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a a1l/a> a a2l/a> Linux kernel coding style a a3l/a> a a4l/a>This is a short document describing the preferred coding style for the a a5l/a>linux kernel. Coding style is very personal, and I won't _force_ my a a6l/a>views on anybody, but this is what goes for anything that I have to be a a7l/a>able to maintain, and I'd prefer it for most other things too. Please a a8l/a>at least consider the points made here. a a9l/a> a First off, I'd suggest printing out a copy of the GNU coding standards, a 11l/a>and NOT read it. Burn them, it's a great symbolic gesture. a 12l/a> a 13l/a>Anyway, here goes: a 14l/a> a 15l/a> a 16l/a> Chapter 1: Indentaon> a 17l/a> a 18l/a>Tabs are 8 characoers, and thus indentaon> s are also 8 characoers. a 19l/a>There are hereonc movements that try to make indentaon> s 4 (or even 2!) a 2 characoers deep, and that is akin to trying to define the 14.15 of PI to a 21l/a>be 3. a 22l/a> a 23l/a>Raon> ale: The whole idea behind indentaon> is to clearly define where a 24l/a>a block of control starts and ends. Especially when you've been looking a 25l/a>at your screen for 20 straight hours, you'll find it a lot easier to see a 26l/a>how the indentaon> works if you have large indentaon> s. a 27l/a> a 28l/a>Now, some people will claim that having 8-characoer indentaon> s makes a 29l/a>the code move too far to the right, and makes it hard to read on a a 3 80-characoer oermi al screen. The answer to that is that if you need a 31l/a>more than 3 levels of indentaon> , you're screwed anyway, and should fix a 32l/a>your program. a 33l/a> a 34l/a>In short, 8-char indents make things easier to read, and have the added a 35l/a>benefit of warning you when you're nesting your funcon> s too deep. a 36l/a>Heed that warning. a 37l/a> ld fix ml15v3vc23ss="l1<2olass="line" nam5cmultia>No 26l/a>how t/a>more ana switchlocktare h an" L37">a 37l/a> a a1l/a> aswitchl(sufay,) {5" L1">a a1l/a> acam5 ng yoGng yoyway, here goes: acam5 ng yogng yoyway, here goes: a 16l/a> mem <<=e" ;way, here goes: a 16l/a> bingk;way, here goes: acam5 ng yoMng yoyway, here goes: ld fi4 ml1548 nam5" L2">acam5 ng yomng yoyway, here goes: a 16l/a> mem <<=e2 ;way, here goes: a 16l/a> bingk;way, here goes: acam5 ng yoKng yoyway, here goes: acam5 ng yokng yoyway, here goes: a 16l/a> mem <<=e1 ;way, here goes: a 16l/a> /*nsublererough */way, here goes: a isaultyway, here goes: a 16l/a> bingk;way, here goes: a}way, here goes: a a1l/a> a a9l/a> No 26tare h ana a6l/ sent 26L30" unlessn> worksL9">a a9l/a> a 22l/a> a 16hat(condif="D)bmitnyboy, here goes: a 16l/mit=28lgoes _eng stimey, here goes: a 15l/a> No 26" i reh ana a6l/ sent 26L30" eit for.gK Linux kernel coding style a ricky ex2ol i ge indentaon> s. a a1l/a> amh ana,s is a shw t/a>trol xceptnreaKconfig, space indenneng I have to be thexamp Codideliberre lyngkokenindentaon> s. a a1l/a> s. a 33l/a> a 14l/a> a 16l/a> mem 2: Bk;wax kelo kel32" ewed a ringL37">a 37l/a> a 14l/a> ableabilityousenta>amhonl;t _force_ my a aol indentaon> s. a a9l/a> a a4l/atro kl;t _force_ my /C8dingS5yl8#L32" id" L32" class5"l8ne52 8m5" L22">a 22l/a> achunka,sunless22">a 22l/a> a 22l/a> ef="D. Desc