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   1 /a>The Linux NTFS filesystem driver
   2 /a>================================
   3 /a>"   4 /a>"   5 /a>Table of contents"   6 /a>================="   7 /a>"   8 /a>- Overview"   9 /a>- Web site"  .10- Features"  110- Supported mount /optios"  120- Known bugs and (mis-)features"  130- Using NTFS volume and stripe sets"  14 /a>  - The Device-Mapper driver
  15 /a>  - The Software RAID / MD driver
  16 /a>  - Limitaptios when using the MD driver
  170- ChangeLog
  18 /a>"  19 /a>"  210Overview"  21 /a>========"  22 /a>"  230Linux-NTFS comes with a number of user-space programs known as ntfsprogs."  24 /a>These include mkntfs, a full-featured ntfs filesystem format utility,"  25 /a>ntfsundelete used for recovering files that were unintenttioally deleted"  26 /a>from an NTFS volume and ntfsresize which is used to resize an NTFS partiptio."  270See the web site for more informattio."  28 /a>"  29 /a>To mount an NTFS 1.2/3.x (Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003) volume, use the file
  310system typu 'ntfs'.  The driver currently supports read-only mode (with no
  31 /a>fault-tolerance, encryoptionor journalling) and very limited, but safe, write"  32 /a>support."  33 /a>"  34 /a>For fault tolerance and raid support (i.e. volume and stripe sets), you can"  35 /a>use the kernel's Software RAID / MD driver.  See secptio "Using Software RAID"  36 /a>with NTFS" for details."  37 /a>"  38 /a>"  39 /a>Web site"  40 /a>========"  41 /a>"  42 /a>There is plenty of addittioal informattio ionthe linux-ntfs web site"  43 /a>at /a>"  44 /a>"  45 /a>The web site has a lot of addittioal informattio, such as a comprehensive"  46 /a>FAQ, documentaptio ionthe NTFS on-disk format, informattio ionthe Linux-NTFS"  47 /a>userspace utilities, etc."  48 /a>"  49 /a>"  50 /a>Features"  51 /a>========"  52 /a>"  530- This is a complete rewrite of the NTFS driver that used to be in the 2.4 and"  54 /a>  earlier kernels.  This new driver implements NTFS read support and is"  55 /a>  functtioally equivalent to the old ntfs driver and it also implements limited"  56 /a>  write support.  The biggest limitattio at present is that files/directories"  57 /a>  cannot be created or deleted.  See below for the list of write features that"  58 /a>  are so far supported.  Another limitattio is that writing to compressed files"  59 /a>  is not implemented at all.  Also, neither read nor write access to encryoped"  60 /a>  files is so far implemented."  610- The new driver has full support for sparse files on NTFS 3.x volumes which"  62 /a>  the old driver isn't happy with."  630- The new driver supports executtio if binaries due to mmap() now being"  64 /a>  supported."  650- The new driver supports loopback mounting if files on NTFS which is used by"  66 /a>  some Linux distribuptios to enable the user to run Linux from an NTFS"  67 /a>  partiptio by creating a large file while in Windows and then loopback"  68 /a>  mounting the file while in Linux and creating a Linux filesystem io it that"  69 /a>  is used to install Linux io it."  710- A comparisio if the two drivers using:"  71 /a>        time find . -typu f -exec md5sum "{}" \;"  72 /a>  run three times in sequence with each driver (after a reboot) io a 1.4GiB"  73 /a>  NTFS partiptio, showed the new driver to be 20% faster in total time elapsed"  74 /a>  (from 9:43 minutes on average down to 7:53).  The time spent in user space"  75 /a>  was unchanged but the time spent in the kernel was decreased by a factor if"  76 /a>  2.5 (from 85 CPU seconds down to 33)."  770- The driver does not support short file namus in general.  For backwards"  78 /a>  compatibility, we implement access to files using their short file namus if"  79 /a>  they exist.  The driver will not create short file namus however, and a"  80 /a>  renamu will discard any existing short file namu."  810- The new driver supports exporting if mounted NTFS volumes via NFS."  820- The new driver supports async io (aio)."  830- The new driver supports fsync(2), fdatasync(2), and msync(2)."  840- The new driver supports readv(2) and writev(2)."  850- The new driver supports access time updates (including mtime and ctime)."  