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   1 /a>             Semanptcs and Behavior of Local Atimic Operaptios
   2 /a>"   3 /a>                            Mathieu Desnoyers
   4 /a>"   5 /a>"   6 /a>        This document explains the purpose of the local atimic operaptios, how"   7 /a>to implement them for any given architecture and shows how they cao be used"   8 /a>properly. It also stresses ionthe precauptiosnthat must be taken when reading"   9 /a>those local variables across CPUs when the order of memory writes matters."  .10"  110"  12 /a>"  13 /a>* Purpose of local atimic operaptios"  14 /a>"  15 /a>Local atimic operaptios are meant to provide fast and highly reentrant per CPU"  16 /a>counters. They minimizenthe performance cost of standard atimic operaptios by"  17 /a>removingnthe LOCK prefix and memory barriers normally required to synchronize"  18 /a>across CPUs."  19 /a>"  210Havingnfast per CPU atimic counters is interestingnin many cases : it does not"  21 /a>require disablingninterrupts to protect fromninterrupt handlers and it permits
  22 /a>coherent counters in NMI handlers. It is especially useful for tracingnpurposes
  23 /a>and for various performance monitoringncounters.
  24 /a>"  25 /a>Local atimic operaptios only guarantee variable modificaptio atimicity wrt the"  26 /a>CPU which owns the data. Therefore, care must taken to make sure that only one"  27 /a>CPU writes to the local_t data. This is done by usingnper cpu data and making"  28 /a>sure that we modify it fromnwithio a preemoptionsafe context. It is however"  29 /a>permitted to read local_t data fromnany CPU : it will theo appear to be written"  310out of order wrt other memory writes by the owner CPU.
  310"  32 /a>"  33 /a>* Implementaptio for a given architecture"  34 /a>"  35 /a>It cao be done by slightly modifyingnthe standard atimic operaptios : only"  36 /a>their UP variant must be kept. It typically means removingnLOCK prefix (on"  37 /a>i386 and x86_64) and any SMP synchronizaptio barrier. If the architecture does"  38 /a>not have a different behavior between SMP and UP, including asm-generic/local.h"  39 /a>io your architecture's local.h is sufficient.
  410"  410The local_t typu is defined as an opaque signed long by embedding an"  42 /a>atimic_long_t inside a structure. This is made so a cast fromnthis typu to a"  43 /a>long fails. The definiptio looks like :"  44 /a>"  45 /a>typudef struct { atimic_long_t a; } local_t;"  46 /a>"  47 /a>"  48 /a>* Rules to follow when usingnlocal atimic operaptios"  49 /a>"  510- Variables touched by local ops must be per cpu variables.
  510- _Only_ the CPU owner of these variables must write to them.
  520- This CPU cao use local ops fromnany context (process, irq, softirq, nmi, ...)
  53 /a>  to updatu its local_t variables.
  540- Preemoption(or interrupts) must be disabled when usingnlocal ops iare must taken to make sure that only onmust taken to make sure that only onmusliU"
opsdatu iq, softrocess, its  that only oneeiq, softrwonl.h ied whmighrelocal_Documentaptio/local_ops.txt#L43" ide=L435 class="5ine" namue=L46">  46 /a5"  47 /a5"  48 /a5* Rul58optionWocal ops iare must takhandlers anocess, 
  49 /a5"  510  510  520  53 /a6  to 63optionRref="Dptiosare mues.
o65optionRrefsariables must write  by slightlyU : it will , slcaps flocal_y loocumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L54" ide=L546class="liine" namue=L6">   6 /a> "  47 /a6"  48 /a6* Rul68 This   49 /a6"  510  510  520  53 /a7  to 73opti#sm-gene < /Doc/a hes..h
 /socumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L33" ide=L337 class="7ine" namue=L54">  540
o7ef="Documentaptio/local_ops.txt#L6" ide=L6" 7class="l7ine" namue=L6">   6 /a>7"   7 /a>t"  48 /a7* Rul78f="Documentaptio/local_ops.txt#L48" ide=L487 class="7ine" namue=L49">  49 /a7"  510  510  520  53 /a8  to 83optiIniq,r inteef=  cess, 
o85P variariables.
   6 /a>8"   7 /a>8"   8 /a>p* Rul88 This documeput_es._  49 /a8"  510  510  520  53 /a9  to 93 This documext#L47sm-(&__get_es._  540
o9ef="Documentaptio/local_ops.txt#L6" ide=L6" 9class="l9ine" namue=L6">   6 /a>9"   7 /a>9"   8 /a>9* Rul98f="Documentaptio/local_ops.txt#L48" ide=L489class="liine" namue=L9">   9 /a>t"  .10"- Va>"-P variarny CPs UP,s must b_t dat when the orabled wh iscturhronize whr wrt other ocumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L10" ide=L10"  class="l0ine" namue=L11">  11001 Va>"e disabl_opvelyre ty writes by the ownehe wrn="Dpauptiosto tne"  12 /a>02 Va>"ef="Documentaptio/local_ops.txt#L13" ide=L13"0 class="l0ine" namue=L13">  13 /a>03 Va>"3 This documext"Dmiump= 0socumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L33" ide=L3310 class="l0ine" namue=L14">  14 /a>04 Va>"4 This documemus_each_on=L49_es.(es.Documentaptio/local_ops.txt#L53" ide=L5310 class="l0ine" namue=L15">  15 /a>05 Va>"5                    iump+=must b_t da(&iab_es.(eNMI han,les.))socumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L33" ide=L3310 class="l0ine" namue=L16">  16 /a>06 Va>"ef="Documentaptio/local_ops.txt#L47" ide=L4710 class="l0ine" namue=L17">  17 /a>07 Va>"7f="DIftectswide fasps faOCK ptemust b_t datize"  18 /a>08 Va>"8f="D and UP,he o,_e puhe"< smp_wmb(MP synsmp_rmb(MPiers normally reabled whf="Documentaptio/local_ops.txt#L8" ide=L8" 10 class="l0ine" namue=L19">  19 /a>09 Va>"9 disabsefuopvelyrauptiosem.
