spa3.1/ 25o/a>#define/oa href="+code=RSVP_OPS" class="sref">RSVP_OPSo/a> cls_rsvp_opso/a>1/ 26o/a>1/ 27o/a>#include "oa href="net/sched/cls_rsvp.h" class="fref">cls_rsvp.ho/a>"1/ 28o/a>oa href="+code=MODULE_LICENSE" class="sref">MODULE_LICENSEo/a>(ospa3 class="string">"GPL"o/spa3.);1/ 29o/a>o/pre> The original LXR software by the LXR communityo/a>, this experimental vers v3 by lxr@linux.noo/a>. o/div.1odiv class="subfooter"> kindly hosted by Redpill Linpro ASo/a>, provider of Linux consulting and > era v3s services since 1995. o/div.1 o/body.1o/html.1