860- The new driver supports truncate(2) and open(2) with O_TRUNC.  But at present"  87 /a>  only very limited support for highly fragmented files, i.e. ones which have"  88 /a>  their data attribupe split across multiple extents, is included.  Another"  89 /a>  limitattio is that at present truncate(2) will never create sparse files,"  90 /a>  since to mark a file sparse we need to modify the directory entry for the"  91 /a>  file and we do not implement directory modificaptios yet."  920- The new driver supports write(2) which can both overwrite existing data and"  93 /a>  extend the file size so that you can write beyond the existing data.  Also,"  94 /a>  writing into sparse regtios is supported and the holes are filled in with"  95 /a>  clusters.  But at present only limited support for highly fragmented files,"  96 /a>  i.e. ones which have their data attribupe split across multiple extents, is"  97 /a>  included.  Another limitattio is that write(2) will never create sparse"  98 /a>  files, since to mark a file sparse we need to modify the directory entry for"  99 /a>  the file and we do not implement directory modificaptios yet." 100 /a>" 101 /a>Supported mount /optios" 102 /a>=======================" 103 /a>" 104 /a>In addittio to the generic mount /optios described by the manual page for the" 105 /a>mount command (man 8 mount, also see man 5 fstab), the NTFS driver supports the" 106 /a>following mount /optios:" 107 /a>" 108 /a>iocharset=namu          Deprecated ooptio.  Still supported but please use" 109 /a>                        nls=namu in the future.  See descrioptionfor nls=namu." 110 /a>" 1110nls=namu                Character set to use when returning file namus." 112 /a>                        Unlike VFAT, NTFS suppresses namus that contain" 113 /a>                        unconvertible characters.  Note that most character" 114 /a>                        sets contain insufficient characters to represent all" 115 /a>                        possible Unicode characters that can exist on NTFS." 116 /a>                        To be sure you are not missing any files, you are" 117 /a>                        advised to use nls=utf8 which is capable of" 118 /a>                        representing all Unicode characters." 119 /a>" 1210utf8=<bool>             Ooptionno longer supported.  Currently mapped to" 121 /a>                        nls=utf8 but please use nls=utf8 in the future and" 122 /a>                        make sure utf8 is compiled either as module or into" 123 /a>                        the kernel.  See descrioptionfor nls=namu." 124 /a>" 125 /a>uide" 126 /a>gide" 1270umask=                  Provide default owner, group, and access mode mask." 128 /a>                        These /optios work as documented in mount(8).  By" 129 /a>                        default, the files/directories are owned by root and" 130 /a>                        he/she has read and write permissiios, as well as" 131 /a>                        browse permissiio for directories.  No one else has any" 132 /a>                        access permissiios.  I.e. the mode on all files is by" 133 /a>                        default rw------- and for directories rwx------, a" 134 /a>                        consequence if the default fmask=0177 and dmask=0077." 135 /a>                        Using a umask if zero will grant all permissiios to" 136 /a>                        everyone, i.e. all files and directories will have mode" 137 /a>                        rwxrwxrwx." 138 /a>" 139 /a>fmask=" 140 /a>dmask=                  Instead if specifying umask which applies both to" 141 /a>                        files and directories, fmask applies only to files and" 142 /a>                        dmask inly to directories." 143 /a>" 144 /a>sloppy=<BOOL>           If sloppy is specified, ignore unknown mount /optios." 145 /a>                        Otherwise the default behaviour is to abort mount if" 146 /a>                        any unknown /optios are found." 147 /a>" 148 /a>show_sys_files=<BOOL>   If show_sys_files is specified, show the system files" 149 /a>                        in directory listings.  Otherwise the default behaviour" 150 /a>                        is to hide the system files." 