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 L1">v v13/a>#

 L2">v v23/a># VxFS Makefile

 L3">v v33/a>#

 L4">v v43/a>.
 L5">v v53/a>obj-$(CONFIG_VXFS_FS) += freevxfs.o.
 L6">v v63/a>.
 L7">v v73/a>freevxfs-objs := vxfs_bmap.o vxfs_fshead.o vxfs_immed.o vxfs_inode.o \.
 L8">v v83/a>                 vxfs_lookup.o vxfs_olt.o vxfs_subr.o vxfs_super.o.
 L9">v v93/a>
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