opti3.4/spalue 3.4/formue 3.4a opti3. href="../linux+v3.7.7/arch/h8300/Kconfig.debug">opti3.4img src="../.static/gfx/right.png" alt=">>">op4/spalueop4spal class="lxr_search">optiopti3.4input typ v3hidden" nam v3navtarget" > v3">opti3.4input typ v3text" nam v3search" idv3search">opti3.4butt typ v3submit">Searchopti3.Prefse 3.4/a>op4/spalueti3. .4/divueti3. .4form ac val="ajax+*" method="post" onsubmit="return false;">op4input typ v3hidden" nam v3ajax_lookup" idv3ajax_lookup" > v3">oti3. .4/formueoti3. .4div class="headingbott m">e 4div idv3file_contents"u
. .14/a>menu "Kernel hacking"
. .24/a>o. .34/a>source "lib/Kconfig.debug"
. .44/a>o. .54/a>config FULLDEBUGo. .64/a>        bool "Full Symbolic/Source Debugging support"
. .74/a>        help
. .84/a>          Enable debugging symbols on kernel build.
. .94/a>o. optia>config HIGHPROFILEo. 114/a>        bool "Use fast second timer for profiling"
. 124/a>        help
. 134/a>          Use a fast secondary clock to produce profiling informa val.
. 144/a>o. 154/a>config NO_KERNEL_MSGo. 164/a>        bool "Suppress Kernel BUG Messages"
. 174/a>        help
. 184/a>          Do not output any debug BUG messages withi	 the kernel.
. 194/a>o. 2ptia>config GDB_MAGICPRINTo. 214/a>        bool "Message Output for GDB MagicPrint service"
. 224/a>        depends on (H8300H_SIM || H8S_SIM)
. 234/a>        help
. 244/a>          kernel messages output using MagicPrint service from GDB
. 254/a>o. 26tia>config SYSCALL_PRINTo. 274/a>        bool "SystemCall trace print"
. 284/a>        help
. 294/a>          output history of systemcallo. 304/a>o. 31tia>config GDB_DEBUGo. 324/a>        bool "Use gdb stub"
. 334/a>        depends on (!H8300H_SIM && !H8S_SIM)
. 344/a>        help
. 354/a>          gdb stub exce12"
. 364/a>o. 37tia>config SH_STANDARD_BIOSo. 384/a>        bool "Use gdb protocol serial console"
. 394/a>        depends on (!H8300H_SIM && !H8S_SIM)
. 404/a>        help
. 414/a>          serial console output using GDB protocol.
. 424/a>          Require eCos/RedBoot
. 434/a>o. 44tia>config DEFAULT_CMDLINEo. 454/a>        bool "Use builti	 commandline"
. 464/a>        default n
. 474/a>        help
. 484/a>          builti	 kernel commandline enabled.
. 494/a>o. 5ptia>config KERNEL_COMMANDo. 514/a>        string "Buildi	 command string"
. 524/a>        depends on DEFAULT_CMDLINEo. 534/a>        help
. 544/a>          builti	 kernel commandline strings.
. 554/a>o. 56tia>config BLKDEV_RESERVEo. 574/a>        bool "BLKDEV Reserved Memory"
. 584/a>        default n
. 594/a>        help
. 604/a>          Reserved BLKDEV area.
. 614/a>o. 62tia>config BLKDEV_RESERVE_ADDRESSo. 634/a>        hex 'start address'o. 644/a>        depends on BLKDEV_RESERVEo. 654/a>        help
. 664/a>          BLKDEV start address.
. 674/a>o. 684/a>endmenuo. 694/a>
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