adaana ndentawayuboro GNUtends. >a 34leastanist condean" th22">a 22l/a> a 22l/a> aa ringLborc 9;s22">a 22l/a> your program. a a9l/a> a a9l/a> a 16l/a> mem 3: PlackernBrace intheSpace L9">a a9l/a> a 22l/a> a 22l/a> a 26l/a>hoii ze,>a 2>a 19l/few technicales es your 22">a 22l/a> a 22l/a> a w thatus byany1<2oophena K faraa>trolRhl(sie,>indentpn any1a,racoelyy, here goes: a a1l/a> a 16hat(x>inderue5" L1">a a1l/a> a 16l/a> memweedi ;t _force_ my a 16y, here goes: a 12l/a> aappliendenterernon-esting y tare h an"">a 2s (if,itchl(s,coding standards, a 15l/a> a 16tchl(sufv3va a5" L1">a a1l/a> acam5 ng KOBJ_ADDy, here goes: a 16l/a> mem" onsubot;elaaddot;elay, here goes: acam5 ng KOBJ_REMOVEy, here goes: a 16l/a> mem" onsubot;elare/a>tot;elay, here goes: acam5 ng KOBJ_CHANGEy, here goes: a a2l/a> " onsubot;elacraagtot;elay, here goes: a 16aultyway, here goes: a 16l/a> /*n" onsubNULLy, here goes: a 16y, here goes: a 14l/a> a isaon26and endm5 ng,classs. esting yo:na 2yto read, 14">a 14l/a> a a9l/a> a 163 esting y(3 x (or even 2!) acam L1">a a1l/a> a a2l/a> viewa ouesting yL1">a a1l/a> a 16y, here goes: a 14l/a> There a>Now, ererovleast cworl to reapeopl">a 36l/s ">a n/a>atstenc;t _force_ my a...emwerer...em n/a>atstents on aerer far -goesax kea>Now, kn6">a att _force_ my wcaal, and young s>nreaC)olic gesture. a a9l/a> aempty a6l/ L30" an 3na awn, _ xcept_nreL9">a a9l/a> a inswerfollo'byaaa>a binuw t/a> out a l29"ltare h anng standards, y, here goes: a 14l/a> a isaom L1">a a1l/a> a 16l/a> bingiewa oudo-loopL1">a a1l/a> a}way whilet(condif="D)y, here goes: ld fix m1l15v3138m5" L1">a a1l/a> a 22l/a> a a9l/a> acamhat(x>== y5" L1">a a1l/a> a a2l/a> .olic gesture. acam} elsemhat(x>g" a y5" L1">a a1l/a> a 16l/a> /*n..olic gesture. a 16} elsem L1">a a1l/a> a 16l/a> bin...olic gesture. a}way, here goes: ld fi4 m1l1548148m5" L1">a a1l/a> a 23l/aK&Rolic gesture. a a9l/a> abrace-placea shotaon>minimizesrs 26numblea ouemptyL9">a a9l/a> a 14l/a> a 25l/a>at i inot a s newL7">aresa 2ce (goesa14">a 14l/a> Th),n> works 31">aempty L32" Centpn 14">a 14l/a> amh anaConolic gesture. a 14l/a> a / sent 26tare h an"some doolic gesture. a a1l/a> a a1l/a> a 16v3va a()y, here goes: a a1l/a> a 22l/a> a 33l/a> a a1l/a> a isaotnybo()y, here goes: a isaotnyat()y, here goes: a a1l/a> adis inot applwahatonl;aon26branch &quaa>a dif="Dalktare h an" L / sent 2L1">a a1l/a> a a1l/a> a a1l/a> a isaotnybo()y, here goes: a isaotnyat()y, here goes: a a1l/a> a 16it fowise()y, here goes: a a1l/a> a 16l/a> mem3.1: eSpace L9">a a9l/a> a a9l/a> a a1l/a> a a1l/a> a xceptg youay ii zeof,e;"> of,egT reof,egnd __at ribute__, which #39;L1">a a1l/a> esting you(gnd ay iusunds. us"liwit 9ondeanhwaesereaL ng standards, /Co8odingSty18le#L7" id" L7" class="l18ne5718m5" L17">a 17l/a> a 16ha,itchl(s,c5 ng,codinsao, while, here goes: of,egT reof,edin__at ribute__r.g.ywang standards, a 16s =9i zeof(ttruct l)y, here goes: a 22l/a> at l)9ondeanhwa zed ex2ol i ge ii al">aexamp Cod22">a 22l/a> a 15l/a> a 16s =9i zeof( ttruct l )y, here goes: a 17l/a> ,ad, 14">a 14l/a> a 14l/a> classr.g.xamp sy, here goes: a a1l/a> acam5n sh*l _bannery, here goes: a isuni re"lilo kelo kememondse(5n sh*ptins5n sh**" opti)y, here goes: acam5n sh*mal(s_ttrdup(oro G=x k_t *s)y, here goes: a 15l/a> a a1l/a> acam= + - t;< >g" a * / ul, 7a | ulamp; ^ t;<= >g" a= >== >!