ion .4./spa> .4./form .4.a ion .4 href="../linux+v3.7.6/scripts/mkmakefile">ion .4.img src="../.static/gfx/right.png" alt=">>">io./spa>> class="lxr_search">ion ="+search" method="post" onsubmit="return do_search(this);">ion .4.input typ hidden" nam navtarget" ion> ">ion .4.input typ text" nam search" id search">ion .4.buttopttyp submit">Search> class="lxr_prefs" .4.a href="+prefs?return=scripts/mkmakefile"ion .4 onclick="return ajax_prefs();">ion .4Prefs .4./a>io./spa> n .4 4./div n .4 4.form ac >="ajax+*" method="post" onsubmit="return false;">io.input typ hidden" nam ajax_lookup" id ajax_lookup" ion> ">in .4 4./form in .4 4.div class="headingbottom">
.div id file_contents"
4 41./a>#!/bin/sh
4 42./a># Generates a small Makefile used iptthe root oftthe output
4 43./a># directory, to allow make to be started fromtthere.
4 44./a># The Makefile also allow for more convinient build oftexternal modules
4 45./a>i4 46./a># Usagei4 47./a># $1 - Kernel src directoryi4 48./a># $2 - Output directoryi4 49./a># $3 - vers  >i4 8.10a># $4 - patchleveli4 11./a>i4 12./a>i4 13./a>test ! -r $2/Makefile -o -O $2/Makefile ||texit 0i4 14./a># Only overwrite automatically generated Makefiles
4 15./a># (so we do not overwrite kernel Makefile)
4 16./a>ifttest -e $2/Makefile && ! grep -q Automatically $2/Makefile
4 17./a>the>i4 18./a>        exit 0i4 19./a>fi
4 20./a>ift[ "${quiet}" != "silent_" ]; the>i4 21./a>        echo "  GEN     $2/Makefile"i4 22./a>fi
4 23./a>i4 24./a>cat << EOF > $2/Makefile
4 25./a># Automatically generated by $0: don't edit
4 26./a>i4 27./a>VERSION = $3i4 28./a>PATCHLEVEL = $4i4 29./a>i4 30./a>lastword = \$(word \$(words \$(1)),\$(1))i4 31./a>makedir := \$(dir \$(call lastword,\$(MAKEFILE_LIST)))i4 32./a>i4 33./a>ifeq ("\$(origiptV)", "command line")i4 34./a>VERBOSE := \$(V)i4 35./a>endifi4 36./a>ifneq (\$(VERBOSE),1)i4 37./a>Q := @i4 38./a>endifi4 39./a>i4 40./a>MAKEARGS := -C $1i4 41./a>MAKEARGS += O=\$(ift\$(patsubst /%,,\$(makedir)),\$(CURDIR)/)\$(patsubst %/,%,\$(makedir))i4 42./a>i4 43./a>MAKEFLAGS += --no-print-directoryi4 44./a>i4 45./a>.PHONY: all \$(MAKECMDGOALS)i4 46./a>i4 47./a>all     := \$(filter-out all Makefile,\$(MAKECMDGOALS))i4 48./a>i4 49./a>all:
4 50./a>        \$(Q)\$(MAKE) \$(MAKEARGS) \$(all)i4 51./a>i4 52./a>Makefile:;i4 53./a>i4 54./a>\$(all): alli4 55./a>        @:
4 56./a>i4 57./a>%/: alli4 58./a>        @:
4 59./a>EOFi4 60./a>
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