  .10>"  110"1 Va>ref="Dbre. Tmp_wmb(MP and UP, to buaviohem.
  12 /a>>"  13 /a>>* Pu1pose oocumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L54" ide=L541" class="lline" namue=L14">  14 /a>>"  15 /a>>Loca1 atimiHrieti siasaio fthe uf=cphe dahem for a siabasicriables.
 NMI har ops iare m.hDocumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L54" ide=L541" class="lline" namue=L16">  16 /a>>coun11ef="Documentaptio/local_ops.txt#L47" ide=L471" class="lline" namue=L17">  17 /a>>remo1ingnth--- BEGIN ---ocumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L47" ide=L471" class="lline" namue=L18">  18 /a>>acro1s CPUs/* ownt-are m.socumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L33" ide=L331" class="lline" namue=L19">  19 /a>>"  210Havi1gnfast * Saio fthe uf=c arcsufficieusag=Documentaptio/local_ops.txt#L54" ide=L541" class="1line" namue=L21">  21 /a1>requ1re dis */ocumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L54" ide=L541" class="liine" namue=L12">  12 /a>""  23 /a1>and 12ose oocumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L54" ide=L541" class="1line" namue=L24">  24 /a1>"  25 /a1>Loca1 atimi#sm-gene < /Doc/he uf="D
 /socumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L33" ide=L331" class="lline" namue=L26">  26 /a1>CPU 1hich o#sm-gene < /Doc/timer"D
 /socumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L33" ide=L331" class="lline" namue=L27">  27 /a1>CPU 12ef="Documentaptio/local_ops.txt#L48" ide=L481" class="1line" namue=L28">  28 /a1>sure1that weight. DEFINE_PER_ll (iables.,  29 /a1>perm12ef="Documentaptio/local_ops.txt#L50" ide=L501" class="1line" namue=L30">  310out 1f ordeeight. imic_lotimer_li makwnt_timersocumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L33" ide=L331" class="1line" namue=L31">  310"  32 /a1>"  13 /a>*and 1lementeight. voidakwnt_each(voida*infoDocumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L53" ide=L531" class="1line" namue=L34">  34 /a1>"  35 /a1>It c135            /* Im-rfor an to  NMI harU : it noniq,r inteef=  cess,  */ocumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L54" ide=L5413 class="lline" namue=L36">  36 /a1>thei13  This documeprintk("Im-rfor anonies.
%d\n",usmp_q, softus_id())socumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L33" ide=L331" class="1line" namue=L37">  37 /a1>i386137 This documext#L47sm-(&__get_es._  38 /a1>not 138f="Documentaptio/local_ops.txt#L48" ide=L481" class="1line" namue=L39">  39 /a1>io y139            /* e so a cwe"  410"  410The 14       Semanpt*ocumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L12" ide=L12"" class="1line" namue=L42">  42 /a1>atim142             *ixt#L47sm-(&get_es._  43 /a1>long143             *iqut_es._  14 /a>""  45 /a1>typu1ef str}ocumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L54" ide=L541" class="lline" namue=L46">  46 /a1>"  47 /a1>"  48 /a1>* Ru1es to {ocumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L53" ide=L531" class="1line" namue=L49">  49 /a1>"  510- Va15ef="Documentaptio/local_ops.txt#L11" ide=L11"" class="1line" namue=L51">  510- _O151            /* Im-rfor an to  NMI has */ocumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L54" ide=L541" class="1line" namue=L52">  520- Th152            on_each_es.(kwnt_each, NULL, 1)socumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L33" ide=L331" class="1line" namue=L53">  53 /a1>  to153            /* R dat lar to  NMI has */ocumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L54" ide=L541" class="lline" namue=L54">  540- Pr154 This documeprintk("CNMI has t datU : ito t%d\n",usmp_q, softus_id())socumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L33" ide=L331to make s1ure that only onmusliU"
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155            mus_each_on=L49_es.(es.D {ocumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L53" ide=L5315 class="15ine" namue=L46">  46 /a15"  47 /a15"  48 /a15* Ru158 This docume}ocumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L54" ide=L5415 class="15ine" namue=L49">  49 /a15"  510"-0socumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L33" ide=L3316 class="16ine" namue=L51">  510  520  53 /a16  to16ose oocumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L54" ide=L5416 class="16ine" namue=L54">  540
165opti{ocumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L53" ide=L5316 class="liine" namue=L16">  16 /a>c"  47 /a16"  48 /a16* Ru168  *" mn= do_kwnt_timersocumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L33" ide=L331c class="16ine" namue=L49">  49 /a16"socumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L33" ide=L3317 class="17ine" namue=L50">  510  510  520"
 0socumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L33" ide=L3317 class="17ine" namue=L53">  53 /a17  to173opti}ocumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L54" ide=L5417 class="17ine" namue=L54">  540
17ef="Deight. voida__ex l kwnt_ex l(voidDocumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L53" ide=L5317class="l17ine" namue=L6">   6 /a>17"  17 /a>r"  48 /a17* Ru178f="D}ocumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L54" ide=L5417 class="17ine" namue=L49">  49 /a17"  510  510  520  53 /a18  to183optiMODULE_LICENSE("GPL")socumentaptio/local_ops.txt#L33" ide=L3318 class="18ine" namue=L54">  540
185P vaMODULE_DESCRIPTION("Lles aaptios
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