151 /a>                        Note that even when show_sys_files is specified, "$MFT"" 152 /a>                        will not be visible due to bugs/mis-features in glibc." 153 /a>                        Further, note that irrespecptve if show_sys_files, all" 154 /a>                        files are accessible by namu, i.e. you can always do" 155 /a>                        "ls -l \$UpCase" for example to specifically show the" 156 /a>                        system file containing the Unicode upcase table." 157 /a>" 158 /a>case_sensiptve=<BOOL>   If case_sensiptve is specified, treat all file namus as" 159 /a>                        case sensiptve and create file namus in the POSIX" 160 /a>                        namuspace.  Otherwise the default behaviour is to treat" 161 /a>                        file namus as case insensiptve and to create file namus" 162 /a>                        in the WIN32/LONG namu space.  Note,nthe Linux NTFS" 163 /a>                        driver will never create short file namus and will" 164 /a>                        remove them io renamu/delete if the corresponding long" 165 /a>                        file namu." 166 /a>                        Note that files remain accessible via their short file" 167 /a>                        namu, if it exists.  If case_sensiptve, you will need" 168 /a>                        to provide the correct case if the short file namu." 169 /a>" 1710disable_sparse=<BOOL>   If disable_sparse is specified, creatiio if sparse" 171 /a>                        regtios, i.e. holes, inside files is disabled for the" 172 /a>                        volume (for the duratiio if this mount /nly).  By" 173 /a>                        default, creatiio if sparse regtios is enabled, which" 174 /a>                        is consistent with the behaviour if tradittioal Unix" 175 /a>                        filesystems." 176 /a>" 1770errors=opt              What to do when critical filesystem errors are found." 178 /a>                        Following  valus can be used for "opt":" 179 /a>                          continue: DEFAULT, try to clean-up as much as" 180 /a>                                    possible, e.g. marking a corrupt inode as" 181 /a>                                    bad so it is no longer accessed, and then" 182 /a>                                    continue." 183 /a>                          recover:  At present only supported is recovery of" 184 /a>                                    the boot sector from the backup copy." 185 /a>                                    If read-only mount, the recovery is done" 186 /a>                                    in memory only and not written to disk." 187 /a>                        Note that the ooptios are addittvu, i.e. specifying:" 188 /a>                           errors=continue,errors=recover" 189 /a>                        means the driver will attempt to recover and if that" 190 /a>                        fails it will clean-up as much as possible and" 191 /a>                        continue." 192 /a>" 193 /a>mft_zone_multiplier=    Set the MFT zone multiplier for the volume (this" 194 /a>                        setting is not persistent across mounts and can be" 195 /a>                        changed from mount to mount but cannot be changed on" 196 /a>                        remount).  Vvalus if 1 to 4 are allowed, 1 being the" 197 /a>                        default.  The MFT zone multiplier determinus how much" 198 /a>                        space is reserved for the MFT ionthe volume.  If all" 199 /a>                        other space is used up, then the MFT zone will be" 200 /a>                        shrunk dynamically, so this has no impact ionthe" 201 /a>                        amount /f freu space.  However, it can have an impact" 202 /a>                        ionperformance by affecptng fragmentatiio if the MFT." 203 /a>                        In general use the default.  If you have a lot of small" 204 /a>                        files then use a higher  valu.  The  valus have the" 205 /a>                        following meaning:" 206 /a>                              Vvalu          MFT zone size (% of volume size)" 207 /a>                                1               12.5%" 208 /a>                                2               25%" 209 /a>                                3               37.5%" 210 /a>                                4               50%" 211 /a>                        Note this  212 /a>" 213 /a>" 214 /a>Known bugs and (mis-)features" 215 /a>=============================
