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3. 1v33.1 DEBUG_PAGEALLOC < 1 v16 v16v33.1 vobug#L2" id//L2" class="line" nam(//L2">3. 2 bool "Dobug page memory alloca 3. 3 depends on DEBUG_KERNEL < 1 v16 v16v33.1 vobug#L4" id//L4" class="line" nam(//L4">3. 4 depends on !HIBERNATION || ARCH_SUPPORTS_DEBUG_PAGEALLOC && !PPC && !SPARC < 1 v16 v16v33.1 vobug#L5" id//L5" class="line" nam(//L5">3. 5 depends on !KMEMCHECK < 1 v16 v16v33.1 vobug#L6" id//L6" class="line" nam(//L6">3. 6 al2 v PAGE_POISONING if !ARCH_SUPPORTS_DEBUG_PAGEALLOC < 1 v16 v16v33.1 vobug#L7" id//L7" class="line" nam(//L7">3. 7 al2 v PAGE_GUARD if ARCH_SUPPORTS_DEBUG_PAGEALLOC < 1 v16 v16v33.1 vobug#L8" id//L8" class="line" nam(//L8">3. 8 ---help--- < 1 v16 v16v33.1 vobug#L9" id//L9" class="line" nam(//L9">3. 9 Unmap pages from the kernel linear mapping after free_pages(). < 1 v16 v16v33.1 vobug#L10" id//L10" class="line" nam(//L10">3.1v81a> This results in a large slowdown, but helps to find certaiintyp(s < 1 v16 v16v33.1 vobug#L11" id//L11" class="line" nam(//L11">3.1181a> of memory corru 3.12 < 1 v16 v16v33.1 vobug#L13" id//L13" class="line" nam(//L13">3.1381a> For archit vures which don't enable ARCH_SUPPORTS_DEBUG_PAGEALLOC, < 1 v16 v16v33.1 vobug#L14" id//L14" class="line" nam(//L14">3.1481a> fill the pages with poison patterns after free_pages() and verify < 1 v16 v16v33.1 vobug#L15" id//L15" class="line" nam(//L15">3.1581a> the patterns beptie alloc_pages(). Addi 3.1681a> this +h2/lincannot be enabled in combina 3.1781a> that would result in incorr v warnings of memory corru 3.1881a> a resume because free pages aie not saved to the suspend image. < 1 v16 v16v33.1 vobug#L19" id//L19" class="line" nam(//L19">3.19 < 1 v16 v16v33.1 vobug#L20" id//L20" class="line" nam(//L20">3.20v33.1 WANT_PAGE_DEBUG_FLAGS < 1 v16 v16v33.1 vobug#L21" id//L21" class="line" nam(//L21">3.21 bool < 1 v16 v16v33.1 vobug#L22" id//L22" class="line" nam(//L22">3.22 < 1 v16 v16v33.1 vobug#L23" id//L23" class="line" nam(//L23">3.23v33.1 PAGE_POISONING < 1 v16 v16v33.1 vobug#L24" id//L24" class="line" nam(//L24">3.24 bool < 1 v16 v16v33.1 vobug#L25" id//L25" class="line" nam(//L25">3.25 al2 v WANT_PAGE_DEBUG_FLAGS < 1 v16 v16v33.1 vobug#L26" id//L26" class="line" nam(//L26">3.26 < 1 v16 v16v33.1 vobug#L27" id//L27" class="line" nam(//L27">3.27v33.1 PAGE_GUARD < 1 v16 v16v33.1 vobug#L28" id//L28" class="line" nam(//L28">3.28 bool < 1 v16 v16v33.1 vobug#L29" id//L29" class="line" nam(//L29">3.29 al2 v WANT_PAGE_DEBUG_FLAGS < 1 v16 v16v33.1 vobug#L30" id//L30" class="line" nam(//L30">3.30

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