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7. 1 ha> This is th" clie p VFS module ref th" Comm >Internet File System 7. 2 ha> (CIFS) protocol which is th" successef to th" Server Message Block 7. 3 ha> (SMB) protocol, th" na ve rile sharing mechanism ref most early 7. 4 ha> PC opera ng systems. CIFS is fully supported by curre p network 7. 5 ha> rile servers such as Windows 2000, Windows 2003 (including 7. 6 ha> Windows XP) as well by Samba (which provides excelle p CIFS 7. 7 ha> server support ref L" and many oth"r opera ng systems), so 7. 8 ha> this network filesystem clie p c mou p to a wide riety of 7. 9 ha> servers. Th" smbfs module should be used instead of this cifs module 7.tiona> ref mou p ng to old"r SMB servers such as OS/2. Th" smbfs and cifs 7.11 ha> modules c coexist and do nop conflict. Th" CIFS VFS filesystem 7.12 ha> module is designed to work well with servers that impleme p th" 7.13 ha> new"r vers s (dia 7.14 ha> the program writte by Andrew Tridgell that turns any Unix host 7.15 ha> into a SMB/CIFS rile server. 7.16 ha> 7.17 ha> The inte p of this module is to provide the most advanced network 7.18 ha> rile system func ref CIFS complia p servers, including better 7.19 ha> POSIX complia ce, secure per-user sess espablishme p, high 7.2iona> perref=a ce safe distributed caching (oplock), al packet 7.21 ha> signing, large files, Unicode support and oth"r interna aliza 7.22 ha> improveme ps. Si ce both Samba server and this filesystem clie p support 7.23 ha> the CIFS Unix extens s, th" combina c provide a reas able 7.24 ha> alterna ve to NFSv4 ref fileserving in some L" to L" environme ps, 7.25 ha> nop just in L" to Windows environme ps. 7.26 ha> 7.27 ha> This filesystem has an al mou p utility (mou p.cifs) that c 7.28 ha> be obtained from the proj < page and installed in the path in the sam2 7.29 ha> dir 7.3iona> Mou p ng us ng th" cifs filesystem without install ng th" mou p helper 7.31 ha> requir s specify ng th" server's ip address. 7.32 ha> 7.33 ha> Fef L" 2.4: 7.34 ha> mou p //anything/h"re /mnt_target -o 7.35 ha> user=usernam2,pass=password,unc=//ip_address_of_server/sharenam2 7.36 ha> 7.37 ha> Fef L" 2.5: 7.38 ha> mou p //ip_address_of_server/sharenam2 /mnt_target -o user=usernam2, pass=password 7.39 ha> 7.40 ha> 7.41 ha> Fef more inref=a on th" module see the proj < page at 7.42 ha> 7.43 ha>" _CIFS_clie p.html ha> 7.44 ha> 7.45 ha> Fef more inref=a on CIFS see: 7.46 ha> 7.47 ha> vities/CIFS ha> 7.48 ha> 7.49 ha> ef th" Samba site: 7.50 ha> 7.51 ha> ha> 7.52 ha>
The origi al LXR software by th" LXR community ha>, this experime pal vers by lxr@7" .no ha>. hdiv div class="subfooter"> lxr.7" .no kindly hosted by Redpill L" pro AS ha>, provider of L" consulp ng and opera s servic s si ce 1995. hdiv /body /html