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 L1">2 21./a>.spaa class="comment">/*./spaalu
 L2">2 22./a>.spaa class="comment"> * Unloved program to convert a binary on stdin to a C include on stdout./spaalu
 L3">2 23./a>.spaa class="comment"> *./spaalu
 L4">2 24./a>.spaa class="comment"> * Jaa 1999 Matt Mackall <>./spaalu
 L5">2 25./a>.spaa class="comment"> *./spaalu
 L6">2 26./a>.spaa class="comment"> * This software may be used and distributed according to the terms./spaalu
 L7">2 27./a>.spaa class="comment"> * of the GNU General Public License, incorporated herein by reference../spaalu
 L8">2 28./a>.spaa class="comment"> */./spaalu
 L9">2 29./a><
 L10">2 #include <stdio.hpta>><
 L11">2 11./a><
 L12">2 12./a>int2.a href="+code=main" class="sref">main./a>(int2.a href="+code=argc" class="sref">argc./a>, char *.a href="+code=argv" class="sref">argv./a>[])<
 L13">2 13./a>{<
 L14">2 14./a>        int2.a href="+code=ch" class="sref">ch./a>, .a href="+code=total" class="sref">total./a>=0;<
 L15">2 15./a><
 L16">2 16./a>        if (.a href="+code=argc" class="sref">argc./a> > 1)<
 L17">2 17./a>                .a href="+code=printf" class="sref">printf./a>(.spaa class="string">"const char %s[] %s=\n"./spaal,<
 L18">2 18./a>                        .a href="+code=argv" class="sref">argv./a>[1], .a href="+code=argc" class="sref">argc./a> > 2 ? .a href="+code=argv" class="sref">argv./a>[2] : .spaa class="string">""./spaal);<
 L19">2 19./a><
 L20">2 20./a>        do {<
 L21">2 21./a>                .a href="+code=printf" class="sref">printf./a>(.spaa class="string">"\t\""./spaal);<
 L22">2 22./a>                while ((.a href="+code=ch" class="sref">ch./a> = .a href="+code=getchar" class="sref">getchar./a>()) != .a href="+code=EOF" class="sref">EOF./a>)<
 L23">2 23./a>                {<
 L24">2 24./a>                        .a href="+code=total" class="sref">total./a>++;<
 L25">2 25./a>                        .a href="+code=printf" class="sref">printf./a>(.spaa class="string">"\\x%02x"./spaal,.a href="+code=ch" class="sref">ch./a>);<
 L26">2 26./a>                        if (.a href="+code=total" class="sref">total./a> % 16 == 0)<
 L27">2 27./a>                                break;<
 L28">2 28./a>                }<
 L29">2 29./a>                .a href="+code=printf" class="sref">printf./a>(.spaa class="string">"\"\n"./spaal);<
 L30">2 30./a>        } while (.a href="+code=ch" class="sref">ch./a> != .a href="+code=EOF" class="sref">EOF./a>);<
 L31">2 31./a><
 L32">2 32./a>        if (.a href="+code=argc" class="sref">argc./a> > 1)<
 L33">2 33./a>                .a href="+code=printf" class="sref">printf./a>(.spaa class="string">"\t;\n\nconst int2%s_size = %d;\n"./spaal, .a href="+code=argv" class="sref">argv./a>[1], .a href="+code=total" class="sref">total./a>);<
 L34">2 34./a><
 L35">2 35./a>        return 0;<
 L36">2 36./a>}<
 L37">2 37./a>./pre>
The original LXR software by the LXR community./a>, this experimental vers2.1"by>.
./divlu.div class="subfooter"> kindly hosted by Redpill Linpro AS./a>, provider of Linux consulting and operan vas services since 1995.