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   1 /a>Behaviour of Cards Under Multicast
   2 /a>==================================
   3 /a>"   4 /a>This is how they currently behave, not what the hardware can do--for example,"   5 /a>the Lance driver doesn't use its filter, eveonthough the code for loading"   6 /a>it is in the DEC Lance-based driver."   7 /a>"   8 /a>The following are requirements for multicasting "   9 /a>-----------------------------------------------"  .10AppleTalk	 
    hardware filtering not important but"  11 /a>                                 avoid cards only doing promisc"  12 /a>IP-Multicast	 
    hardware filters really help"  13 /a>IP-MRoute	 
    hardware filters are of no help"  14 /a>"  15 /a>"  16 /a>Board           Multicast	 
    Promisc         Filter"  17 /a>------------------------------------------------------------------------"  18 /a>3c501           YES             YES             YES             Software"  19 /a>3c503           YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  20 /a>3c505           YES             NO              YES             Hardware
  21 /a>3c507           NO              NO              NO              N/A
  22 /a>3c509           YES             YES             YES             Software"  23 /a>3c59x           YES             YES             YES             Software"  24 /a>ac3200          YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  25 /a>apricot         YES             PROMISC         YES             Hardware
  26 /a>arcnet          NO              NO              NO              N/A
  27 /a>at1700          PROMISC         PROMISC         YES             Software"  28 /a>atp             PROMISC         PROMISC         YES             Software"  29 /a>cs89x0          YES             YES             YES             Software"  30 /a>de4x5           YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  31 /a>de600           NO              NO              NO              N/A
  32 /a>de620           PROMISC         PROMISC         YES             Software"  33 /a>depca           YES             PROMISC         YES             Hardware
  34 /a>dmfe            YES             YES             YES             Software(*)
  35 /a>e2100           YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  36 /a>eepro           YES             PROMISC         YES             Hardware
  37 /a>eexpress        NO              NO              NO              N/A
  38 /a>ewrk3           YES             PROMISC         YES             Hardware
  39 /a>hp-plus         YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  40 /a>hp              YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  41 /a>hp100           YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  42 /a>ibmtr           NO              NO              NO              N/A
  43 /a>ioc3-eth        YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  44 /a>lance           YES             YES             YES             Software(#)
  45 /a>ne              YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  46 /a>ni52            <------------------ Buggy ------------------>
  47 /a>ni65            YES             YES             YES             Software(#)
  48 /a>seeq            NO              NO              NO              N/A
  49 /a>sgiseek         <------------------ Buggy ------------------>
  50 /a>smc-ultra       YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  51 /a>sunlance        YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  52 /a>tulip           YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  53 /a>wavelan         YES             PROMISC         YES             Hardware
  54 /a>wd              YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  55 /a>xirc2ps_cs      YES             YES             YES             Hardware
  56 /a>znet            YES             YES             YES             Software"  57 /a>"  58 /a>"  59 /a>PROMISC = This multicast mode is in fact promiscuous mode. Avoid using"  60 /a>cards who go PROMISC on any multicast in a multicast kernel."  61 /a>"  62 /a>(#) = Hardware multicast support is not used yet."  63 /a>(*) = Hardware support for Davicom 9132 chipset only."  64 /a>
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