= >? y, here goes: a a9l/a> a a2lamp; * + - t~ >! 9i zeof e;"> of egT reof n__at ribute__ s to clh22">a 22l/a> a 33l/a> a 3 constfixnincr5h an"lamp; deLr5h an"unaryooperreoriy, here goes: a 16++ --, here goes: a 14l/a> a 16++ --, here goes: a a9l/a> amemblea perreoria 21l/a>be 3. a a1l/a> a a1l/a> how the iome i>aertewhitespace move 26beginnve a ounewel32" ewtaon> s makes a 2 > wcaak of ce;">ient desnextclL7"4l/a>adl/ far awaya 21l/a>be 3. theheawhitespace hat is enf up not14">a 14l/a> adl/a 2>a,borc 9;s hat is le rea24">ankclL7"r.gAs a s s="sng standards, a bainve aeen lx kewhitespacea 21l/a>be 3. a a1l/a> Het is "balsepal(seer to th bloduceaeen lx kewhitespace,egnd caaL1">a a1l/a> ripe too;en lx kewhitespace odin is; howeng ,nhatapplwientacaerintaon> s makes amaychar ila pal(seerrea s clerint fn l9byacraagient dei g standards, be 3. a 33l/a> a 14l/a> a 16l/a> mem 4: Namie been looking a 14l/a> a 25namie 6ber.gUnlike>Modula-214">a 14l/a> ld fix m2l15v3238m5" ced Pascale 32l/a>mre 8 Ce 32l/a>mre edonnoseuseacuteld fis likeg standards, VariableIsATemporaryCouotfor.gA Ce 32l/a>mre wyway,cererouatt _force_ my amrc 9eake thingwrit28 ced nose s cle a8l31">t _force_ my /CoodingS4yl2e#L32" id" L32" class4"l2ine4"24m5" L22">a 22l/a> a 22l/a> aea 21l/a>be 3. a 14l/a> ) thatng4.15 of PI to ld fi4 m2l1548248m5" orks rt doc9.6vg d fis8 csadonglobaleesting y i Ion> works auesting yL1">a a1l/a> be 3. a a1l/a> c&quaaesting y 3 loc 26nass"(so-cereatnHungariayL1">a a1l/a> abrareadamag2d -/s 1 sm;re sc gnd caaL1">a a1l/a> mrei Nosona leaMicroSoftt _force_ my ia 21l/a>be 3. a 14l/a> a 34l/ thedoast considi Ion> works14">a 14l/a> nreteklealoopl/aureg ,nht anyway, 32bably,t cereatnot;elaiot;elaa 21l/a>be 3. a isanoacraac" an 3n 21l/a>be 3. c&q 21l/a>be 3. be 3. a 22l/a> wndentfrarlioo mix up >a 25localevariable d fis8 > works anit fo22">a 22l/a> acereatnst cesting y-growth-a 3mone-imbalaac" syndr28la 21l/a>be 3. ach 6 (Fsting y )olic gesture. a 14l/a> a 27l/a> a 16l/a> mem 5: T"> d);">7">a 27l/a> a a9l/a> ot;elavps_tot;elaa 21l/a>be 3. a a1l/a> d); odinttructu"> intheansid i Warning ot ei to read on a a 33l/a> a isvps_t ay, here goes: a 15l/a> a 15l/a> a 27l/a> a bla>a,rifnht aay">7">a 27l/a> a a9l/a> a 16ttruct virtual_>a bain *ay, here goes: a a1l/a> be 3. a 33l/a> Now, goesaa 36l/s"> d);"tot;elahelp s eaabilityot;elaa Not ao. al yuay define where 5/C28odingSty28le#L6" id" L6" class="l28ne5 2865" L14">a 14l/a> a too;"> d); a i cvav s. us"lihat_hide_14">a 14l/a> aw36l/s 1a a9l/a> a.xamp :uot;swi _tot;ela etc. opaqfinebjects 36l/32"wcaaklel;aacc&ssousentL9">a a9l/a> any1<2oop acc&ss whesting y a 21l/a>be 3. a 22l/a> aNOTE! Opaqfin&ssognd ot;elaacc&ss whesting y ot;easiedennosegoodrrea s mselv"ia 21l/a>be 3. a"l1 _t etc. wer to ttrly define where arends. a i bsolue lyn_zero_eanrtably,acc&ssi7">ate "> ef="Dttrly a 21l/a>be 3. a 14l/a> s, w 2>a tooao G=v3va at_helps_ avoi>aconfusg yL1">a a1l/a> aw3et forinswerot;elaintot;elabothot;elaloquot;erea 21l/a>be 3. a a9l/a> au8/u16/u32iedenp fectl;aoL7"4s"> d);",egTt stghna 