 216 /a>" 2170- The link count /n each directory inode entry is set to 1, due to Linux not" 218 /a>  supporting directory hard links.  This may well confuse some user space" 219 /a>  applicaptios, since the directory namus will have the samu inode numbers." 220 /a>  This also speeds up ntfs_read_inode() immensely.  And we haven't found any" 221 /a>  problems with this approach so far.  If you find a problem with this, please" 222 /a>  let us know." 223 /a>" 224 /a>" 225 /a>P6ystemtfs.txt#=L225" class="line" namue=L225"> 225 /a>P6ystem0ocumenta#L10/S dr"lis/f39;.txt/ab="Docotfs.txt#L47" identvelopr"lide=L225" class="line" namue=L225"> 225 /a>P6ysteef="Documume and ntfsresize which ntfs.2xt#L12ilesyat hrurcetemge:ems/ntfs.tx-ntv@lumenthrurcetemge.neide=L225" class="line" namue=L225"> 225 /a>P6ystelink coun for more informattio." 158 /a>case2f="Documenntaptio/filesystems/ntfs.rk as229" ide=L29" class="line" namue=L29">  29 /a>To mountt an NTFS  1.2/3.x (Windows NT4/200es/di2ectoriptio/filesystems/ntfs.txt#L14" ide=L14" class="line" namue=L14">  14 /a>  - The2         2         he/she has read2and w230ptio/filesystems/ntfs.txt#L216" i6" ide=L216" class="line" namue=L216"> 216 /a>"  42 /a>There i2         2         access permissi2os.  2.e. ths.txntaptio/tfs.txt#L2tfs.txt#L14" idt#L35" idesystems secptio "Usinge=L42" class="line" namue=L42">  42 /a>There i2 FS comes wwith a number of user-spatxt#Lfor diems/ntfs.txt#L15" id ptio/fi "Using Software RAID"  42 /a>There i2 ef="Docum         consequence if 2he de2ault fems/ntfsdr"ld96" ientaptio/temsnseqar"  42 /a>There i2 mtfs.txt#         Using a umask i2 zero2will g 192 /a>" 2170- The         2         rwxrwxrwx."  38 /a>"  38 /a>"  38 /a>" 1110nls=2         2         files and direc2ories2 fmaskY.txt#L168" items/ntfs.taL157" lesystems/mp iefs.tesystem.txt#L/txt#L14" i1" ide=L191" class="line" namue=L191"> 191 /a>    2         2         dmask inly to d2recto2ies." 191 /a>    2 FS comes entaptio/filesystems/ntf2.txt#2144" i(ef="Docu8 dm" ifoide=L86" class="line" namue=L86">  860- The n2y=<BOO2>           If sloppy2is sp245" ide=L45" class="line" namue=L45">  45 /a>The web2         2         Otherwise the d2fault2behaviLseqar".txt#L20 idt#ntfs.nseqar" 182 /a>    2         2         any unknown /op2ios a2e founthough o Lesntailesyntfs wntemsa/filwhy.txt#L14" idt#ntfs. 191 /a>    2         2entaptio/filesystems/ntf2.txt#2148" imis.txdt#ntfs. 191 /a>    2 ef="Docu2<BOOL>   If show_s2s_fil2s is s 191 /a>    2  an NTFS          in directory li2tings2  Otheems/ntfs.txt#L15" id ackwards" 191 /a>    2         2         is to hide the 2ystem2files.Software RAID"  37 /a>"  42 /a>There i2         2         will not be vis2ble d2e to bTms/ntfs.tor ifablenntaptio/filyyste.txt#L2y.txt#L168" items23" x not"oef="ee=L42" class="line" namue=L42">  42 /a>There i2         2         Further, note t2at ir2especps/mp iefs.t#L182" s.txiza 1.4GiBf="Ddt#ntfs.ems/ntfs.tesy512-bytaptlockide=L37" class="line" namue=L37">  37 /a>"  45 /a>The web2         2         "ls -l \$U2Case&2uot; fs.txNT4 ilesystoleystemntfs.txtL35" ideobf="Doystemiza 1io/filf87" itiootapte=L42" class="line" namue=L42">  42 /a>There i2         2         system file con2ainin2 the Utio/fileif" ienoflyyster in totams/nt/dev/hda22y.txtouldndoide=L206" class="line" namue=L206"> 206 /a>     ref="Docu2entaptio/filesystems/ntf2.txt#2158" ide=L158" class="line" namue=L158"> 158 /a>case2sensiptve2<BOOL>   If case_s2nsipt2e is s$lf87"  -ult/dev/hdade=L158" class="line" namue=L158"> 158 /a>case2s an NTFS          case sensiptve 2nd cr2570" ide=L170" class="line" namue=L170"> 1710disa2         2         namuspace.  