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. .11/a>#
. .21/a># Makefile for most of the non-PCI devices in PA-RISC machines
. .31/a>#
. .41/a>t. .51/a># I/O SAPIC is also on IA64 platforms.t. .61/a># The two could be merged into a common source some day.t. .71/a>obj-$(CONFIG_IOSAPIC)           += iosapic.ot. .81/a>obj-$(CONFIG_IOMMU_SBA)         += sba_iommu.ot. .91/a>obj-$(CONFIG_PCI_LBA)           += lba_pci.ot. ion a>t. 111/a># Only use one of them: ccio-rm-dma is for PCX-W systems *only*t. 121/a># obj-$(CONFIG_IOMMU_CCIO)      += ccio-rm-dma.ot. 131/a>obj-$(CONFIG_IOMMU_CCIO)        += ccio-dma.ot. 141/a>t. 151/a>obj-$(CONFIG_GSC)               += gsc.ot. 161/a>t. 171/a>obj-$(CONFIG_HPPB)              += hppb.ot. 181/a>obj-$(CONFIG_GSC_DINO)          += dino.ot. 191/a>obj-$(CONFIG_GSC_LASI)          += lasi.o asp.ot. 201/a>obj-$(CONFIG_GSC_WAX)           += wax.ot. 211/a>obj-$(CONFIG_EISA)              += eisa.o eisa_enumerator.o eisa_eeprom.ot. 221/a>t. 231/a>obj-$(CONFIG_SUPERIO)           += superio.ot. 241/a>obj-$(CONFIG_CHASSIS_LCD_LED)   += led.ot. 251/a>obj-$(CONFIG_PDC_STABLE)        += pdc_stable.ot. 261/a>obj-y                           += power.ot. 271/a>t. 281/a>
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