9.4" /spapti /formti a 9.4" href="../linux+v3.7.5/lib/bust_spinlocks.c">9.4" img src="../.static/gfx/right.png" alt=">>">9. /spapti9. spap class="lxr_search">9.4"9.4" input typvalhidden" namvalnavtarget" ion val">9.4" input typvaltext" namvalsearch" idalsearch">9.4" buttopttypvalsubmit">Search9.4" Prefsi /a>9. /spapti4" /divti4" form ac9. input typvalhidden" namvalajax_lookup" idalajax_lookup" ion val">94" /formti94" div class="headingbottom">i div idalfile_contents"t
   1 /a> spap class="comment">/* /spapti   2 /a> spap class="comment"> * lib/bust_spinlocks.c /spapti   3 /a> spap class="comment"> * /spapti   4 /a> spap class="comment"> * Provides a minimal bust_spinlocks for architectures which don't have one of their own. /spapti   5 /a> spap class="comment"> * /spapti   6 /a> spap class="comment"> * bust_spinlocks() clears any spinlocks which would prevent oops, die(), BUG() /spapti   7 /a> spap class="comment"> * and panic() informa    8 /a> spap class="comment"> */ /spapti   9 /a>9  2.11a>#include <linux/kernel.h11a>>9  1111a>#include <linux/spinlock.h11a>>9  1211a>#include <linux/tty.h11a>>9  1311a>#include <linux/wait.h11a>>9  1411a>#include <linux/vt_kern.h11a>>9  1511a>#include <linux/console.h11a>>9  16 /a>9  17 /a>9  18 /a>void  a href="+code=__attribute__" class="sref">__attribute__ /a>(( a href="+code=weak" class="sref">weak /a>))  a href="+code=bust_spinlocks" class="sref">bust_spinlocks /a>(int  a href="+code=yes" class="sref">yes /a>)9  19 /a>{i  2.11a>        if ( a href="+code=yes" class="sref">yes /a>) {i  2111a>                ++ a href="+code=oops_in_progress" class="sref">oops_in_progress11a>;9  2211a>        } else {i  2311a>#ifdef  a href="+code=CONFIG_VT" class="sref">CONFIG_VT /a>9  2411a>                 a href="+code=unblank_screen" class="sref">unblank_screen /a>();9  2511a>#endif9  2611a>                 a href="+code=console_unblank" class="sref">console_unblank /a>();9  2711a>                if (-- a href="+code=oops_in_progress" class="sref">oops_in_progress11a> == 0)9  2811a>                         a href="+code=wake_up_klogd" class="sref">wake_up_klogd /a>();9  2911a>        }i  3.11a>}i  31 /a>9  32 /a>9  33 /a> /pre>
The original LXR software by the LXR community /a>, this experimental /a>.
 /divti div class="subfooter"> kindly hostedtby Redpill Linpro AS /a>, provider of Linux consulting and opera