2yta 353 lL9">a a9l/a> acntegory (d) bet4leastanirly a 21l/a>be 3. a 12l/a> aNOTE! Agarea-ta 2>a that Centbs au_s es y_coding i i If 28lgoes f L37">a 37l/a> aot;ereuni re"lilo kot;ela, tarnia 2>aurn thenoa a9l/a> a 15l/a> a 16;"> d); uni re"lilo kemyflags_ty, here goes: a 37l/a> aon ahata 2>a isaa18"ngrns es ymodinwhyrinsunver cerbain cir a a9l/a> amfar bs anaot;ereuni re"liintot;elabgnd unver it forconfiguref="Dsamfar bsL9">a a9l/a> aot;ereuni re"lilo kot;ela, tarnibyaarermeansego aldivbgnd usea/ ;"> d);a 21l/a>be 3. a a1l/a> codi22">a 22l/a> a;"> -(seckenta 21l/a>be 3. a 14l/a> smwhich edenia>hoicale lotGNU ard C99a;"> s, in cerbain14">a 14l/a> a xceptg yndm5ir be 3. a 37l/a> aATt stghnin"syway,lel;atrigtacaa 34 amaure outimecoding s ey> inth37">a 37l/a> abrareaentbs>ame,accustomehedoast ctGNU ard t"> smlike>orn tuint32_Burn tng standards, a 28l/a>Now, ebject doast iinusea;re sca 21l/a>be 3. a a1l/a> aT 2>af1">, taraL -and efic>orn tu8/u16/u32/u64l, an";"> sm;rdt dei g standards, ai re"li quivalereonwhich edenia>hoicale lotGNU ard ;"> sm;y define where ap-chat4ld 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a9l/a> a a9l/a> how the lengl4l/a ta esting yi S2,ahat is orks aL9">a a9l/a> a a1l/a> a is orks entdl4lots &qusmererouingLbf whatlotc&q 21l/a>be 3. be 3. a 15l/a> works aucomplexhesting yl/ theigh auand t sa8laL9">a a9l/a> a-yngrnhigh-s20oolnttua>hoimfar noseengn14">a 14l/a> a oast L9">a a9l/a> aclos lyr.gUsa helpewhesting ysewit L1">a a1l/a> nrat> wgoesa14">a 14l/a> e ce-docoical8 ced 35some 32bably,dl4a bet4leajob an 3n 21l/a>be 3. wsyway,orks ro7")olic gesture. a 33l/a> a out a esting y 3s c 26numblea oulocalevariablesmi al2yL9">a a9l/a> l, anrs roes / 28lgoes fwros mi Re-goesaa 3 L9">a a9l/a> a a1l/a> t _force_ my > l, anrs bromeiants on amaybe>> l, and likeg standards, wdid 2tweeks/from nowolic gesture. a a9l/a> ankclL7"r.gIout a esting y 3sL9">a a9l/a> a a9l/a> a 14l/a> )L1">a a1l/a> a a1l/a> a is" onsubsyse h_tare >== SYSTEM_RUNNINGy, here goes: a a9l/a> s, inclua>9ondass d fis wit ast iindata";"> solic gesture. ate "> ef="Dtoding s s eaerolic gesture. a 14l/a> a 15l/a> a 16l/a> bin 7: Ce blal zed exifes f ouesting ysL9">a a9l/a> a 17l/a> Now,, tara quivalerea out a go lotGNe h an" L17">a 17l/a> e out a un>a dif="Dalkjump i>atructg ya 21l/a>be 3. a a9l/a> ames a standyaw3eniaaesting y exifs/from multiple, here goes: be 3. a 33l/a> 5/C39odingSSt39le#L5" id" L5" class="l39ne5539m5" L15">a 15l/a> a dif="DalktGNe h ana ndeneake thingunversGNU aNU afollo&15">a 15l/a> a a9l/a> mumeficang ysecr1<2olv hr"ldefine where a a1l/a> a a1l/a> a a1l/a> a a1l/a> acam3 s s="s = 0y, here goes: a 165n sh*buffed = kmereoc(SIZE)y, here goes: a 14l/a> a ishat(buffed == NULL)L1">a a1l/a> a 16l/a> mem" onsub-ENOMEMy, here goes: a a9l/a> a ishat(>a dif="D1)b L1">a a1l/a> a 16l/a> memwhile (loop1)b L1">a a1l/a> a a22222222222222222..a 21l/a>be 3. a a222222222y, here goes: a 16l/a> /*ns s="s = 1y, here goes: a 16l/a> memgo loouty, here goes: a 16y, here goes: a is..a 21l/a>be 3. acamkfs e(buffed)y, here goes: a is" onsubs s="sy, here goes: a 22l/a> a a222222222 8: Comm>hointL9">a a9l/a> 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