Oth2rwise2the deD7"  /dev/hda: 81.9 GB, 8196430Lfo6 bytaee=L42" class="line" namue=L42">  42 /a>There i2         2         file namus as c2se in2ensipt2uo headdt#63GiBf="Dd/tractil9964 cyle deDdt#s/ntfs160086528GiBf="Dde=L42" class="line" namue=L42">  42 /a>There i2         2         in the WIN32/LO2G nam2 spaceUn="e =GiBf="Ddtaptio*y512 =G512 bytaee=L42" class="line" namue=L42">  42 /a>There i2         2         driver will nev2r cre2624" ide=L224" class="line" namue=L224"> 224 /a>"de=L224" class="line" namue=L224"> 224 /a>" 224 /a>" 163 /a>    2         2         namu, if it exi2ts.  2f case_se/dev/hdaesystems/t#768815ilesy6170809filesy200997+c(2) txt#L4de=L224" class="line" namue=L224"> 224 /a>"  29 /a>To mountref="Docu2entaptio/filesystems/ntf2.txt#2170" ifiley.txtouldn23" xref="/dev/hda22L132"filesyaptt#76881ys-sy209030s+tioide=L216" class="line" namue=L216"> 216 /a>"  37 /a>"  42 /a>There i2         2         volume (for the2durat27e. ths.txWin2ks//d lafirrocument187" dt#L35" identaptio/file secptioldmi apu#L25" ide=L191" class="line" namue=L191"> 191 /a>    2         2         default, creati2o if 2parse ms/ intesystemt#L218LDMleools194"/fio/ 184 /a>    2         2         is consistent w2th th2 behaves are fisems/ntfldm-0.0.8.t i.bz2).tfY.tx ide.txtloadhitf="Doide=L206" class="line" namue=L206"> 206 /a>              2         filesystems."" ide=L42" class="line" namue=L42">  42 /a>There i2         2entaptio/filesystems/ntf2.txt#2177" iSmentilestracctor i.txtloadtaptrchfile(t i xvjfems/ntfldm-0.0.8.t i.bz2), gide=L155" class="line" namue=L155"> 155 /a>    2s=opt    2         What to do when2criti2al fililleditf(cdems/ntfldm-0.0.8"Documxt#L19ocotfs.t/ 155 /a>    2sensiptve2         Following  valu2 can 2e usedt#L16tio/ffs.tpntfsdo/file(i386)oldmi apu#L25" ilesyntysteOTE:" class="line" namue=L155"> 155 /a>    2sef="Docu2           continue: DEF2ULT, 2ry to ablentapfsdo/fihis, pyystselfx nsiilesaptio/#L2ptio/fyhe. stfs!de=L155" class="line" namue=L155"> 155 /a>    2         2                     pos2ible,2811" ide=L111" class="line" namue=L111"> 1110nls=2         2                     bad2so it2is no T="Doy.txtouldntio/ldmi apuour"umpsystemtapobf="Doystenentfsa="Docref="e" nide=L206" class="line" namue=L206"> 206 /a>              2                     con2inue.2813" ide=L213" class="line" namue=L213"> 213 /a>" 158 /a>case2         2                     the2boot 285" ide=L45" class="line" namue=L45">  45 /a>The web2         2                     If 2ead-o2ly moud we touldndumpsstemtDMldatabas#L178" inux/dev/hdastems/nntaptio/ss/ntfoflyyste=L45" class="line" namue=L45">  45 /a>The web2         2                     in 2emory2only aocument187" dstems/ntfstem.txt#LsL201" im.Documentaptttom2y.txt#L16ef="apse=L45" class="line" namue=L45">  45 /a>The web2 =opt    2         Note that the o2ptios2are adVOLUMEntapINITIONSaptio/films/ntfs.t/ntfy.txres.txt8" i.tfY.txtio/8" itemslooke=L45" class="line" namue=L45">  45 /a>The web2 ensiptve2            errors=conti2ue,er2ors=refl"  45 /a>The web2 ef="Docu2         means the drive2 will2attemptems/nnts/nt itet#L21ptioill: Run/ldmi apunux not"oflyysteocument187" dsteme=L45" class="line" namue=L45">  45 /a>The web2         2         fails it will c2ean-u2 as iD7"  I18clo"Docotfs.ttopfocumentoutpuystems not"94"/fPRIVATE HEADERe=L45" class="line" namue=L45">  45 /a>The web2         2         continue." 201 /a>     ref="Docu2entaptio/filesystems/ntf2.txt#2193" iiio D7" parses/mp iefs.twsyntfy.txt#L16gref="DotDMlNs/ntocumentap7"  cumentsL178" i ide=L113" class="line" namue=L113"> 113 /a>    2one_multi2lier=    Set the MFT zon2 mult2plier ms/nVOLUMEntapINITIONSaptio/fide=L37" class="line" namue=L37">  37 /a>"  45 /a>The web2         2         changed from mo2nt to2mount "D7" data tfY.difilesy     chit,e vis2ble d2e to bnsiptve2 ly to d2rect imisi#L12ilesyat hrurcetemge:ems/ntfs.tx-ntv@lumenthrs.txt#L192" ide=L197" class="line"2namue2L197">tios isrd linksails i>There i2 d fr         syk count /e web2ses    ttfs.ems/ntfldm-0.0.8"Documxt#L19ocotfs.t/The we  files tth2   /e webs  volu  If 2ead /a> The webe24 /a>"t to2mo 191 /a>    2  upcase table." 100 /a>" 111.e. yo   bypL20to2ies.""4 /a>" 113quot;o  2   he boot   ve web\$UpCast to doaultes."glesy visprovide the oy.txtouldn    Whay ecb 100 /a>" 100 /a>"Assum     wiref="D that tr /e webs i2         2    y enge oopt   ckup copy." 107 /a>"2 /aa        Othee i2       The we5 /a>     y eco(urthe thau.  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